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Election 2012: Legitimate...or Rigged?

I have to ask because it seemed that just yesterday, most of the people on the Daily Paul understood that elections are rigged...yet, today, about 98% of posts read as if the election was completely legitimate. I've read posts to the effect of "Obama won because most voters are now socialist," "Romney lost because he needed Ron Paul supporter's votes which we gave to someone else," "Romney offended republicans across the board, so they didn't vote for him" (what did they do...vote for Obama? Vote 3rd party? Not vote at all? Not likely -- 3rd parties got a tiny fraction of the vote and they claim voter turnout was higher than usual).

Personally, I believe the election outcome was planned and organized in advance, maybe even with Romney's blessing.

I think it's important to keep exposing the electoral fraud and vote rigging so that, 1. People who play the blame game and stir up hatred within and between political parties will be forced to face the truth about how presidents are really chosen -- and maybe more people would unite against our common enemy, the PTB (bankers, Military Industrial Complex, corrupt party heads, etc.; 2. We might actually have a chance in hell of electing a president like Ron Paul in the future if we're able to clean up the fraud.

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you are correct. Somehow we much make this elections honest. We know that in Florida, Ohio, Main and several other states the voting machines were rigged. This is why I created a petition to stop electrical voting machine. However I am not getting much support. I do thank the people that have already signed my petition.


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cheating, yes

There is always cheating. Heck on Oregon worker was caught filling in the blank ovals on people's ballots and voting for Republicans! No one person could fill in enough ballots here for that to make a difference though. ;-)

I believe the media tried to make the race look close when it really wasn't. All the statistical analysis I saw made it look like Obama had it hands down (electoral college, not popular) but the media was making it out to be close. The reason could simply be for them to make more money! More ads! or perhaps they wanted the public to not be surprised if Romney did in fact cheat well enough to win. It is also a useful tool to get out the vote and suppress 3rd party votes. Without the fake close race the voter turnout would have been horrible in this race.

I believe both sides are hacking voting machine because it is so easy to do. So, it is really a matter of who does a better job of it. The hottest spots for cheating will be swing states. So, the day-before reprogramming of many Ohio voting machines is really suspect. As Michael mentioned below Ben Scwann reported on those machine a day or two earlier. So, perhaps they were afraid they would get caught.

well I guess the proof is in the pudding.

Unless you have some kind of evidence of any election voter fraud then it was probably kept to a minimum .Remember the elite chooses the candidate for both sides that's how they rig the elections they're not going to get their hands dirty by rigging a voting machine.Voter fraud might be the first crime ever invented there's always some kind of voter fraud that goes on in every election. Just probably is not enough to make a difference.



I am of the opinion

that the primaries are rigged, and the general election is usually not rigged. I mean if both your horses are running why would you rig the race? The thing is they have to get there guys to be in the race so they rig everything up to that point.

Friggin' Rigged. Nothing happens unscripted

Does anyone remember the YouTube video about a guy who'd sat on some boards and voted "their way". He'd done some favors for some powerfully connected bankers . He'd asked nothing in return. To repay him these bankers said they'd make him head of RNC . It's a great job you'll love it. You'll travel in style all about the country collecting huge checks at parties. What if the Dems win, he asked. Not to worry , we control both parties! He came forward and made video after Ted Kennedey announced his intent to bed his 14 yr old daughter.These bankers also shared with him the next president will be an unknown senator from Georgia. This is before Hunter Thompson happened to catch Jimmy Carter quoting Bob Dylan and bring him national attention, 2 years before. I have looked for this vid briefly. It appears to have been scrubbed. Anybody have a copy?

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probably the case

There were 12 million less voters turn out than in 2008.
Does that mean apathy is on the increase, I hardly think so, if it's the case, more likely people are waking up to the charade that is political elections and are simply refusing to be a part.
That also suggests there are many people out there that need to be woken up to the big picture and become an active part of the solution to effect change.
That is where the way forward lies.

As for rigged elections, you'd have to extremely naive to believe the status quo do not use tactics within the framework of the law to disenfranchise opposing factions, and maximise efforts to achieve their ends, and when you accept that fact, the step outside the law becomes more plausible, and even probable
Just look at the case for Romney getting half the popular vote. Can you really believe such a looser had anywhere near that level of support.. and where was the 'anybody but Obama' backlash, do you believe it went to the looser, and barely a sign of increased support for 3rd parties and independants. I would have backed a large increase in voter turn-out given the widespread perception of a three legged race and no effective policy to avert the looming economic crisis. Did the polls reflect that decrease?, I don't know, you tell me. Were votes sidelined, who knows.

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You'd be surprised at how many people actually supported Romney.

I work at a restaurant and a few weeks ago I had a table with parents of a girl I went to high school with - and I quote "Romney is the most honest candidate we have had since Reagan". Obviously the guy is a tad off base there.

Did Romney really receive almost half the votes cast? Who knows, all I know is that 12+ million LESS people voted than in the last election, lets hope that downward trend continues (unless of course we have Ron/Rand as the next GOP nominee).

