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Get Your Children a New Government for Christmas :)

Everyone should be able to clearly see the insanity of the path we are on. Violence begets violence. There is the pervasive notion that nothing will change until the people violently rise up and there is blood in the streets. I reject those notions as I believe the time has come to STEP FORWARD as logical adults who realize the ones promoting violence are NOT the ones who are putting their lives on the line. We have been complacent. We have been absent. We have FAILED... all of us... in the running of our country. It is time we stepped up and admitted all of our mistakes. I invite all to brainwash themselves into a belief that we the people are the owners in this country. We have been blessed by the Creator with unalienable rights. It is time that we admitted our mistakes, stopped placing blame and begin the process of restoration of our republic. One nation, under God's laws. I invite you all to join us by entering into a "treaty of kings."

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[1:31:11 AM] Vincent: Wake up Neo :) ... R u awake or no??
[8:14:19 AM] existextinct: yeah i passed out
[8:14:35 AM] Vincent: cool ..sec...
[8:15:36 AM] Vincent: Take a read here....
[8:15:37 AM] Vincent: To: Anonymous Radio Host

I hope you were witness to what I did in the chat room. Don't marter yourself you're just gonna get killed for nothing. We're just good entertainment bro. You might be headed out of the country like you were sayin.

I basically said let's set a date... I picked christmas. I said let's go to washington like logical, rational, adults. No need to be angry about it. These people work for us. We're no longer satisfied with the job they are doing and they are fired. We get 10 million people to calmly head out to washington to hire knew employees... or we can do the work ourselves. We're the owners of the business. What's the problem? You are afraid one of your employees is going to shoot you? Seriously?

I got three people in that chat - that were prepared to do that. It's a wal-mart.. and we own it. Why don't we start treating it that way? Imagine if you worked at wal-mart and your boss started flipping the fuck out at you and brought a gun to work and starting yelling and screaming and being beligerant.

Instead he would simply call you into his office and try to find a way to respectfully let you know your services would no longer be required.
[12:32:51 AM] Brad: Good analogy btw^^
[12:33:49 AM] Vincent: Thx but I wasn't posting it to get stroked :P
[12:34:21 AM] Brad: LOL not my intentions
[12:34:26 AM] Vincent: I think what I'm saying is... so what's the problem?
[12:34:58 AM] Vincent: The only thing preventing each one of us is his or her own fear... a completely irrational fear at that.
[12:35:16 AM] Brad: I'm so use to bringing things down to the least common denominator ... I appreaciate when other people do it too. I didn't need to read it that way, I'm just tired as hell
[12:35:28 AM] Vincent: I'd bet any amount of money over 50% of the population is upset.
[12:35:30 AM] Brad: I agree^^
[12:36:33 AM] Vincent: seems everyone thinks the only time we're gonna solve this is "when the SHTF" or when "people get fed up and finally blow their corks"
[12:36:55 AM] Vincent: They are all operating under the wrong presumption. They are under the presumption that we work for them.
[12:36:59 AM] Vincent: It's simply not true.
[12:37:45 AM] Brad: It might be all out of frustration too
[12:37:52 AM] Vincent: I say for christmas this year we give ourselves a new government.
[12:38:34 AM] Vincent: Heck if I gotta go all by myself I will.
[12:38:40 AM] Vincent: I'm the only shareholder here.
[12:38:53 AM] Vincent: Nobody else wants to manage their company.
[12:38:57 AM] Vincent: You're all fired.
[12:40:08 AM] Vincent: I'm sorry, but your services will no longer be required.
[12:40:49 AM] Brad: I like the idea .. I'm just 2 tired to carry on a reasonable conversation. I'll start rattling off nonsense any moment
[12:41:11 AM] Vincent: Yes or no is all I'm sayin?
[12:41:44 AM] Brad: Yes -- Of course. They've all had their chance.
[12:41:55 AM] Vincent: Alright then.
[12:42:01 AM] Vincent: Let's not be secret about it.
[12:42:07 AM] Vincent: We got nothing to hide.
[12:42:24 AM] Vincent: We start spreading the truth through the gureilla media.
[12:42:40 AM] Vincent: Merry Christmas man.
