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Obamacare: Private Sector Jobs Lost to IRS Worker Drones

As the Obamabots of the Liberal zombie hoard celebrate the re-election of what I personally consider to be the president who has done the most to strip Americans of their basic civil liberties, his unconstitutional healthcare mandate continues to roll out. The EPJ has an interesting tidbit emailed in from a reader in Ohio that shows some of the impact that Obamacare will have on jobs in the private sector:

“Obamacare Cost Me My Job”
An EPJ reader emails:

I work for the oldest and largest health insurer in the state of Ohio in the underwriting department. At 9 a.m.this morning, my department (about 50) were called into a meeting in the executive boardroom. We were informed that due to a provision in the healthcare ‘reform’ effective 2014 called guarantee issue, our services would no longer be needed, and we were offered severance So Obama got to keep his job, and we lost ours. It is maddening that some tyrant 400 miles away can have such a ruinous effect on peoples lives."

So not only is Obamacare going to raise the cost of insurance nationwide and give the government a foothold into telling U.S. Citizens what they can or can’t eat/drink, etc in the name of keeping us “healthy,” but it’s also costing the private sector jobs in fields related to healthcare. Where will those jobs be going? Why, to the government, of course! With Obamacare requiring a minimum of 40,000 new IRS agents, our “The Blob” style gov is expanding its mass at the expense of the private sector.

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more job losses

I have a friend that is an insurance broker. He's very worried that he won't have a job soon as more companies opt to not provide insurance to their employees and pay the tax since it is cheaper.

All these liberals

Clapping and crying over Obama and how he's "providing health care for everyone" haven't the slightest clue about free markets or how economies work.

This is the entire problem with government. Who's going to vote against Santa Clause?

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Who the hell would vote "Down" this post? Sorry, should I mention RON PAUL in the headline in every post? The people on this site sometimes...

You should have titled it

Gary Johnson Rand Paul Ron Paul Obamacare and this post would be up top all day.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

What's most aggravating

Is people vote it down rather than commenting. WHY do you disagree? WHY would you vote it down? Why not start a dialogue? Haha lesson learned. RAND PAUL ROMNEY RON PAUL GARY JOHNSON now the title of any post.