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A Trip to the Grocery in the Near Future

With all the new technologies in place and those being tested on the American public to keep us safe, I thought we should take a look into the future of grocery shopping.

It is the 7th of the month and according to the Dept. of Homeland Security’s new “Travel Now” program. This is the 1st of 2 days your family is permitted to visit the grocery store for the week. The day is sunny and beautiful this is Sunday and your children are at home and want to go shopping with you. So you load them up into their proper restraints and off you go.

Then while you are driving through town the bio-metric scanner determines what you have in your vehicle, guns, knives, drugs, liquor and what trouble you would be in if you have a copy of the Scriptures, the car did not shut down so you continue on. And that is not all, because as soon as you arrive at your destination, the local Pigly Wigly grocery. You then must walk through a body scanner with a retina scan to determine you really are what your National I.D. card says since you are one of the last holds outs to ‘get chipped’ and also to make sure that those are your children. For your sakes I really hope the scanner does not have some technical glitch that day because you will never see your children again.

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A Trip to the Grocery in the Not So Distant Future

Momma, what's a grocery store?

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.