[12:42:48 AM] Vincent: Haven't had one in quite a few years.
[12:43:14 AM] Vincent: IN fact let's go one better for the PR campaign.
[12:43:33 AM] Vincent: "Get your children a new government for Christmas."
[12:43:50 AM] Vincent: ;)
[12:44:25 AM] Brad: I think I'm going to ask a producer at RT to send a christmas message
[12:44:43 AM] Vincent: and that idea was hatched here - anon hasn't responded to it yet.
[12:44:53 AM] Brad: I tihnk hes busy
[12:45:02 AM] Vincent: of course he is I'm just sayin.
[12:45:20 AM] Vincent: Just letting you know - It was born in this chat room.
[12:45:36 AM] Vincent: two people actually fucking agreed on something.
[12:45:59 AM] Brad: I could use some christmas cheer this year for sure.
[12:46:13 AM] Vincent: I'm sure anon would be on board.
[12:46:46 AM] Vincent: if not... then I have no idea who I've been listening to for the past week.
[8:18:56 AM] existextinct: sweet
[8:33:39 AM] Vincent: we need about 10 million people.
[8:33:56 AM] Vincent: no angry marches.
[8:34:00 AM] Vincent: 10 million adults.
[8:34:22 AM] existextinct: right, shareholders
[8:34:49 AM] existextinct: not crazy gun carrying pissed off people
[8:34:59 AM] Vincent: Yup.
[8:35:27 AM] Vincent: we make what happened at the end of that V movie come true (other than blowing up stuff)
[8:35:45 AM] existextinct: funny thing is , as a shareholder, ive never gotten my piece of the profit sharing
[8:35:56 AM] existextinct: i guess that wasnt part of the deal?
[8:36:09 AM] Vincent: what do u expect when u never showed up at the office?
[8:36:11 AM] existextinct: they took my money and invested it
[8:36:30 AM] existextinct: you know what the CAFRs are yea?
[8:36:52 AM] Vincent: They talkin about your employees who have nobody telling them what to do?
[8:36:54 AM] existextinct: this country has a lot of money, its all been invested
[8:37:10 AM] existextinct: cumulative anual financial reports
[8:37:31 AM] Vincent: Yes but screw your head back on.
[8:37:37 AM] Vincent: It's your responsibility.
[8:37:37 AM] existextinct: just saying
[8:37:42 AM] Vincent: My responsibility.
[8:37:43 AM] existextinct: they talk about we are in debt
[8:37:51 AM] existextinct: its lies
[8:38:03 AM] Vincent: It's simply time to show up at the office.
[8:38:09 AM] existextinct: uhhuh
[8:38:16 AM] Vincent: and take care of some long -un handed business.
[8:38:17 AM] existextinct: ive been out since 2006
[8:38:24 AM] existextinct: thats the last time i paid my taxes
[8:38:28 AM] Vincent: I never showed up at the office.
[8:38:31 AM] Vincent: period.
[8:38:48 AM] Vincent: I was just packing BS in the warehouse some where.
[8:38:56 AM] existextinct: word
[8:39:09 AM] Vincent: It's all in our minds.
[8:39:30 AM] Vincent: WE gotta just keep on looking at this as if it's our fault.
[8:39:34 AM] Vincent: because IT IS!
[8:39:42 AM] existextinct: it totally is
[8:39:53 AM] Vincent: You can't expect to run a company with nobody at the helm
[8:40:07 AM] Vincent: board of directors never show up
[8:40:11 AM] existextinct: or with criminals at the helm
[8:40:21 AM] existextinct: since we let them do our job for us
[8:40:21 AM] Vincent: they aren't at the helm
[8:40:36 AM] Vincent: the ship has had nobody at the controls.
[8:40:49 AM] Vincent: there's no body driving it.
[8:41:04 AM] Vincent: no wonder it's veered completely off course.
[8:41:12 AM] existextinct: yeah
[8:41:26 AM] existextinct: nd now pirates are trying to jump aboard
[8:41:52 AM] Vincent: yeah but see that word psychologically denotes violence.
[8:42:11 AM] Vincent: I believe if we can people's heads in the frame of mind that this is truly all their faults....
