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Why Hispanics in large numbers will never vote Republican, and it's not the immigration issue - They are BIG government

This is an excellent peice from Heather McDonald and how voting patterns hare showing Hispanics are voting because Democrats are Big Goverment, it's not about amnesty or open borders. Allowing in illegals is suicide to small Goverment Americans.

Why Hispanics Don’t Vote for Republicans
By Heather Mac Donald
November 7, 2012 12:20 P.M. Comments171
The call for Republicans to discard their opposition to immigration amnesty will grow deafening in the wake of President Obama’s victory. Hispanics supported Obama by a margin of nearly 75 percent to 25 percent, and may have provided important margins in some swing states. If only Republicans relented on their Neanderthal views regarding the immigration rule of law, the message will run, they would release the inner Republican waiting to emerge in the Hispanic population.  

If Republicans want to change their stance on immigration, they should do so on the merits, not out of a belief that only immigration policy stands between them and a Republican Hispanic majority. It is not immigration policy that creates the strong bond between Hispanics and the Democratic party, but the core Democratic principles of a more generous safety net, strong government intervention in the economy, and progressive taxation. Hispanics will prove to be even more decisive in the victory of Governor Jerry Brown’s Proposition 30, which raised upper-income taxes and the sales tax, than in the Obama election. 

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Maybe they realize that just

Maybe they realize that just because a candidate calls himself Republican, doesn't mean he is for small government either?

Personally, most of the Cubans, Central Americans, and even a couple Argy's and Ecuadorians I know all are for limited government, having come from socialist countries with dictators and rampant inflation. However, like many of us, most of them feel like no such candidate exists in this country.

I think the percentages can be explained away by the media's "us vs. them" build up along with the propogation of the idea of "race." That coupled with the lies that they will be deported if a Republican is elected are the main issues.

I agree with the sentiment,

I agree with the sentiment, but not the title. A majority of Latinos could possibly be convinced to vote for Liberty, but it is not likely. Nevertheless, we should try to bring as many of them in as possible, along with Blacks and Whites, and Asians.

I think at this point, it's

I think at this point, it's largely cultural branding that is the reason why almost all minority groups vote Democrat. Republicans are branded as the party of old white Christian men, and the Democrats are the party of the young, minorities, and women. Almost every single racial, ethnic, and religious minority, from blacks to Hispanics, Asians to Native Americans, Jews to Muslims to atheists, vote predominately Democrat. There are very large cultural, economic, and educational differences among those groups. And then we're seeing young people and women trend Democrat. As a college student, I feel like most people my age who vote Democrat don't really have much knowledge of the issues, or could intelligently articulate why Democrats are better than Republicans (to be fair, this is also true for a lot of Republicans, but there aren't as many Republicans as Democrats in my age group, especially in California). They just know that Obama (and Democrats in general) is cool and hip and Republicans are old and lame, and that they're supposed to be Democrats since they're young. And you could make a similar analysis regarding blocks (Christians, whites, old people, etc) that vote Republican. I don't think most people in this country have a deep political philosophy that they've really thought about

Depends where your from

If your from Cali, or New York, that's what you think, if your from Kansas or Texas you don't

Can you expand on what you

Can you expand on what you mean by that? While the percentages differ from state to state, within each state, those trends all hold.

Media misrepresentation on racism.

The real problem is how the media portrays the Republican party. Republicans are portrayed as racist, hateful, etc. Many people shape their point of view through television. CNN has pushed the "racist" stereotype even on Dr. Paul. This becomes very visceral. People become suspicious, distant, angry, and it becomes a vicious circle.

If media was fair I think Hispanics would be 65% Republican 35% Democrat. Hispanics are generally for family values, against abortion, and Really FED-UP with the corrupt/big governments/ of Latin America. There is a great admiration for the efficiency in the States and generally efficiency is not a Democratic trait.