RIGGED! But there's no need

RIGGED! But there's no need to rig the vote when you control the mind shaping media! The media could get anybody elected, I truly believe that. If I could control the media, I could get Brittany Spears elected president, or Charlie Sheen, in a heart beat! I know you don't believe that, you think I am being sarcastic, but I am being totally literal!


The entire election on the presidential level is faked.

Just like, our entire Republic, under Rule of Law, with checks and balances is now fake.

The black box e-voting machines are merely the final nail in the coffin. They have masterminded the art of fostering the illusion, that we are participants in the fate of this nation - that, by virtue of the fact they condition the population to believe we still have a "say" in who is steering the ship every two years - that we still do.

When the simple fact of the matter is that - since the Executive branch has now superseded the other two branches in power (by design) - this is the arena where they (the puppet masters) leave nothing to chance and orchestrate the entire thing from beginning to end.

There is some "wiggle room" for the tens of thousands of people to believe (sincerely) that this is an organic, genuine process, so they will get emotionally, intellectually, and actively involved in it.

The House and Senate races are also rigged, although not quite as organized and pervasive as it is in the completely false presidential race. There can still be surprises there

And there is still plenty of room at the State and local level for representatives to get elected fairly. The fraud there is not on the same scale, at all.

But they use sophisticated understanding of human nature and psychology to herd people into playing along with the charade that the presidential elections are the Big Chance for everyone to change the course of the Big Ship.

Once you do some research on propaganda techniques, brainwashing psychology, emotional hot buttons, normalcy bias, cognitive dissonance .. etc etc ..

You can see it being used in the media on a 24/7 basis. You can see it in the reactions of the people around you, even when - on other levels - they seem like reasonably intelligent, functioning people that have rational things to say.

There is a massive disconnect between reality and peoples ability to comprehend it and critically think about what is happening.

Even when an issue (any issue) is huge and looming in front of them (pick one) - and you point it out and show them the evidence - so many people will get a glazed look, or nod along, and then it slips away from them.

I know I'm not the only one that has noticed this. Because people mention it here all the time. Many of you are experiencing the same thing.

It wasn't always this bad. How is that possible - in an age in human history, where INSTANT access to an infinite ocean of information is available - how is is possible that people as a whole are LESS informed and MORE naive and gullible than even those of us who have lived more than 30 or 40 years can remember?

They have effectively covered up the most glaring massive obvious crimes against the human race - the things that are sitting right in front of everyone's face every day - and far less than 10% of us are even aware of them. At *all*

We are dealing with sophisticated brainwashing and mind control methods on a massive scale. This is not science fiction anymore.

Welcome to the future.

This entire election was fake.

And one of the *only* aspects of is that was (and is) thoroughly genuine, about the entire thing?

Is Ron Paul, and us. The people that "get it"..

And they hate us for it. We are the biggest threat.

We scare the hell out of them.

It's a reality show

Yep it's a reality show nothing more it is all scripted it's not real. Who gets kicked off the island all the others have been eliminated and its down to two... LOL!

Isn't it amazing how close the race is and the battle back and forth one day one is ahead and another day the other is ahead and now they are neck and neck right at the finish...

Its worse then Jersy shore and just like it people are all caught up in it thinking they actually have a say in who wins...

People are arguing over what's best because of what the actors are saying Obama is for clean energy Romney is for more war blah blah when the same agenda marches forward no matter who gets elected. Obama is following the same agenda Bush did invading the 7 middle eastern countries that was planned before either of them were in there. Romney will do the same...

I don't know how they get so many to believe it is real but gotta hand it to them they have fooled millions for decades... Like I say must be the water and food supply the majority succumb to all the chemicals that castrate the populous so to speak...

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Its all been rigged for a

Its all been rigged for a very long time. Playing along is all we can do for now.

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Big time!

No way romnie was that close in the popular vote...it couldn't happen.

I'm guessing a 10% flopping of the votes but not near enough in key areas...they aren't smart enough to completely pull it off, yet.

This question is not even close. Everyone pretty much accepts this as a given now, that elections are rigged. Why do you even ask?

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Because I was feeling a bit depressed

by all the posts and comments today about how voters are stupid or socialist or how RP supporters controlled the outcome simply by not voting for Romney. I'm sure those things would've had a great impact on a truly legitimate election. But pretending it's legitimate will only encourage the fraud. And I just hate the idea of the PTB reading such posts and laughing at our ignorance and naïveté.

You know I've been thinking about PTB a lot

And I sort of believe in God

And I think He advances His plan despite us. So the best laid evil plans of PTB sometimes actually backfire and benefit man.

Or, if you just don't believe in God think of it like this: PTB are not God and sometimes reality bites them too.

My point is to keep working and judge people by their fruits because YOU don't know when good can actually win. You have to sort of believe first, try, do, and then see before it can happen.

Well, just sayin'.

I think PTB have this kind of desire and influence, but I think they exercised it through the media and some fraud. The level of coordination you describe is darnright frightening and we're pretty F'ed if it's true.

numbers for Gary Johnson make no sense

he gets only 1% with 1,2 million votes?
He has 1,1 million followers on Google+ social site alone and the evil machine says its computers voting machines say he gets 1%.

