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Delegate Work Begins Now

I am the guy who made www.ronpauldelegates.com and it received 100,000 unique views in 10 months.

I now started randpauldelegates.com. It's our best shot so far so let's see how it goes.

Either way, the DELEGATE work begins today. I'd encourage a way to gather emails from liberty type people in order to take over the GOP and to make sure our nominee gets elected at the convention. It's even tougher now with the bogus new rule that was put in for what 15 states you have to have the plurality of delegates from? That voice vote that was obviously not passed by voice but passed anyway.

This is THE TIME. Educating on the blogosphere isn't enough. We ahve to find all like minded people and get them into a system to elect our people. We need a SYSTEM. Ron Paul did not have a good enough system to take over the convention. We need to make sure we can do this. We need at least 10,000 people, and for emails and money bombs we need 100,000 dedicated emails from serious people somewhere.

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