However, we humans are very visceral and the racist propaganda pushed by the media towards Republicans had taken its toll. This propaganda is very obnoxious and liberal media abroad - Latin America, Europe - is also part of the problem. Everyone in the international media is for Obama.

Here's a dose of irony for you...

the 20 million who Reagan let in under his amnesty program probably had a lot to do with Romney's loss. In trying to buy votes, the Republicans could use a good lesson from the Democrats -- Just use cash!

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche

If only Hispanics voted

If only Hispanics voted Republican then everything would be fine. It's not like we had any problem with spending, debt, the Fed, wars, spying, constitutional violations, etc when Bush was in the White House and Republicans controlled congress. And we all know Romney was going to really reign in the beast if only Hispanics gave him a chance

Ha ha I love it

Great point


good stuff

What is it?

Is it the number of people in the country?

What would you do if we could somehow close the borders perfectly, but our population naturally swelled to the number of people in our borders today? No illegals, all Americans ... what would you do??

Relax and be relieved by the fact that the number of people in our borders (illegal, or otherwise) is not a problem. What is a problem is that the govt is too big and takes too much from the people to support the bloated govt.

If govt was smaller, and people kept more of their money. Add to that a sound currency, then the # of people within the border is not an issue.

Money from the people moves to goods and services that provide value. Jobs in those sectors of the economy increase in response, and a balance is maintained in a free economy.

The # of people is not the issue.

The monkey-wrench in the system is a bloated govt that takes too many resources from the people, thus causing strain on the economy.

Tightening of the economy causes people to question why we cant have less people for the available jobs. Thus immigrants erroneously get focused when the real problem is the behemoth of a govt.

The smaller govt message should resonate with Latino voters if we all agree what is the true problem. Big Govt

Um....problem is

that they don't believe in limited Goverment, the exit polls say thy voted for Obama because they want government.

I guess you didn't actually read the info in the post.

The National Review are a bunch of idiots!

Here they go again putting people into groups. No National Review it's Ron Paul Republicans. Ron Paul brings so many different types of people together it's beyond incredible. That's the remedy, Ron Paul Republicans. Ron Paul! Ron Paul!

Stop yelling for a minute and think.

Ron Paul brought a lot of different people together, but, they were only a small sample of the population. Also, a lot of people that like Ron Paul don't know what kind of policies he would implement as president. If they paid attention to his economic views more than his personal appeal of honesty and integrity they wouldn't like him so much. Most all the white students I go to college with love Ron Paul, but, most of them love government aid too. It's not Hispanics per se, it's first, second, and third generation immigrants of any ethnicity that immigrated from impoverished countries. It was the same way with the Italians, Polish, and Slavs in America back in the 30s. They supported the party of government because they felt the Democrats cared more about poor people.

You are right, my great

You are right, my great grandfather immigrated from Czechoslovakia (then Austria-Hungary) with his wife and he was a Democrat because the party supported Unions and workers rights. Though my opinions that Unions are so corrupt today they out lived their purpose and now are all about themselves.

My immigrant G/GG-parents as well

From Bohemia/Moravia and Germany - they supported Democrats
and/or Progressive movement.

I think unions still have a propose, but they need to be rebuilt
pretty much from scratch, not unlike the GOP...

don't be closed minded

its a paper published in the national review, it was not written by the National Review

It's not race, it's culture.

It's not race, it's culture. Hispanic culture tends to favor entitlements and socialism. That is why southern European countries are so entitlement driven, same with Latin America.

Disagree...My Experience

...may be different than yours; however, Hispanics I was around in California were perhaps low wage, but very hard workers and family oriented. Most sent money back to their families in Mexico. They were grateful to have work.

A few years back I had an experience with maquiadoras (lol have forgotten how to spell it) that my company opened across the border for packaging. I didn't approve of the company doing it; however, I visited one of those operations. People left their shacks with dirt floors and were thrilled to work for the American company. They put on their best clothes, had pride in their work, were happy and very hard working.

