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Stop Rubio Now!

The time is now to start an information campaign that hammers the point home- MARCO RUBIO IS INELIGIBLE for the office of President or Vice President! Minor v. Happersett is the controlling case, and if you are unaware, educate yourself. Start including this information in your tweets, emails, etc. Just like Cato would conclude his speeches with: "And Carthage must be destroyed!" I suggest adding a signature to posts and emails...."AND MARCO RUBIO IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR PRESIDENT OR VICE PRESIDENT BECAUSE HE IS NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!! SEE MINOR V. HAPPERSETT, 88 US 162(1875).

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what I am telling you is that

what I am telling you is that our government is illegally handing-out citizenship to the children of legal and illegal aliens under some fabricated definition of citizenship and telling everyone they are qualified to run for president.

does that make sense?

No, this is the result of the

No, this is the result of the Wong Kim decision. These children are not US citizens under our constitution but citizens of the country of their parents. There is no such thing as an anchor-baby.

This is where your confusion is, you are trying to fit-in the Wong Kim decision which was an unconstitutional decision and thus VOID.

We are trying to educate people here on this so that they are informed enough to enforce the true constitutional meaning and stipulations of citizenship.

stick to reality

by your definition Marco Rubio wouldn't be a citizen at all. Whether Wong Kim is unconstitutional or not is beside the point. The fact remains that the citizenship laws currently on the books state that Marco Rubio being born of the soil is a citizen and he is treated as such. Most times nothing more needs to be said. However, if he wants to run for the presidency he needs to meet the requirement of being natural born. He is not natural born because of his parents.

Who qualifies to be a citizen may have changed by law but they have not changed the definition of Natural Born.

He is a citizen. He should

He is a citizen. He should have become a citizen when his parents were naturalized.

He could not become a citizen at birth under the constitution.

It doesn't matter what the laws say if they are a violation of the constitution. Of course Wong Kim matters, that is the precedent they are using to give illegals citizenship - through the 14th.

I agree with you on natural born. But they are claiming that people born here to foreigners are 'natural born citizens'.

Well he's already kicking it into gear in Iowa

As reported by the MSM. All the more reason to raise the clamor of true constitutional libertarianism.

If he wants to be president he has to surrender his party's totalitarian warmongering liberal spending and taxing roots. We'll expose his Keynesian socialist economic leanings, his plans to pump taxpayer dollars into starting more conflicts across the world, his connections to Massachusetts Moderate Chickenhawk Mittock Rombama, and his anti-liberty religious socialism. If he passes all those tests then maybe he'll be under consideration.

I will have total respect for

I will have total respect for him if he uses this to educate people about 'natural born citizen'. Maybe he will start campaigning and then end it on the ground that he realized he was not eligible to gain publicity for the issue.

Marco Rubio 2016...

We cannot oppose Marco Rubio on phantom misinformation. If you want to promote candidate x in the potential 2016 primary is this the wrong way. Marco Rubio is an eligible US Presidency candidate. If you want to oppose Rubio you have to do so on issues. If you want Rand Paul you have to understand what reaches the majority of Republican Primary voters. The key is how do you get from 2.1 million Ron Paul GOP voters to ten million.

Marco Rubio Was Born in Miami, Florida

We the people need to get our facts straight. Marco Rubio was born in Miami, Florida. Now, back to Rand Paul. I am not going to discuss particular campaign strategy or of whom to contact for raising campaign funds, but we need to ally with Marco Rubio not attack him.

It's in Rubio's best interest...

to endorse Rand Paul.

Rubio's gonna be stuck in a small tea party consisting of himself. DeMint, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul will be a force to be reckoned with. And I invite Rubio to join the pack...it's never too late!

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It doesn't just matter where he was

born, we are not talking about an "American Citizen", a status even foreign born people can acquire, we are talking about a "natural born citizen", as used in the Constitutional requirement for the Presidency and VP alone. It requires MORE than just being an American Citizen born in this country, it also requires being born to PARENTS who are also U.S. Citizens, which Marco Rubio's parents were not at the time of his birth. He does not qualify under the natural born citizen clause, just as Obama does not...even if he was born in Hawaii as he claims (highly doubtful), his father was a Brittish Subject living in Kenya, not an American Citizen, which disqualifies him for that reason alone.


Remember when they tried to get me to back romney what happened?

I will NEVER back rubio. EVER.

Any further attempts will be a waste of your time and words.

2014 Liberty Candidate Thread: http://www.dailypaul.com/287246/2014-liberty-candidate-thread

2016 Potential Presidential Candidates: http://alturl.com/mt7tq

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I posted an article and you

I posted an article and you NEED to read it. You do not understand this issue. Please educate yourself. This isn't a recommendation, you need to read this... seriously. Get on the same page as most everyone else on here.


Posted Article Web Link Not Working

The news article link is not working at this time.

Works for me. Its not a news

Works for me. Its not a news article. It is written by a retired lawyer who specializes in constitutional law.

