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Election Day Highlights of a First Time Voter

After writing my entire Election day experience earlier today, there was so crash and all of my unsaved writing was lost. Now, I will just put on some highlights.

I left my house around 8 am on Election Day and walked to my polling place, arriving around 8:30. I'm glad I was wearing my Ron Paul revolution hoodie, because it was less then 50 degrees outside. The wait outside took around an hour to ninety minutes because, as I heard from someone in line, the polls were down for thirty minutes (just like I heard earlier in the morning from someone in Virginia). I was a bit skeptic about this considering the connection Romney had with the machines, but voting in a red state I let it slide.

I waited in line for a total of four hours before being turned away for not having a valid photo ID. Somehow, I forgot about South Carolina's photo ID laws, but I didn't complain after reassurance. I went back home and stayed from 12:30 to 6:00 pm.

It was around 5:50 that I found an old high school ID card and hoped it would be good enough at the polls, so I rushed and made it back in time to Rice Creek Elementary. The next four and a half hours had some interesting moments.

I told those around me in line that some of the voting machines around the country were rigged to vote for Romney and some people were shocked. One woman behind me replied by saying "You know Bush shouldn't have won that election". Instead of blowing steam out of my ears, I stayed silent. Not only was I only six years old during the 2000 election but I did not want to start a heated debate in the middle of a school. However, I will say that the woman seemed to me, by her statement, to not realize the truth: That the popular vote doesn't decide an election.

Funniest and strangest moment had to be when I saw a voter near my age walking in line with a footstool from children's water fountain. I stood in line most of the time, sometimes sitting on a bench, and once even the floor when no bench was near. She said that she would put the footstool back, but she wasn't the only one taking school materials and dragging them around to sit down. At least some people were smart and brought there own chairs.

Best overall moment happened my first time in line to vote when a paramedic told me he like my Ron Paul hoodie. I said that if I met a revolutionary it would make everything else worthwhile and when I was walking home disappointed, I thought 'At least somebody else is awake'.

I got a great idea during my second wait when I was nearing the voting line. Still in the hallway, I overheard someone say that Joe Wilson would be re-elected because he is unopposed. I am not sure if I meant to reply out loud or not, but I scoffed out a "Yeah, unfortunately" which got a few laughs. She said her husband wrote-in Mickey Mouse 2012, although she thought he should have written-in "You lie!". I was running slow mentally so it took me some time to realize she said the magic phrase: Write-in! My fingers were crossed for a Ron Paul write-in, but thanks to my eavesdropping I was going to write-in "You lie" against Rep. Joe Wilson.

I struggled inside the booth for a while, torn between Johnson and Paul, but I eventually left the Presidential ballot blank. After everything Ron Paul went through, I couldn't vote against him. I only ended up voting on the State Amendment and Transportation Penny. I voted 'No' on both, but haven't heard anything on the Penny Tax(If anybody knows the results, please let me know).

I was very close to putting my Post-It note that said "Representative RON PAUL for President" on the voting machine, but figured it was in bad taste. I didn't want my voice to go silent so I placed it on a 'Vote' sign on the wall outside the main entrance, knowing that someone would have to see it.

I was at home and checked CNN for a few seconds. Once I saw that President Obama had 281 projected electoral votes, I went back to watching what I wanted. The night ended with a crazy twist as my sister came home around midnight in a cheery mood. I asked her if it really made any difference. She said "it does, because now we can vote". I was highly confused and she told me that Romney would make himself our king.

Take a moment to think about that....

I haven't told her yet how extremely ignorant to the law she was being when she made that statement. I have all the evidence I need to make my argument in the U.S. Constitution (Article 5 and Amendment 22). That was a bit o a good laugh, Romney as our king, but the ignorance was scary.

That was my personal experience on Election Day, and I am proud to see that liberty survived tough fights in Washington, Colorado, Maryland, Maine, and Michigan. With recreational marijuana in Washington and Colorado, same-sex marriage in Maryland and Maine, along with Justin Amash keeping his House seat, I say the r3VOLution had a pretty good year.

Those are my thoughts on my first general election. Thanks for reading!

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How fortunate that you are

How fortunate that you are awake enough at your early age to have cast your first presidential vote for Ron Paul, the once in a lifetime liberty candidate. You will be able to look back on the day with pride, and puff out your chest when you tell your grandchildren about the day that you cast your first vote for freedom.

(I was an idiot when I was your age and cast my first vote for - yes, I'm very embarrassed - Jimmy Carter.)

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein


for posting.I always enjoy reading and maintaining motivation after reading stories from Ron Paul supporters.To make mine short.My gf and I were the only supporters we knew of passing out Ron paul literature and constitutions in our town.When the primary happened,130 people voted Ron PaulNot much but every bit we do makes a difference.:)

Revolutions are long term projects!

It will take time or the R3VOLution to get more supporters but as long as we keep trying, the support will grow. I know I wasn't a part o this great movement four years ago. I might have been if I followed the Republican primaries, and that's where I started this year. From the Florida primary debate, I didn't know anything about any candidate but Ron Paul and Rick Santorum made sense to me, but Paul seemed to have more passion. I did my own research and learned a lot over the next few weeks that made me a complete supporter of Dr. Paul.

Surely in the next two years this movement will grow, and that should scare all Congresses.