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Bob Dylan Prediction On Home Gardens Comes True

"I can see the day coming when even your home garden is gonna be against the law." - Bob Dylan, Union Sundown, 1982

Another Front Yard Garden Deemed Illegal

Aaron Dykes | Infowars.com

The War on Americanism is moving forward again, not on some foreign battlefield, but in quiet neighborhoods in cities across the nation.

The City of Orlando is demanding that Jason Helvingston eradicate the vegetable garden planted in his front yard so that it can meet their code, which WKMG Local 6 says requires a “finished appearance,” in other words, a plain lawn covered in ordinary grass.

It is a matter of perceived property value versus that of property rights, the latter of which is clearly under attack.

Helvingston hasn’t given up. He told the city, ‘You’ll take my house before you take my vegetable garden.’

Continued: http://www.infowars.com/another-front-yard-garden-deemed-ill...

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You can of course just plant

You can of course just plant a sign in the yard that says: "Freedom Garden" and spread the word that you use it to fight "terrorism" by "keeping America strong and independent". (or something like that)

Language is a powerful thing that triggers associations and actions.

Perhaps it is possible to use the MSM type of language and bend it to help you keep your freedom!?!


These things have to do with

These things have to do with local zoning issues. This is not an example of federal government overreach, or what have you. Why didn't they just start a garden in their backyard? The neighbors are probably upset that their neighborhood's appearance is being harmed. Just a 20,000 foot observation.

Personally, I don't even like the idea of owning property in an urban or developed neighborhood... Too many compromises.


My parents' neighbor tilled up the ground of an entire empty lot, next door, also getting about a foot over onto our property. I don't know if it would apply in such a rural setting as our small town has. He plowed right up to my mom's grape arbor. I cannot get to the other side to mow, any more.

But, the guy has been a jerk before. I may just look up to see if we might show him he cannot break the law, because he has more money than my parents! The neighbor runs a surveying company! OOPS!

The neighbors like it

They are petitioning the city to change course.

I agree with you, this is a good example of how local ordinances like this are far less oppressive because there is so much more room for the citizens to have a direct voice to those making and enforcing the laws.

What if people showed up and

What if people showed up and protested constantly about the city trying to force him to remove his garden? Wouldn't the protesters cause even more harm to property value? And the protesters are there because the city is trying to make him remove the garden, so the city is worse for the property values than the garden. Problem solved.

The real Robert Allen Zimmerman


Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5

Wonder What They Would Do

If everyone on the street planted veggies in the front yard? What would the guy in this video do?



Anybody near Orlando on here?

Please make sure this information gets out locally, and be ready to go to court with this man.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

He can prove they violated his property rights.

They cannot prove that he damaged the property of others by having a garden in eyesight. No harm, No foul.

Are the Brussel sprouts taking to nighttime vandalism?

Free includes debt-free!


but, I would more likely think theft could be a problem. Love them Brussels sprouts, and most any other garden fresh food!

the sprouts are making

the sprouts are making insinuating innuendos to the sodium fluoride in the tap water