[8:42:28 AM] Vincent: or at the very least their parents fault for never showing them how to run the company....
[8:42:33 AM] existextinct: thats what they use to intimidate us though is violence and kidnapping
[8:42:44 AM] Vincent: right violence and fear.
[8:42:50 AM] Vincent: so arrest us then
[8:42:59 AM] Vincent: u got 10 million jail cells right here in DC?
[8:43:23 AM] Vincent: im thinking that would be a bit of a logistical night mare.
[8:43:25 AM] existextinct: and enough courts to process wrongful arrest cases?
[8:43:34 AM] existextinct: although they do have the NDAA, but thats just an act
[8:43:42 AM] existextinct: acts are not laws
[8:43:51 AM] Vincent: anon got me started I'm taking this ball and putting it over the goal line.
[8:43:55 AM] existextinct: they only aply to the actors
[8:44:31 AM] Vincent: This mission is 99% in the mind... 1% implimentation.
[8:44:42 AM] existextinct: im ready
[8:44:47 AM] existextinct: i know what theyve done
[8:44:53 AM] Vincent: WE'VE done.
[8:45:02 AM] existextinct: im actually getting ready to start a lawsuit
[8:45:03 AM] Vincent: WE'VE not done rather.
[8:45:07 AM] Vincent: We've been ABSENT.
[8:45:19 AM] Vincent: we need to brainwash our own damn selves too
[8:45:32 AM] existextinct: definitely, well not all of us
[8:45:41 AM] existextinct: ive known there was somethgn up for a long long time
[8:45:46 AM] Vincent: I don't care I'm taking full responsibility
[8:45:46 AM] existextinct: i just didnt know i was right
[8:45:56 AM] existextinct: and how simple it was to really understand
[8:46:13 AM] Vincent: Plenty of blame can rest of these shoulders - they're broad
[8:46:42 AM] Vincent: I'll take it... it's all my fault.
[8:46:49 AM] Vincent: If everyone needs someone to blame.
[8:47:17 AM] existextinct: i blame myself, but its not all my fault, i had nobody to guide me, except myself
[8:47:23 AM] Vincent: but.
[8:47:28 AM] existextinct: the program was designed to fool us
[8:47:35 AM] Vincent: think about it we're trapped in the blame game
[8:47:38 AM] existextinct: im slowly working on my parents
[8:47:42 AM] Vincent: the pointing fingers game
[8:48:00 AM] Vincent: but but but sniffle nobody was around to show me what to do....
[8:48:14 AM] existextinct: im not pointing fingers for me its more like, im aware of how everyone was fooled
[8:48:23 AM] existextinct: thats wrong though
[8:48:27 AM] Vincent: any blame anyone else can't carry - put it here.
[8:48:29 AM] existextinct: there was the constitution
[8:48:34 AM] existextinct: it has always been there
[8:48:42 AM] existextinct: it is our responsibility to read and understand it
[8:48:45 AM] Vincent: constitution is the people's job to enforce
[8:48:46 AM] existextinct: and apply it
[8:48:51 AM] existextinct: exactly
[8:48:59 AM] existextinct: they just led everyone to believe it was working
[8:49:03 AM] existextinct: and left it at that
[8:49:09 AM] Vincent: they told us in school it was kinda important.
[8:49:16 AM] existextinct: yeah i remember
[8:49:16 AM] Vincent: did we do our homework?
[8:49:27 AM] Vincent: we were goofing off
[8:49:33 AM] existextinct: but there was no class about it , when really it should have been at least an entire semester in high school
[8:49:39 AM] existextinct: i was i know that
[8:49:42 AM] existextinct: i went skateboarding
[8:49:43 AM] Vincent: but but but
[8:49:43 AM] existextinct: lol
[8:50:29 AM] Vincent: let's treat ourselves like the sniffled 10 yr old that just got busted and now has snot running down his nose....
[8:50:55 AM] Vincent: and just found out we're grounded for the next two weeks.
[8:50:58 AM] Vincent: NO TV.
[8:51:31 AM] Vincent: and we're gonna miss the trip to the ammusement park for our birthday on top of it.
