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Thank you to Everyone here who helped me.


It is impossible for me to thank everyone individually involved in our campaign without creating a document ten pages long. There are so many of you that it is very encouraging to know that there is such a strong coalition of people who believe in small government. I am so grateful for everyone who helped to put our team together and gave endless time to help us present the idea of individual liberty. Without each and every one of you, there is no way we could have accomplished anything. My family and I are humbled and grateful.

As we have said many times, this Country is a Constitutional Republican, not a democracy. A democracy does not contain provisions that protect the rights of the individual. In our system of Government, people who believe in true small government should be afforded the right of representation. Personally, I am not asking for others, who believe in big government (both Republicans and Democrats), to change their beliefs to mine. What I am asking for is to be represented. I want to make sure that small government people are involved in the discussion and can influence legislation and the direction of our country proportionately to the amount of the population that we represent. This is not unreasonable and it is fundamentally American. We all understand what it means to believe in small government and we have the RIGHT to hold these beliefs. What we don’t have is the right to force our beliefs on others. People do not resist change; they resist ‘being changed.’ Live your life and others will come to you. My job has been to keep the discussion alive in an atmosphere that is hostile and corrupt; which is modern day American politics. No matter what your views, everyone feels under-represented and frustrated with government. I would encourage everyone to believe in their own power and put the government in the insignificant place that it belongs. Most importantly do not try and use government’s threat of violence to force other people to hold your beliefs.

In many ways, the GOP got exactly what it deserved. And those of us who are intelligent and mature enough to discuss it; can see that GOP eliminated any chance of winning when they marginalized, bullied and cheated to remove Ron Paul from the nomination process. Even if you don’t agree with Paul and his supporters, no one benefits from cheating or stifling discussion. For the GOP, you cannot have your cake and eat it to. You cannot claim small government for fiscal concerns, but at the same time embrace big government in hopes of controlling individual behavior. These are fundamentally opposed ideas. You cannot have controlled and inexpensive government when you conduct unconstitutional big government programs like the war on drugs. And if you espouse to believe in a power greater than yourself, then allow people the dignity of their own mistakes and quit playing God. Libertarian ideals are the future of American politics and it is not that important that the GOP believe it. Even if you don’t believe in gravity, if you jump off a building you are going to hit the ground. The idea of live and let live is the bedrock of this country and it is powerfully re-asserting itself. Although we have many challenges ahead of us, individual liberty has arrived once again. Men who seek to control men like myself through government force will most certainly have to kill me first. This is how deeply I believe.

These are truly exciting times and the rights of the individual are moving to the forefront of our thoughts. We have been ahead of the curve and we will be in place when others need us. As my father and his father before him, I took an Oath to protect and defend the Constitution and I promise to continue to against enemies both foreign and domestic. At this point, the most dangerous threat to our Constitution is the government itself.

God Bless and Go Navy.

Blandford 2014 – US Senate

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Excuse me for asking dumb questions, but did you win a race?

If so, congratulations. Now watch your back.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

I was wondering the same thing!



Not even close. I am in US

Not even close. I am in US District One, SC. The Republican is a NDAA supporting, Goldman Sachs guy. He had over 1.5 Million. He did not make any appearances and did not attend one debate. It was just me against the democrat. This guy actually runs under the banner of the "tea party," and small government, but supports endless wars, the Patriot Act, and the NDAA. When contacted about the NDAA, he told our campaign that we and the "Ron Paulers" were wrong. This guy represents everything that is wrong with the GOP. I fight against him because SC is a Red State, but don't understand the concept of "neoconservative." I try and explain the difference throughout the general election. It has been effective. It is how I contribute to liberty.


Thank You for participating!

Thank You for participating! Keep up the great work!!!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown