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A Fishy Solution To The GMO Problem - Aquaponics!

This video changed my life: "1 Million Pounds of Food on 3 Acres"


Goldfish will work. 55 gallon plastic barrels will work. Anyone can do this, even in an apartment. Start small, just get started!
"Aquaponics For Beginners By Beginners"


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Check out this aquaponic system, found it on Youtube


The potential for aquaponics to produce quality food without petroleum chemicals is the future. Thanks for posting this fishy.

This guy also raises manure worms

to break down the compost further into great plant food.

This can also be used to heal land over farmed with poisonous pesticides, If mixed in water and sprayed on the soil before tilling. No commercial fertilizer, nitrogen or weed killers required. The bacteria and fungus in the ground provides nutrition to the plants when needed. This can also alleviate drought situations, because the root systems penetrate up to 20 feet down.

Every farmer knows that a large percentage of nitrogen they inject into the ground become calcified and not usable. It then washes into our rivers and streams killing fish. It is a fact the Gulf of Mexico becomes a dead zone April through October from run off.

Worm casting tea can stop this cycle of destruction, the bacteria will actually break down the calcified nitrogen back into nitrogen again for the plants.


Old neocon Dick Chenney even acknowledged this type of farming as a better way.

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Great Video on Interesting Topic

Thanks for sharing, Fish!


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What part of Idaho are you in? I have family up there. I wonder if any 4-H Clubs are involved in fish gardening/farming...or Home School Clubs?

One question that has crossed my mind...How do you market your end product?

The other thing which may have nothing to do with this, but I don't know if you are old enough to remember Earth Worm Farms. It seems the people that made the profit were those that supplied the worms to start the farms and then the market was flooded and there was not an end "consumer."

Do you see that at all happening with Fish Farming?

One more thing...Has anyone experimented with solar panels to supply power to the pumps?


I appreciate this. Please

I appreciate this. Please keep updating us

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here's an instruction manual

here's an instruction manual that will show you step by step how to setup a system using barrels.


If you want to learn from a live class, the best place to go is Friendly Aquaponics.


They have live hands on seminars in Hawaii and Tenn.

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Bump ! And bookmarked.

Bump !

And bookmarked.

Thank your for defending (and showing us how to do) sound food production !

We need this knowledge sharing.

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