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Congratulations Arizona Libertarians and activists!

Arizona produces excellent Libertarian candidates, who continue the trend toward liberty. Arizona is a hotbed of libertarian thought, and home to activists who call themselves "the libertarian wing of the Libertarian Party." They lead the nation in providing and supporting good candidates.

Chandler criminal defense attorney Marc Victor did a big job campaigning for U.S. Senate. In 2010, David Nolan, the founder of the Libertarian Party, ran for the other U.S. Senate seat. He passed away shortly after the election.

With 72K votes, Victor’s race shows how many people in Arizona are openly sympathetic. His total is more than triple Gary Johnson’s take of 23K. While Johnson was an excellent candidate, we can see how many people who vote Libertarian, don’t do it in the Presidential race, (or for Governor in those years). The next slot down the ballot is where people lean toward their heartfelt ideology and “throw away” their vote. Likewise, it is in Victor’s race where we see how many friends we have made through the years. In Arizona that number is consistently over 70K and sometimes as much as 80K.

In CD1 and CD9, the Libertarian candidate received substantially more than the margin between the Democrat and Republican, giving the victory to the Democrat in each case. Kim Allen (5.84%) and Powell Gammill (6.31%)...WOW!...showcase Libertarian growth and strength, as well as the fallout damage of Republican insults to Dr. Paul.

I love you guys!

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Go Arizona!!!

Kudos to Arizona libertarians, and lets keep the nullification efforts going. Maybe a day will come when Gov. Brewer will not veto them.