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The Election Result As I see It

LIke it or not the majority of people in this country feel that if they "play by the rules", work hard, are honest, etc that they should get some aid from the government when they fall on hard times - whether its help in securing health care, unemployment insurance when they get laid off, etc. I may not agree with that line of thinking philosophically, but I can understand it in terms of the realities people face every day in a system that is rigged to favor the elites. But my main point is that most people are not going to stop wanting government aid of some kind - it's not going to happen. We may go bankrupt and be unable to provide that kind of aid, but people voluntarily deciding its not good thing? Dream on.

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Doesn't matter if they

Doesn't matter if they voluntarily decide its not a good thing. There is no provision for it in the Constitution. It creates privileged classes of people when our Constitution provides for only individual rights. Just because the majority thinks its a good thing, doesn't make it lawful.

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Of course its

Of course its unconstitutional (at the Federal level), but like so many things that genie is out of the bottle and is not going to be put back in. I'm talking about the reality of our society & politics today, not about what is and what is not constitutional.