Just like Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio's Parents were NOT citizens

at the time of his birth. To top it off, they were refugees from Cuba. They were reluctant immigrants. They didn't want to leave Cuba, they were forced to. In fact they spent a couple of years trying to go back. Eventually they gave up and settled in Florida. Their loyalties to their home country were strong.

Rubio was born a Cuban citizen and also had an American citizen status. He was given Cuban citizenship by his father and mother at the time of his birth NATURALLY. He is born with dual loyalties and dual citizenship. By definition of his parents status, he is a "native" born citizen of the united states but he is not a "natural"born citizen. He is NOT eligible.

Misinformation? Rubio isn't Natural born

That's a fact he admits himself.

Fact remains that if they Nominate Rubio, whole factions of republicans will stay home over the eligibility issue and another set will stay home because of his association with the bush family and jeb bush in particular. And a third set will stay home because of his views on warmongering views and voting history. Regardless, he is NOT eligible even if you want to ignore that fact.

Let me give you a clue. Romney couldn't bring everyone together. McCain couldn't rally everyone behind him. And if nominated Rubio will give the dems another 4 years because the repubs will not rally behind him. For a republican to get elected everyone will have to show up.

Please Read Following Article Before Commenting

I just want everyone to have the facts of the argument before agreeing or disagreeing with anyone. Get us all on the same page.


“The citizenship of no man

“The citizenship of no man could be previous to the declaration of independence, and, as a natural right, belongs to none but those who have been born of citizens since the 4th of July, 1776.”

- Dave Ramsay

“SECTION1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That any alien, being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof, on application to any common law court of record, in any one of the states wherein he shall have resided for the term of one year at least, and making proof to the satisfaction of such court, that he is a person of good character, and taking the oath or affirmation prescribed by law, to support the constitution of the United States, which oath or affirmation such court shall administer; and the clerk of such court shall record such application, and the proceedings thereon; and thereupon such person shall be considered as a citizen of the United States. And the children of such persons so naturalized, dwelling within the United States, being under the age of twenty-one years at the time of such naturalization, shall also be considered as citizens of the United States. And the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens: Provided, That the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States … APPROVED, March 26, 1790.” 7

Davy Crockett not eligible for president.

Davy Crockett was not born in the United States of America and his father was not born in the United States but in Ireland. So even if Davy Crockett father had become a citizen, which no proof exists, this great America would not qualify to become president if he had decided to do so instead of going off and fighting at the Alamo.

Please Stop your misinformation

Davy Crockett was born in Tennessee. He was born 1 year before the signing of the Constitution. I don't give a flying flip where his parents were born. His father fought in the revolutionary war.

Davy Crockett was a citizen at the time of the signing of the constitution and thus he, along with every other citizen at that time, were Grandfathered into eligibility by the constitution provision itself. READ IT for crying out loud!

I've written this like 3 times at least in this thread. Soon you'll get it I hope

Neither was Hamilton

And he had quite a few wealthy folks wanting him to run.

On the subject of Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton, born on an island in the British West Indies to parents who were not American citizens, was not a “natural born” citizen.

HOWEVER!!! He was eligible because he was a "citizen" at the time of the signing of the constitution. He too was grandfathered in under the patriotism of fighting against the British.

Hamilton was never president because some people didn't like his politics. He was a bit dangerous in my opinion. He would have taken this country in a completely different direction.

Some just didn't like him...heh,heh

Didn't Thomas Jefferson's former VP (god bless him :) shoot Hamilton dead after challenging him to a duel? Now that's what I call a kick-a$$ VP!


Aaron Burr shot Hamilton.


Signed the Constitution, but by the definition of natural born citizen he couldn't become president? Don't believe it.
The right of becoming a citizen was one of the biggest grievances of the Declaration of Independence.
These men were not born in the colonies and all signed the Declaration of Independence.
Gwinnett, Button born Down Hatherley, England
Morris, Robert born Liverpool, England
Smith, James born Northern Ireland
Taylor, George born Ireland
Thornton, Matthew born New Hampshire Ireland
Wilson, James born Carskerdo, Scotland
Witherspoon, John born Gifford, Scotland

Whoever became a citizen at

Whoever became a citizen at the time of adoption was grandfathered into the constitution as eligible for the presidency.

No one was a citizen of the US until 1776. Prior to then we were "subject" of the british crown. No one at the time of adoptions of the constitution who was a 'natural born citizen' had attained the age of 35. thus, they had a grandfather clause which stated that those who were citizens at the time of adoption could be president.

Its pretty clear how it works.

Thank you for that!

You're absolutely correct.


Why am I being voted down, just stating a fact. Davy Crocket was not born in the United States.

Stop commenting

get your facts straight! David Crockett was born in the State of Tennessee, state of Franklin at the time, and even his father was born on the way to America. SO you are wrong in every way.

Wasn't under U.S. jurisdiction.

Franklin operated as a de facto independent republic.