CNN its polls were telling us recently GJ is getting 4% of the registered voters votes.

I am out.

Voting changes nothing.

COLLAPSE will change things.
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Good point

I think it's very likely that GJ got over 5% of the vote, especially in an election year with such a weak sitting president and such an unpopular republican rival. Sorry I overlooked this in the OP.


Joseph Stalin was right: "it's who counts the votes wins elections"

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I don't doubt that this is the case,

but what should we do about it? Our resources are limited. Overhauling the voting system requires something on a grand scale. Bev Harris exposed some of this fraud several years ago, and it appears that a lot of people are aware of this type of fraud, but nothing constructive has been done to correct it. There are many individuals who "try" in earnest to document these frauds, but their efforts seem to be in vain, as fraud keeps finding new and old ways to keep us in the dark, minimizing our cause. Couple this with the establishment-controlled media, and you wake up to find a big pile of turd in the middle of your living room every morning, but don't remember how or when.

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We could

spread links to that great documentary on Diebold vote rigging far and wide. We could start pushing referendums to ban electronic voting machines in all the states that use them (oops...that would be decided by rigged voting machines in the end lol!). We could stop allowing people to get away with pretending that elections are legitimate and openly call them on it. Just a few ideas. We have to do something about it as long as we're going to keep trying to get good people elected, don't we?

Rigged For Romney To Assure A GOP Loss, Then

Rigged for Obama to give the excuse for the upcoming "fiscal cliff" manufactured collapse of our currency by the Fed.

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My thoughts

I was surprised that the race was so close. I actually thought that Obama was gonna win in a landslide. Not because "Most American's are socialists" or whatever. But because Romney had very little support from the right demographics. Mittens was pretty much in line with the Rich and White vote, while Obama (I know they are both the same, but I'm thinking of Rhetoric here)appealed to minorities, middle class, the poor, and women. Considering that the majority of Americans are Sheople and will fall in line behind whatever candidate says the right things at the right times without doing the research for themselves. Also, the Republican party ran a campaign, not on the issues, but on the mantra "Anyone but Obama"... Whoever thought that this election was going to be THAT easy for the Republicans were not thinking clearly.

So my conclusion is that YES I think that the results are rigged. But I think they were rigged to make the election seem a lot closer than it really was. Obama would have won between the two in a "fair" election, in my opinion.

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we must ensure that the next election is on paper ballots counted in public view by independent citizen monitors!!! This should be our focus RIGHT NOW or you can forget any real candidate ever being elected President.

this was over

When the media ignored Ron Paul. This was over when the RNC change their own rules.

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Good point!

People use whatever is convenient as justification for whatever comes out of their mouth. Whatever comes out of their mouth is usually spawned from emotion, and the rational explanation is generally made up after the fact. That is what I think. (I've experienced it first hand!)

I am surprised that the election turned out as it did. I admit that I thought the fix was in, and that Romney would be handed the win. Clearly I was wrong. How do I explain it? I can't, really. Not without going through the steps I outlined above, and I don't really want to embarrass myself that way.

So all I can say is that the voting machines are black boxes. We know what goes it, but not what comes out. This secrecy - all secrecy and mystery - is the source of conspiracy theories. If people don't know what really happened, then they start making things up.

We're meaning making machines, we humans. Everything has to 'make sense' in one way or another.

On thing that sticks out is the last minute patch applied to the Ohio voting machines. What was it? Was the Romney camp afraid they'd been exposed, and rolled back the plan they had in place? Ben Swann exposed it to a national audience. Ben Swann is right there in Ohio. Did they fear getting caught?

But give Ohio and Florida to Romney and ... and he still wouldn't have had enough to win.

I don't know what to believe. But I do believe they have the capability to fix the outcome of elections.

They were going to get caught!

I think you're right, they were worried about getting caught. It doesn't really matter one puppeteer to puppets! Thank God the puppeteer is really old and getting ready to croak. So let's start over and win it 2016 and beyond.

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GJ was polling as high as 10,6% there.
His supporting super PACS focused with ads phone calls doors literature etc.

Ohio results are a total fraud because of the voting machines there.

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I even wonder

How big is the plan. Did they blatantly break the rules at the convention so Romney would lose. Just more theatrics from this one party system?

This election was decided at the last meeting of

the Bilderberg Group, however several factions where clamoring for more pie, and that is why they decided to make the race close because if enough concessions where made by those wanting pie, a different outcome would of resulted

Nucking Futs to believe that votes are honestly recorded and Presidential Elections are decided by voting citizens

"You Cannot Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come"

Every single vote in America is counted...

We'll never see the real numbers, of course.

But rest assured, the social engineers who steer our society are obsessed on details. They need absolutely every single scrap of information they can possibly collect about you. That's one of the reasons the wives of the candidates will do ads where they beg people to just get out there and vote, no matter who it is for. Also, really big numbers are easier to manipulate. IMO.

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