[8:51:55 AM] Vincent: just got a really crappy report card in the mail... and we tried to hide it from mom and dad
[8:52:12 AM] Vincent: IF mom and dad had been around to show us this chit.
[8:52:22 AM] Vincent: and we just ignored it.
[8:53:07 AM] Vincent: we gotta stop blaming everyone else and start taking full responsibility or this shit will never be over.
[8:53:59 AM] existextinct: word
[8:54:07 AM] existextinct: thats what being sovereign is all about
[8:54:11 AM] existextinct: taking responsibility
[8:54:15 AM] Vincent: Yup.
[8:54:36 AM] Vincent: and I think that's what the great awakening is all about.
[8:54:48 AM] Vincent: All our problems are due to us not taking full responsibility.
[8:54:56 AM] Vincent: every God DAMNED - one.
[8:55:27 AM] Vincent: and full responsibility means if someone isn't taking their share... well then someone's gotta step in and take their share.
[8:56:21 AM] Vincent: So whoever jumps into the this psychologically - needs to be committed to accepting full responsibility for everyone elses lack of responsibility too.
[8:56:45 AM] Vincent: The sovereigns run this planet.
[8:58:36 AM] Vincent: and I'm dead serious. this ends now.
[8:58:46 AM] Vincent: if nobody wants to take that share I will.
[8:58:55 AM] Vincent: cuz somebody's gotta do it.
[8:59:29 AM] Vincent: I've been training my mind for this since I was born brother.
[8:59:54 AM] Vincent: each one of us has to have that SAME LEVEL of conviction when talking to someone else.
[9:00:23 AM] Vincent: STEP UP with me don't follow me around... TELL THEM THAT
[9:00:47 AM] Vincent: step up to MY level and be PROUD you are finally ON that level.
[9:00:57 AM] Vincent: The level of full responsibility.
[9:01:10 AM] Vincent: this ain't about not stinking ego trip either or that I'm better than you
[9:01:39 AM] Vincent: but you know what? if I'm up here at full responsibility and your still somewhere between no responsibility and full responsibiilty.
[9:02:19 AM] Vincent: I AM BETTER THAT YOU so what are you gonna do about it... that's how you pound that ego issue out of someone else. - just come right out and say what they are already thinking. FUCK IT.
[9:02:50 AM] Vincent: im tired of the childish pyschological brainwashing we've been exposed to.
[9:02:54 AM] Vincent: I'm throwing all that crap out now.
[9:02:57 AM] Vincent: I'm KING.
[9:03:15 AM] existextinct: yea its ridiculous
[9:03:23 AM] Vincent: and the only reason you would be my subject - is if you're NOT A KING TOO.
[9:03:44 AM] existextinct: i get treated like im nobody because i dont subscribe to getting a full time jo and paying taxes and getting into big loans and mortgages, its ridiculous
[9:04:01 AM] existextinct: its like they think they have grown up when really theyre just letting themselves be tricked
[9:04:02 AM] Vincent: and if in ten minutes u need another shellacking I'm happy to provide it
[9:04:06 AM] Vincent: until you become KING.
[9:04:09 AM] existextinct: and it makes me sick because they ignore me
[9:04:27 AM] Vincent: They are our servants.
[9:04:29 AM] Vincent: damn it.
[9:04:33 AM] existextinct: everything is going to change very soon
[9:04:38 AM] existextinct: exactly
[9:04:41 AM] existextinct: its in their title
[9:04:42 AM] Vincent: everyone who's not a King or Queen.
[9:04:44 AM] existextinct: civil servant
[9:04:55 AM] Vincent: and all the rest of the people who are subjects
[9:05:05 AM] Vincent: by their own damn consent.
[9:05:10 AM] existextinct: exactly
[9:05:15 AM] existextinct: i have never consented
[9:05:32 AM] Vincent: Yes u do in your head by not taking full responsibility.
[9:05:35 AM] existextinct: only by inaction did i ever consent
[9:05:48 AM] Vincent: Let's keep it REAL simple.
[9:05:50 AM] existextinct: thats what i mean , if iw as ever asked straight out
[9:05:55 AM] existextinct: i would have refused my consent
[9:05:58 AM] Vincent: forget all the contract stuff we've been taught.
