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Religious Conservatives Dealt Fatal Blow this Year

Religious Conservatives Dealt Fatal Blow this Year

Posted by Ryan W. McMaken
November 7, 2012 12:12 PM

This election proved once and for all that the Democrats don't need the Catholic vote to win, and it proved that evangelicals aren't enough to hand victory to the Republicans.

As an electoral force, the Catholic Church is dead as a door nail. The American bishops. too lazy or too cowardly to actually preach their own doctrines for the past 40 years, now face a situation in which Catholic voters are now indistinguishable from the population at large, and thus are irrelevant as any sort of a unified voting block. The rank and file Catholics can't even agree on the abortion issue. Thank the bishops. If there was a religious version of breach of fiduciary responsibility, the bishops would be guilty of it.

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