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Which Party is Closer to Libertarianism?

"The Democratic party is closer to libertarianism than the Republican party in the sense that the only real difference is the means to their shared end.
The damning quick fix of big government being the end all solution to our problems versus the long term and drastic changes needed to secure affordable healthcare, education, a booming economy, larger middle class, peace promoting foreign policy, and universal adherence to the right to do what you wish with your own body as long as it doesn't impede on someone elses' pursuit of happiness.
The self-assuring uninformed Democrat thinks these ends can be met with the conviction of a temporary diet... simply doomed before it's started.
The informed libertarian scrutinizes what impedes on these things coming to fruition and their causes in order to find real long term solutions... something that doesn't require "Hope" but offers real "Change"."


Please note my stance on abortion here which adheres to the "end" being the same between libertarians and democrats: http://www.dailypaul.com/262271/an-attempt-at-an-unbiased-li...

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