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NOW is our biggest chance to Reform the GOP!

All things considered, I believe now is our biggest chance to reform the GOP from the inside out.

So, think of it like this... up until now.. think of all the work it took just for Ron Paul to become a FOOTNOTE at the convention. After they cheated, ran media interference, etc. All of that work just to BARELY get any delegates.

We will need an EQUAL EFFORT now - from this point - to actually go from this point to WINNING.

I'm sorry to point out, to some of you, that RAND will be the person who can do this now. Actually, I'm happy about it because I am confident Rand endorsed Romney with his Father's BLESSING (perhaps even being instructed to do so). Why else would Rand talk trash about Romney's foreign policy on CNN from WITHIN the endorsement (much better technique to get through to the mindless drones, BTW). In addition, he goes on Glenn Beck, Hannity, etc. regularly NOW (not in 12 years, but NOW)... and he just flat out is the best chance to win.

He already is gaining influence in the party. DeMint and others are becoming more "buddy buddy" with him. But, in order to win.. in my opinion.. we need to wage an all out PHONE ASSAULT on ALL REPUBLICAN SENATORS AND REPS IN CONGRESS TO SUPPORT RAND PAUL AND LIBERTY INITIATIVES FROM NOW ON.

I believe, if we call for TWO YEARS STRAIGHT, and harass and beat these people down with equal - if not greater - force then we did getting out to canvas for Ron Paul, and calling potential voters... along with the FACTS that are staring them in the face.. that they SUCK.. we can convince them that they must embrace us to be re-elected... or become EXTINCT and LOSE to the democrats FOREVER.

Now obviously, it is a FACT the GOP this year would have rather LOST than WON the election if it meant Ron Paul were President. So, we have SERIOUS work to do.

We must utilize this time-period when the GOP is vulnerable, when they are scratching their heads, to convince them that the right way is the RAND way. RAND is the future, RAND is on TV all of the time and people LIKE liberty.

Maybe they should think about listening to us, the PEOPLE, rather than the money that tells them what votes to make. Maybe they should begin to understand that the MONEY will not only continue to KILL our country with debt, but also KILL their chance at winning. The money will UNDOUBTEDLY rather elect Hillary than Rand or Ron just like they would rather have drone Obama run the country instead of Ron win as a Republican (which he would have).

So now we have to win the HEARTS and MINDS of the congress Republican DRONES and turn them against their leaders.

It is not about getting VOTERS to change their minds. Voters don't really matter with rigged elections, etc. It is about changing the minds of the DRONES IN CONGRESS. This is why it's so KEY what Rand has accomplished - and some others who've actually won and are IN CONGRESS NOW.

The pitch is this - listen, the head of the party sabotaged Romney and will sabotage you. They only care about money. They don't care about you winning and they sure as hell don't care about you representing your state or district. Come with us - THE PEOPLE - and GET RID OF YOUR PARTY LEADERS and take our COUNTRY BACK. It is OBVIOUS to ALL OF THEM that Ron Paul had the election STOLEN FROM HIM. And.. guess what... the party would also SELL THEIR ASS down the river if they could or had to in a heartbeat.

They have to wake up and understand they are drones and JOIN THE PEOPLE.

We must show STRENGTH and UNITY and in my opinion there must be a coordinated effort to call these RAT BASTARDS for the next TWO YEARS STRAIGHT and HARASS.. I mean.. INFLUENCE THEM to see the TRUTH.

Just an idea... but.. well, I actually want to win.

Defeating Hillary is an entirely different story. That may involve serious pitches to immigration reform, finding a liberty candidate that is an attractive woman (intelligent), or someone hispanic, etc.

But, we MUST PUT THE HEAT ON NOW. I would love to organize this and I would wish or hope Campaign 4 Liberty or the Ron Paul campaign or the Rand Paul campaign, if possible, would aide us in the organization to coordinate this effort to CALL BOMB the Republicans for TWO YEARS STRAIGHT.

Who's with me?

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Call Bomb? Why Call When WE Can Be GOP Leaders?

We can do something much more effective than phone calls! Making calls and being registered Republican is not enough. It's great to be able to support liberty candidates, but that's not how we take this ship over.

To take over we have to get involved in our county and state GOP. If you're not already, google your state GOP - like this if you're in Florida - http://rpof.org/contact-us/find-your-local-rec/ - and find out when and where your county meetings are held, and then go! It's very easy to become a PCO here in Florida and I'm sure the equivalent in your state is easy to make happen too. When you become a PCO you have voting rights on who your county GOP office holders are, and if you bring enough of your friends to these meetings and they bring enough of their friends, (it doesn't take a lot, it's amazing how few people are involved and how easy this can be) your county will be run by you and your friends when 2014 rolls around, and then we work to make the state leadership ours from there hopefully before 2016, and when we take the state parties, we take the RNC from there. We can do this, it just takes getting involved and going to a meeting once a month or so, sometimes they are even interesting and not punishment! Imagine how much better they will be when we are running the show and setting the agenda and deciding which speakers we want to invite to speak at the monthly meeting!

The Republican Liberty Caucus http://www.rlc.org/ is a great way to network with people in your area too and help each other run your local county GOP! I had great fun at the RLC events I've been to and look forward to more!

With us running the show a liberty candidate in 2016 will not have the problems Ron Paul had. We can do this! Viva la revolucion Ron Paul RepubliCANS!

I am!

The New Face of the GOP.

Go to my profile page, I am the one on the left.
There ya go, the new face of the GOP.

I am an elected Precinct Committeeman; Precint 64, Lee County, Florida. Our County GOP is overwhelmingly comprised of Liberty Minded, Constitution Loving Conservatives. We just elected a Liberty minded US Representative to the House. His opponent in the primary was also a Liberty Candidate! We placed many more Liberty minded candidates in other offices as well.

Yes, we are the new face of the GOP and we are winning.

We had a party meeting last Saturday morning. The parking lot was full. Full of cars with bumper stickers and signage. For every Romney sticker there were three Ron Paul stickers. Silent reassurance. Nice!

Sometimes it is easy, as with my county. Sometimes it is a difficult and arduous task as The Granger has endured for years in the pursuit of Liberty. Yet, The Granger and I will both tell you it is rewarding. And we are winning.
Ron Paul told us to do this. He told us this is the way to win. Our path to Liberty. I cannot remember Ron Paul ever being wrong about anything. And so, here we are. And we are winning.

We are the Army of the R3VOLution. Uncle Ron Wants You!!! Join us! It is not enough to be a cheerleader, you need to get in the game.

The Battle: Take over local and state GOP. ( in progress )
The Goal: The RNC.
The Reward: Liberty. And more.

Remember, winners plan for success while losers contemplate the consequences of failure. We are winners. Plan for success. Join the RepuliCAN r3VOLultion!

Exercise Liberty.

America Rising.
The Constitution Stands.

"That the pen is mightier than the sword would be proven false; if I should take my sword and cut off the hand that holds the pen" - American Nomad



"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Dick Cheney tried to reform the GOP by getting drunk

and shooting some dude in the face with a shotgun.

Were you thinking along those lines?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.



"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

An interesting side note

An interesting side note regarding Hillary:

'Hillary Clinton seems pretty set to leave'


Start with Rand's bill...

...to restrict "foreign aid" (aka subsidies to puppet-dictators and American exporters). Contact your representatives and demand they support it.


"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

I agree I am very happy to

I agree I am very happy to have voted for Connie Mack, and even though he lost - I will continue to call whoever I can in Florida and outside of Florida.