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Amerika 2012 Presidential Election: The movie

Now that the election show is over, I feel that they should roll the credits. It was truly a memorable script.

Amerika 2012 Presidential Election: The movie

Cast (in order of appearance):

Republican Primary:

Excluded Republican turned Libertarian candidate – Gary Johnson
Candidate falsely accused of sexual misconduct forcing him to drop out of race – Aww, Shucky Ducky! Herman “nein-nein-nein” Cain
Former House Speaker with largest unethical behavior fine – Newt Gingrich
Staunch Constitutionalist defender of liberty – Ron “R3volution” Paul
Early Republican Party Dropout – Tim Pawlenty
Self-proclaimed progressive republican candidate – W. Mitt(ens) “Flip Flop” Romney
Faux conservative zealot– Rick “Frothy” Santorum
“Early surging” Ames Straw poll winner - Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmanns’ closet homosexual husband – Marcus Bachmann
Democratic GOP Infiltrator – Jon Huntsman Jr.
Early Republican Party Dropout – Thaddeus McCotter
Excluded Republican turned Reform Party candidate – Buddy Roemer
Bumbling Idiot – Rick Perry

Republican thugs:

Nathan Sproul
Charlie “The Cheater” Nejedly
Reince Priebus

Second-Party Hopefuls:

Gary Johnson
Jill Stein
Virgil Goode
Rocky Anderson

Presidential Race:

Shrieking Shrew – Nanci “we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it” Pelosi
Pathological liar – Bill Clinton
Man who believes he is a fiscal conservative – Paul “Eddie Munster” Ryan
Delusional Vice President – Joe “he saved the auto industry” Biden
Presidential Losing Candidate - W. Mitt(ens) “anything to win” Romney
Presidential Winning Candidate - Barack “peace prize winning war monger” Obama

Special Appearance by:

The mainstream presstitutes
Vermin Supreme
The police state
An empty chair

Filmed on location in Amerika
All (citizens) rights removed

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