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Bob Woodward says Federal Reserve secrecy is something we should be most concerned about

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a sock puppet , for somebody, always has been.

Woodward And Bernstein were NOT who we all thought they were

Woodward And Bernstein were NOT who we all thought they were (read below or better yet, read the entire book "Family Of Secrets").



To be clear, Ben Bradlee apparently thought Woodward embellished the story with Deep Throat, according to an unpublished interview in 1990. But Bradlee denied this in 2010 to the reporter who found the interview (which the reporter excluded from his book) and Bradlee has since defended Woodward-

Woodward must be a genius

It's a rather incredible theory. It's easy to see Woodward as an Establishment apologist who is pro-war. Without more evidence, it's hard to believe he's been secretly working for Bush Sr or military intelligence this entire time.

I like how Woodward goes on national TV to warn about secret cabals in government, a warning against who he works for? Amazing.

His story about how he got a job at the Post is much different than Baker's. At least Baker could show evidence that this is false-

All he did was make a very vague statement

Essentially all he said was that we have to hold people in important institutions (the Fed being one) "accountable". But what does it mean SPECIFICALLY?!

Someone posted a video of the Joe Scarborough show ("Morning Joe" I think) where he mentioned that the country is becoming "more libertarian". But then one of the panel AND Joe Scarborough mentioned Jeb Bush as a solution (fiscally conservative but socially tolerant). In other words, they cozy up to the viewer but then co-opt the message with their "solution".

I agree, we should be cautious

I'm just trying to promote skepticism. I'm not a fan of Woodward but I don't think there's enough evidence to suggest he was directly working for some intelligence faction. I think he's just bought into the propaganda and is a victim of that.


Politico is establishment propaganda. I trust Russ Baker.