[9:06:04 AM] Vincent: even that stuff I put in the room the other day
[9:06:33 AM] Vincent: I've evolved to a higher level of thought on this in just the last 24 hours.
[9:06:44 AM] Vincent: Join me.
[9:06:58 AM] Vincent: Treaty of Kings.
[9:07:07 AM] existextinct: fill me in, ive gotta stand up, my legs need blood ^^
[9:07:13 AM] existextinct: back in a few minutes
[9:07:31 AM] Vincent: we should start a website... brb... don't type that in anywhere some search engines steel it
[9:07:32 AM] Vincent: steal
[9:08:44 AM] Vincent: SIGN FROM GOD BROTHER!
[9:16:24 AM] existextinct: word
[9:21:42 AM] Vincent: Just grabbed it :)
[9:22:04 AM] Vincent: treatyofkings.com
[9:23:09 AM] Vincent: I think I would like to anonymize all people in this conversation and use that as the website... keep it simple.
[9:52:41 AM] Vincent: Or fuck it. The need to be anonymous is just another fear.
[9:53:14 AM] Vincent: I'm willing to step forward into the light. What are we doing wrong? Taking full responsibility?
[9:54:23 AM] Vincent: Is that wrong? If it is then send me an email and let me know... vinceableworld@yahoo.com or skype me a message @ "vinceableworld"
[10:25:34 AM] existextinct: i dont care if anyone knows who i am
[10:32:57 AM] d_liverychic: My feelings are that the few people at the front may get a bloody nose but the people behind judt keep walkimg its all about numbers
[10:34:00 AM] Vincent: okay to add your feelings to it?
[10:34:07 AM] d_liverychic: sure
[10:34:10 AM] Vincent: k...
[10:35:07 AM] Vincent: However ... I do want to say I think you just stand there and talk them to death until they give up and come to the revelation they work for us.
[10:35:17 AM] Vincent: A fillerbuster.
[10:36:05 AM] Vincent: So there really isn't even any need to do the walk forward thing you just stand there and reason with them until they peacefully agree.
[10:36:39 AM] d_liverychic: My ancestors are south african. As a child I could never understand how a handful of white people could have such a hold on Millions of Blacks.
[10:37:28 AM] Vincent: Through fear and intimidation... irrational fear not based in logic.
[10:51:35 AM] Tim the Wizard: ((flex))
[10:51:43 AM] Tim the Wizard: im in
[10:53:23 AM] Vincent: Awesome :)
[10:54:37 AM] Vincent: [10:53:34 AM] Vincent: Okay to add you into the conversation?
[10:53:48 AM] Tim the Wizard: positivly!
[10:59:58 AM] Vincent: ((party)) Knowledge is power - united in truth we stand :)
[11:18:55 AM] BItterOMan: yes and I have done some organizing as a union organizer yes looked down a few gun barrles. LOL!
[11:20:21 AM] BItterOMan: add me to the conversation if you please.
[11:20:31 AM] Vincent: Okay great
[11:21:35 AM] BItterOMan: we we need to build an organixation. We need to educate some good spokesmen with already established credibility.
[11:21:47 AM] Vincent: this conversation will educate them :)
[1:28:13 PM] ~free~mo~: ((clap)) will you add me to the convo as well?
[1:28:44 PM] Vincent: Absolutely :) Anything else you would like to share?
[1:31:49 PM] ~free~mo~: I think your thoughts are very close to what needs to be done!!!! You can get a free website at wordpress.com to spread the word!!! I can show you how to use it... it's easy and don't need any html exerience!! Our numbers are growing and need to continue to grow so we can take back the corporation and destroy it... become dejure once again ((h))
[1:33:09 PM] Vincent: Yeah we might take a look at wordpress however is that a structured environment? Or can you get a clean space and add whatever you want to it?
[1:33:28 PM] ~free~mo~: yes you can get your very own space
[1:33:32 PM] ~free~mo~: I have several
[1:33:43 PM] Vincent: existextinct already volunteered to do the website.
[1:33:53 PM] ~free~mo~: great!!!
[1:34:15 PM] ~free~mo~: thought I'd let you know of a free option
[1:34:15 PM] Vincent: but I'm not going to let you off the hook that easy.
