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Ideas to reduce the debt despite the existence of the Fed

I don't see the Federal Reserve going anywhere anytime soon. I also think the U.S. gov't is an arm of a hierarchial group of puppeteers and the debt debate is an illusion to keep us divided. But conspiracy theories aside, if there were enough honest people inside the beast, which practical measures to you propose to reduce the debt while satisfying the left/right and moving toward liberty, peace and prosperity. I have some ideas that, on paper, seem like it could bring (R's) & (D's) with integrity together in recognition of a basic truth--the economy is not sustainable.

1) Allow for competing currencies (break the Fed monopoly)
2) End all corporate subsidies (energy, ag, pharma..)
3) End all foreign occupation and monetary aid
4) Divest of any unoccupied federal properties
5) "You pick, I pick" dept to abolish
*Ex-->(D) pick: DHS (R) pick: Interior

Whattya got?

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It won't happen

The political will is not there.

As Dr. Paul says government reflects the people, and the people won't cut themselves off voluntarily. They will have to be forced, and will be when the dollar crashes.

Discretionary Spending

Not including "mandatory" appropriations, only discretionary allowances:

Agriculture--$23 billion
Commerce--$8 billion
DOD--$525.4 billion
Intelligence--$52.6 billion
Overseas Contingency Ops--$96.7 billion
Education--$69.8 billion
Energy--$27.2 billion
Health & Human Services--$76.4 billion
Homeland Security--$55 billion

These figures represent just a portion of the FY2013 budget. Think of all the waste and fraud in other dept's.


"The rich man writes the book of laws the poor man must defend, but the highest laws are written on the hearts of honest men."