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Ron Paul Supporters Burn GOP

Ron Paul Supporters Burn GOP

The chips have fallen where they may and the Grand Old Party is looking less grand especially in New Hampshire. Governor Romney’s loss is not much of a surprise for many given the startling similarities between him and President Obama. Even during the primary many polls showed him losing to Obama in the general election and yet the Republican Party put a great deal of effort into squelching the one candidate who could beat Obama, Dr. Ron Paul.

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The Liberty movement can not stop.We have to keep going!Work from the bottom up and vice versa.

Iowa, Nevada, and Minnesota

have started the purge of the neocons out of the Republican party, let get it going Nationally.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Let 2012 be a warning,

It's not nice to ignore Ron Paul. Blowback came in the form of a GOP candidate void of momentum and substance. I think the overwhelming sentiment came down to "there's no real diffence". Whereas, a Ron Paul ticket would have energized the masses, especially if he was allowed fairness in broadcasting. But, we've got to keep in mind, that the GOP, like the Democrats, have absolutely NO interest in any candidate that will crash the scheme at work at the Federal Reserve. That's their little secret, and they want it kept that way. Both sides get free money to pass around. Of course, both parties want to be in top control of that money by holding the White House, but hey, one thing niether party can allow, is for the game to be broken up. Ron Paul is going to be hard to replace on the national scene. I hope someone can do it.

alan laney

The Republican Party Goes Down In Flames. RON PAUL REVOLUTION!

The Republican Party Goes Down In Flames. RON PAUL REVOLUTION!

Thank you! I anticipated this. KARMA. "What You Give Out, You Get Back".

I knew The RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION Write-In Campaign 2012 would "Tip The Scales".

My Grandfather was a Master Strategist that would make ALL of The "Official" Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Strategists look like kindergarten children.

Doug Wead "predicted" a Mitt Romney win? Well: EPIC FAILURE!

So much for a "Strategist". Time to go look for another job.

They are Failure Strategists because they are in it only to have a lucrative career, but when your HEART ♥ is not fully engageded, you will fail. I learned that from my Grandfather. I worked for 5 years and never asked for a penny. I did it out of LOVE ♥

My Angel Mother always told me: "Where There Is Pay There Is No Glory"

When people started joining The Ron Paul 2012 Write-In Campaign I knew in my heart that was THE END OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

This is going to be very funny now: I promise you that behind the scenes, in the G.O.P. backrooms there is going to be a WAR: People cursing and blaming one another for this or that. These are Career Politicians and this is their money! (((Laughs!)))

I hope they kill each other :)

R.I.P. - G.O.P.


Wisdom Strategies

Yes: We Destroyed The Republican Party. Blowback! R3TRIBUTION!

Yes: We Destroyed The Republican Party. Blowback! R[3]TRIBUTION!

They are finished - FOREVER.

"They" Should Have Read The Obvious Signs: "DON'T TREAD ON US"

That is what they get for having treated Dr. Ron Paul, us and our delegates with such venomous disdain.


Congratulations, Everyone! :)

Ron Paul R[3]VOLUTION: The Write-In Campaign 2012

Farewell, RepubliCAN'Ts: http://youtu.be/pcggUJgGm6M

Wisdom Strategies