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Rick Perry Conspiracy Theory

I was reading a comment that mentioned Rick Perry as a joke, but it reminded me of a thought I had. I figure the DP crowd is the best to ask their opinion on this.

We know Rick Perry was a Karl Rove recruit. That is, this man was enlisted into public life by the Bush machine. He was a democrat beforehand for Pete's sake!!

He debate performances were so goshdarn awful. It got me thinking.

Maybe there was pressure on Rick Perry to run from foul people and he couldn't get out of it. So maybe he flubbed intentionally in a sort of offhand ambiguous way so that he could get out of what they were setting him up for.

Yeah, it's crazy. He probably was just as dumb as he looks, but it's an interesting theory if you've studied war propaganda and captivity.

Oh, and a plug for my idea. It's really great so check it out (I should put it in my byline or something)

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Funny enough...

I was having the exact same thought last night. Don't know why, because it is totally unimportant now.

Who cares at this point

Who cares at this point (unless puppets like these are going to spring up again OR you happen to be writing a book on such topics ;-)?

Rick Perry, Herman Cain...these were all bunch of distraction snakes. Maybe they were setup as intentionally distracting puppets by establishment. [In case of Herman Cain, we know for sure he was a Koch Brothers puppet.]

Anyhow, the main point from our standpoint: These should be all issues in the past.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!