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Lots of people here are talking about 2016...

Without support from most of us, Romney was shut down. Meanwhile, we have a president willing to go to war without a declaration, to leave the CIA and others free to slaughter with drones around the world, to press and politic for MORE spewing of money from the FED, to spy and "detain" without warrant, and to generally piss all over the constitutional limits to the powers of his office and the powers left to us and our respective states.

We should seize this opportunity to enlist the GOP to help us permanently DOWNSIZE the powers of the presidency. They are rightly afraid of Obama, but they want to keep the powers in the presidency for their turn. Well, many of them seem to anyway, and I believe we can show them the disgusting hypocrisy they show the voting population.

I believe we should start with the requirement for a declaration of war because Iran will be in the news again soon (most likely) and everyone who wants peace in every party can get behind a law PERMANENTLY clarifying that the power to commit the U.S. to war is NOT the president's!

This is our cue to act with singular focus and set the tone going forward: A less powerful president and a return to constitutional government.

My hope is that in 2016 only a true public servant will want the restricted and diminished role of the President of the United States.

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I totally agree with you..

I totally agree with you.. funny you just wrote about this.. I think we need to APPEAL to the GOP now to switch teams INTERNALLY to our TEAM!

I think they all should be contacted period - about EVERY issue.. and understand that the RAND (Ron) WAY is the RIGHT WAY!

We should call them all and bombard them now while the time is right... they need to jump on board! It would take thousands and thousands of calls to have them take it seriously, but it could have an impact if it was done for two years straight!





I'm going to keep bringing this up

Until everyone is bringing it up or until someone shows me I'm wrong.