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The Hangover: GOP Scrambles to Explain the Loss

Tuesday night’s embarrassing Romney loss to a weak incumbent left Republicans with a headache on Wednesday morning. There was no shortage of name-calling and finger pointing as the blame game was in full effect all Wednesday long.

Ohio advertiser Nick Everhart blamed the Romney campaign’s “poor media buying”. That sounds a bit self-serving, but okay. I’ll bite.

Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour blamed Hurricane Sandy, saying it “broke Romney’s momentum”. This seems a bit of a stretch, but alright.

As usual, the most outlandish claims were made by Fox News commentators. Fox host Jamie Colby and election attorney Doug Burns pointed out that one polling station outside of Philadelphia had one member of the New Black Panther Party stationed outside. A few more were spotted at polling stations outside of Cleveland. This led Burns to ask, “Did that have an impact on the election?” I doubt it, but nice try.

MSNBC’s in-house, fake conservative Joe Scarborough came closest to hitting the mark on Morning Joe when he said “In many ways the country is becoming more libertarian. They’re saying…stay out of my wallet. Stay out of my bedroom.” Yahtzee!

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Very well said. Great job!

Very well said. Great job!

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Good article, very well written.

Thanks for posting this, you stated the situation concisely.