[1:34:48 PM] ~free~mo~: hehe whatcha need?
[1:34:57 PM] Vincent: "I think your thoughts are very close" - I want the TRUTH. Is this the TRUTH? If so what are we missing?
[1:35:10 PM] Vincent: If not - no hedging here.
[1:35:24 PM] Vincent: We're either united in TRUTH or we're not.
[1:36:07 PM] Vincent: What needs to happen for "my thoughts" to be DEAD ON?
[1:37:28 PM] ~free~mo~: look, imho, noone knows exactly what to do, however it's going to take out of the box thinkers like uS to figure it out!!!! I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm only saying it will be a huge task!!! Many of us are will to take it on and we must grow numbers to make it stick
[1:37:44 PM] Vincent: I don't want anyone having any excuses or mental reservations whatsoever. So in each conversation we need to STAMP THEM OUT like a cancer. This is REALLY simple stuff there's no reason why we can't ALL be in 100% agreement = UNIFIED.
[1:38:13 PM] ~free~mo~: I completely agree with you Vince
[1:38:19 PM] Vincent: BOOM!
[1:38:34 PM] Vincent: Okay I completely agree with you too then how's that?
[1:38:43 PM] ~free~mo~: ((chuckle))
[1:38:47 PM] ~free~mo~: UNIFIED
[1:39:41 PM] Vincent: Alright! Pass it on please and I'll add this to the conversation - one by one we will knock down all objections to unification of this very SIMPLE idea. We are equal. We are Kings and Queens and there is no reason we cannot figure out a way to get along.
[1:39:47 PM] Vincent: Just don't harm anyone else.
[1:40:04 PM] Vincent: and stay the F away from any divisive topics.
[1:40:23 PM] Vincent: That all make sense too?
[1:40:36 PM] ~free~mo~: sure does
[1:41:03 PM] Vincent: Alright your words have been immortalized :)
[2:03:08 PM] WESLEY Henderson: WOwsa... awesome stuff Brother my Brother King!!!
[2:03:46 PM] WESLEY Henderson: I sign that treaty with FULL HONOR to the OATH I TOOK TO THE CONSTITUTION
[2:07:04 PM] Vincent: Well now that's up to you brother the only thing I'm taking an oath to is TRUTH and respect towards other Kings and Queens as well as a committment to not harm others.
[2:07:48 PM] Vincent: But if you wanna serve in government you're more than welcome to take the oath ;)
[2:08:26 PM] WESLEY Henderson: sounds like we are going towards a "No Force" Treaty.... Exactly what the Sovereign Bill of Rights is all about
[2:08:56 PM] Vincent: Hmm... I will have to research that (and so will the readers) thanks for the information!
[2:09:26 PM] Vincent: So your words are now part of the conversation brother :)
[2:10:23 PM] WESLEY Henderson: It is an amendement that need be made to the Constitution I will send you a link in a minute
[2:11:09 PM] Vincent: Alright yes that sounds spectacular.
[2:17:28 PM] WESLEY Henderson: have you heard of the Thrive Movement?
[2:18:35 PM] WESLEY Henderson: http://www.thrivemovement.com/the_movie
[2:19:59 PM] Vincent: Ah yes... an excellent educational addition to the conversation :)
[3:33:54 PM] Anon: THRIVE MOVIE: DONT FALL FOR IT!! http://helpfreetheearth.com/news461_thrive.html
[3:35:31 PM] Vincent: Fair enough.... however we don't need to join any particular movement. The solutions are simple once we are in charge of our own lives.
[3:35:59 PM] Anon: yea true
[3:36:01 PM] Anon: i agree
[3:37:36 PM] Vincent: I've also put it out there that anyone is welcome to stick their contact information into this conversation but as you can see nobody else has volunteered as of yet. So by default they have agreed I would be the "point man" on this project until someone else decides otherwise. Would you like to be part of the conversation? If so would you also like to "diversify" the "point of contact?"
[3:39:03 PM] Vincent: This is a people's revolution. I am not greedy at all... and I don't really WANT TO lead anything I'm just doing it because somebody's gotta do it.
