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What Obama's Re-Election Means for Internet Freedom

John Dvorak is a tech writer of long standing at PC Magazine. He has a reputation for speaking his mind, and often writes about politics in relation to the computer industry and internet freedom. I've often thought he was a closet Libertarian.

In yesterday's article he comes pretty close to hitting the nail, but misses the point that there are already laws in place for Hollywood to use for violations of copyright infringement--the judicial system. They have full access to the judicial system, just like anyone else, and the federal government shouldn't be involved in fighting corporate Hollywood's battles. However, the truth be known, Washington is using copyright violations as an excuse to exercise its will upon the netizens as a means of applying censorship and absolute control. It's a win/win for Hollywood and our Draconian government. A big lose for internet freedom and liberty!

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What Obama's Re-Election Means for Internet Freedom

Under the Obama administration, we are likely to continue down the road of Internet censorship

by John C. Dvorak

Following last night's re-election of President Obama, we must now ask: What does this mean for the computer industry?

It seems to me that both candidates were intent on continuing the gradual censorship of the Internet. This is largely because the public does not seem to care about the importance of an open and free Web or, for that matter, the importance of their privacy. They are more frightened by terrorists.

But how many Americans were killed by terrorists in the United States last year? Or the year before that? Well, in fact, terrorism as a threat is merely a ruse.

Here is the full article at PC Magazine (PCMag.com):

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