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L vs. R takeover

For a while now people have been volleying back and forth the idea of taking over the Republican party vs. abandoning them and changing all focus and support to the libertarian party. Well, it occurred to me that the best plan of action is both.

Look at it this way, the libertarian party is our big fat anchor waiting outside the walls. Those taking over from inside are fighting to open the gate. Once the gate falls we can bring in the anchor. Both the anchor and the support gained during the fighting inside the walls will assure a takeover of the Republican parties power. Those Republican rats left clinging to the darkness and screaming in dismay at their loss of power will shortly be taken out with the trash once the power shift takes place.

This is the best attack and road to success. The fact that our people are not covered in slime, flip-flopping and spineless will make them easy to spot and vote for even if they have that dirty R by their names.

Just thoughts that popped into my head today.

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