[4:39:22 PM] WESLEY Henderson: http://www.twelvevisionsparty.com/
[4:40:03 PM] Vincent: The bravest will step forward first (as many have already) and pass the conversation on to those who may need more encouragement before they join in... as our numbers increase it will be like a great big snowball rolling down hill.
[6:45:36 PM] Kiki: http://soundcloud.com/isis93/american-declaration-of-rights
[6:47:26 PM] Vincent: Is that your contribution to the conversation?
[6:47:38 PM] Kiki: yes!
[6:47:49 PM] Kiki: the bravest will step forward!
[11:51:35 PM] Vince's stalker: not included into the very private conversation about our children's present for Christmas?
[11:52:57 PM] Vincent: You are included by talking about it right now.
[11/5/2012 1:46:08 AM] Vince's stalker: united in truth we stand!
[11/5/2012 1:47:31 AM] Vincent: one by one we are passing that conversation along.. if you want to pass it onto others please do. Then send me the back/fourth between yourself and whoever when they provide feedback okay?
[1:54:25 AM] Vince's stalker: okay, my jedi
[2:10:45 AM] Vincent: ((blush))
[2:15:23 AM] Vincent: I find it fitting that you and I would add to this conversation at the point the date turns to the 5th of november :)
[6:50:29 AM] pennsylvania justice: Human-Rights web site. The independent group of public spirited citizens whose aim is none other than to expose the established practices many fall victim to within the United Kingdom.

Our aim is to promote awareness, and state the facts. The citizens of the world, are no longer dependent on organised deprivation of the right to know the truth; the violations of their rights are being challenged through the courts and these pages. With your help and YOUR contributions, as members of the *human-rights.org * Community On Line * we aim to expose the established practices. We aim to cause public servants to act within the Law, as Parliaments INTENDED. On paper, it always appears so. Preaching, however, relates not to practice by the advocates of Parliament's law. Help yourselves to unadulterated truths. www.human-rights.org
[6:56:37 AM] Vincent: Wow, that's an enormous chunk of information on that website. Have you taken a decent amount of time to review it already? If so what is your "judgement" of it's use and feasiblity? Main goals? Available solutions?
[6:57:13 AM] pennsylvania justice: here is another one http://www.no-debts.com/anti-bar/index.html
[6:57:46 AM] pennsylvania justice: yes , there is alot of info the guy who has that site is a friend
[7:07:01 AM] Vincent: Nice myself and the readers will I'm sure check this stuff out. I was also just referred to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPanPS0xZiA which is about rampant abuse of power by our federal government. Our ignorance of how we are supposed to be running a free country for our children is embarrasing and it's surely gone on long enough. It's time for the owners of this country to finally show up at the office and make sure the employees are properly minding the store.
[7:08:21 AM] Vincent: Do you wish to add anything else to the growing conversation that we hope will wake people up and unify us all in the one basic goal of ENDING violence and establishing peace and abundance for the world?
[7:09:45 AM] Vincent: We can no longer ignore this. We must take full responsibility now - stop pointing fingers, and everyone must step forward now to put an end to this insantity once and for all.
[7:10:33 AM] pennsylvania justice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GX0PHt1HDQI&feature=share
[7:12:27 AM] pennsylvania justice: also ck here from time to time and see the vids http://www.lawlessamerica.com/
[7:15:49 AM] pennsylvania justice: this needs to be ck into http://www.project.nsearch.com/video/romney-family-owns-voti...
[7:15:50 AM] Vincent: I think we're all privy to how bad things are. This thread is about who is willing to be part of the solution... which is pretty simple. We have to unite in overwhelming force of NUMBERS that cannot be denied, jailed or intimidated away from our objective.
[7:16:32 AM] Vincent: What say you? Millions will read this thread.
[7:56:21 AM] Vincent: Are you joining us or not?
[8:18:14 AM] pennsylvania justice: yes

If we are not brave, we will never be free. There is no need for anyone to fear joining this evolution of thought. All we want is for the violence in the world to stop. We agree that we are all part of a greater whole. Our race has such exponential potential. It is time for Mankind to leap forward in understanding regarding our place in the universe. Please help me establish God's Kingdom here on earth.

"Yea Tho I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I Will Fear no Evil."

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