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So, while we could start talking about which liberty candidates we would like to see run in 2016, I personally think we might be more effective if we started elsewhere. Let the candidates figure it out for themselves if they want to run. That time will come (and sooner than we might think). That will also give us more time to see how the new candidates that have just been elected act in congress. Let's hope they stay true to liberty.

First of all, we need to continue helping influence the common perception of liberty. Help people come to the light and realize that classical liberalism WORKS, and is where the GOP must go if they wish to remain a major party. It's prime time to make that statement. I really hope the leaders of the movement like Ron Paul and the new congress members will espouse this message. Republicans are wondering what went wrong. Make sure they KNOW it's because Romney was a liberal neo-con. Make sure they KNOW that if the GOP wants to win in 2016, they will NEED the liberty movement, and that we won't be behind them unless they elect our guy.

Second, we need to begin thinking about who we might be running AGAINST in the republican primaries. Hear me out. I am trying to find good arguments against all the popular frontrunners (as of now... things can change obviously). People like Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan (who are all well liked in the party... and UTTERLY HORRIBLE for liberty). We need good arguments that common republicans will understand. We need to start working REAL HARD, starting NOW for 2016 if we want to have a liberty candidate in the White House. I know I do!

That being said, we need to start compiling some kind of an easily accessible and easily understood database of the issues and the beliefs of all of the popular GOP frontrunners (along with the opposing views of all the potential liberty candidates (Rand Paul, Justin Amash, etc.) so that we have something to work with in 2016. I envision a website run by liberty supporters that intuitively compares and contrasts these views with quotes from the candidates. Maybe implement charts/graphs/videos/etc. These more polished things may come later when we have a better idea about things, but we should at least start keeping tabs on where the neo-cons are wrong, and what we can call them on. And I'm talking about things the common republican will understand. We need something like this to show people the stark contrast between the neo-cons like Rubio and liberty candidates like Amash. And once we draw near to the election cycle, this thing needs to look professional! It doesn't need to look like someone designed it with microsoft paint. That is one thing I have noticed that turns people away from the liberty movement. A lot of the activism (while well intentioned) gives off an aura of unprofessionalism and just feels home-made. We need to work on polishing up our game. Not trying to discourage anyone! So don't get me wrong. This is all in the interest of furthering liberty.

So if you know of a resource like the one I have described that already exists... please let me know! If not, let's start talking. Give me ideas. If you want to help start something like this, let's do it!

C'mon guys, let's get the grass roots up and running again.

Start the fire. 2016 is ours.

For liberty!

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