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Impact of third-party candidates on election Fox & Friends

Small segment on third party impact on the election today on Fox & Friends (discusses Gary Johnson mostly and about how a large % of the pop. have a fiscally conservative/socially tolerant outlook). The guy they brought explains how there is no choice between the two main parties on foreign intervention, the patriot act, war on drugs etc.


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It didn't take long...

for Fox to get on the "blame the libertarians" bandwagon. Over on the Fox Business Channel this morning, John Stossel was interviewed by Stuart Varney. The banner posted during the interview read: "Did libertarians cost Romney the election?"

Cheaters never proper is the only response,


Free includes debt-free!

Beg your pardon

But they prosper every 4 years after another rigged election.

No offense Paul, I love that rather cliche line, but truth is more important than making ourselves feel good by pretending that we caused Romney to lose. The talking heads are lying. They're playing the divide and conquer game and they should be called on it and we should stop playing along by pretending that the election was legitimate. If people really want to make a difference, start bringing up the electoral fraud by the GOP that we witnessed and the rigged electronic voting machines everytime somebody brings up politics. Call into the radio/tv talk shows and rail about it. It's time for people to snap out of the delusion that voting works in a rigged system.

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Libertarian candidates in Montana had a big impact.

The Senate and governor's races were both decided by smaller margins than what each of the respective libertarian candidates received. The republicans were on the losing ends of both races. Denny Rehberg is now history, but Tester continues on as Senator,... about the same amount of tyranny in either case.

I like that guy.

Roger Stone for president 2016!

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

You're kidding, right? Stone

You're kidding, right? Stone is a political hitman who plays dirty behind the scenes to scuttle the campaigns of others. He's a good part of the reason many of us refused to support GJ.


""I hired thirty hookers and sent them into Ron Paul's speech at the Sun Dome wearing these really skintight low-cut Gary Johnson T-shirts — they weren't hookers they were dancers, exotic dancers, pardon me. I sent them because they wouldn't let us in."


Blessings )o(