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I cannot think of a more appropriate moment in time than for Tucker to show up with prostitutes

Remember when darling little conservo-bot Tucker Carlson turned "libertarian" in '08 and chose, at that opportune moment, to show up at a Ron Paul event in a limo with not one but two prostitutes (appropriately dressed)?

For reasons not clear to me, I think now would be a GREAT TIME for a return performance. Now is the time for men of principle to stand up and make a statement of what brought you to this effort, this R3VOLUTION, yes once again we pledge to double and redouble our efforts because it matters not what happens to us, we have seen the One True Tree of Peace and Liberty and we have heard the bell when it rang, the Liberty Bell and we came running from far and wide throughout the land and as this battle wages on, we grit out teeth and pledge to continue no matter what it takes.

So Tucker. We're kinda waiting on you and the limo and the prostitutes. We need you to get ahead of this herd, represent it with your scrupulous bow tie and sniff up all the blow represent this dynamic and thriving movement as the true conservative you are. Come on bro, this is history in the making and you wanna leave greasy little finger prints all over it. You know you do dude.