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14 Million Opportunities!

Evidently there were 14 million voters who did not show up for the 2012 election as compared to the 2008 election. 10 million democrats and 4 million republicans who voted in 2008.... sat it out in 2012! What does this mean???

This means there are 14 million people who were not inspired by what they were hearing, or were NOT hearing on the campaign trail of either one of the candidates.

This is FERTILE SOIL for the Liberty movement. 14 million people were disenchanted with the government. 14 million people were not hearing about the issues that THEY cared about. 14 million people rejected the idea that the GOVERNMENT was going to do anything about what THEY cared about.

On both the Republican and Democrat side of the aisle there ARE people who care about civil liberties, foreign intervention and mass murder, ending the ridiculous, costly and failed drug war, ending the budgetary suicide of borrowing into eternity. These are issues that span BOTH sides of the aisle..... and clearly on BOTH sides of the aisle there were 14 MILLION people who were not motivated enough to go out and vote for the two clowns placed in front of them.

I think this is SUCH a great sign of potential growth for the Liberty movement - and such a horrifying sign of the "turning" for the "bad guys" that it is breathtaking! AND I think the bad guys were just as shocked by the election results as the Republicans were! I think it had been "decided" that Romney was the one.... but then NOBODY SHOWED UP! I think that those 14 million people - who rejected the "government savior" circus are the troops that we can recruit to the cause of Liberty.

We won't agree on ALL issues - but on FREEDOM we can come together and create a change in the thinking of the masses. WE can become "main stream" if we start talking to those 14 million apathetic or disgusted "non voters". Think of the Coalitions that RP was able to form on freedom issues.

If we can get the masses to value FREEDOM from government in their lives as the CORE issue, we will begin the slow turn of the "aircraft carrier".

So start TALKING with people and gently leading them in the direction of freedom. LISTEN to their discouragement and apathy and watch for openings. We will not change the nation from the TOP DOWN. We will change the nation by getting those 14 MILLION people (and more) thinking in the direction of Liberty!

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Have you driven on a public

Have you driven on a public highway lately? Why would you want all those idiots voting?

"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter." -- Winston Churchill

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Yes, elvie. 14 Million RonPaul + Dennis Kucinich "main stream"

Liberty party. With perhaps a professional PEACE-mongering diplomat, Chas Freeman Jr, as the Secretary of State. . . http://www.dailypaul.com/262482/chas-w-freeman-jr-for-secret...

I would like to try again

in that this was only on the front page for about 20 seconds!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

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