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WriteInRevolution Launches non-Partisan Scientific Study to Prove Vote Rigging in the 2012 Primary

WriteInRevolution has developed a novel system for ensuring honest voting in the future. It will take some effort. However, the result is vast, which is the elimination of secret vote counting through computerized machines. This system is known as a “manual recount” as is achieved through the use of paper ballots in the form of affidavits. Each voter testifies through their affidavits that they truly did cast their vote. Through this method their votes will be verified.

The manual recount is for all voters whose votes may have been corrupted or even essentially stolen through computerized rigging or through ballot removal or stuffing by the GOP, as occurred prominently in Maine and Iowa. These rigged votes in such states and countless others include those for Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul. Romney was exempt from the rigging.

Numbers wise, it would appear that Santorum voters suffered the greatest losses; however, significant losses were also incurred by Gingrich and Paul voters. In particular, Paul voters suffered heavy losses in Iowa, New Hampshire, Maine, Wisconsin, and Ohio. Santorum voters saw their votes extensively culled in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Ron Paul also suffered greatly in another respect, which was the immensely destructive loss of momentum by losing the early states, Iowa and New Hampshire, which he may well have won, if the votes would have been counted openly and honestly.

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