The Hispanic Small Business Organization was growing and they were active in the communities and wanted the same fair chance for small business than most people want. Most were legal and did not approve of open borders as they felt everyone should have to go through the process they went through. Much of their work as an organization was in building bridges.

Problems ... sure, but I hesitate to make sweeping statements.


California is overrun

with Hispanics using the system.

Most of LA's hospitals are closing or closed.

You can still be hard working and still vote for big Goverment, no one is saying anyone is not a
hard worker, family orientated, Pro Life, you can be all of those, but in order to Live in California as a regular high income citizen it takes money. So if you are getting free food stamps, education, medical any all other California socialist type programs you are bankrupting the state and country. Thats how it's possible to send that money back to Mexico.

We cannot afford more illegals and that's what happens when you give amnesty.

In Texas the Dream act is causing Mexican nationals to drop their children over the border at the rate of a 1000 a day.

It's just nuts, it's not about their damn race, it's their damn poorness, that we can't afford.

And You Are Correct

I am totally against open borders and amnesty; however, we have a growing population of legal Hispanics. I am really talking about them. Many of the blue collar workers are legal. And those hiring regulations should be enforced.

I had some encounters with Hispanic small business associations. They are against illegals and border babies. Many were against the Dream Act. They did not want the problems with illegals to impact them...their being accepted .. equal opportunities for their kids.


Oh Fonta I agree with you

on third generation or more Americans of Hispanic decent.

We can get those and are, but it's so small in comparison to the uneducated masses voted for socialist Obama.

Your experiences don't really refute

the facts. The facts are Hispanics have voted overwhelmingly for big gumbent Obama twice. Being hard-working doesn't mean one isn't going to support big government welfareism. I'm sure most of those blue collar workers that voted straight ticket Democrat in Ohio and Pennsylvania Tuesday are very hard-working and family-oriented. They just believe government should be big and strong and protect their advantages.

I Am Aware That

...the exit polls showed that blacks and hispanics voted overwhelmingly for O'Bama so you are absolutely correct.

However I think we have a greater chance to make inroads with the small business leadership of hispanics (mostly lower middle class) and they have influence with others.

They can be awakened to the same realities that all small business owners are aware of. The liberty message can resonate with them. Ron Paul made some inroads on college campuses to Hispanics concerned about student loans. We have to look at the factions of all factions given the demographics now and projected for the US. That is a reality.

I am not disagreeing with you only trying to see possible inroads and many of the growing number of Hispanic small business owners are leaders in their Hispanic communities and many were blue collar workers. They seek cultural exchanges, understanding and opportunities for more to achieve what they have achieved. They try to open job opportunities and educational opportunities for young Hispanics. They talk to the schools. And, most importantly the demographic is here and we have to work with it.


Yes that's true

but the predominate race coming from Mexico is Hispanic, they are voting big Goverment, it's not white Canadians

Hispanic is not a race

Hispanic is not a race

First off, what is a Cenus?

First off, what is a Cenus? Second off, from your own link: "Hispanic origin is considered separately from race in the Census—and Hispanics may identify with any race"

Hispanic just means your ancestry comes from a Spanish-speaking country at some point. That doesn't say anything about your racial ancestry. Mexicans are mostly mestizos; mixed Amerindian and Spanish, with some predominately native, others predominately Spanish. Cuban-Americans are mostly white, with a little black and indigenous admixture (Blacks form a larger portion of the population still in Cuba). Argentines and Uruguyans are also mostly white (though there aren't that many in the US). Dominicans are mostly mixed black and white, with a little indigenous. Puerto Ricans are majority Spanish, with significant black and indigenous admixture. All of these groups, however, are considered Hispanic

Terrific --

here on a forum dedicated to liberty and the uniqueness of each and every individual, we have another xenophobe spouting the same old tired line that "genetics is destiny."

Instead of declaring that Hispanics are enemies of liberty, we should be trying to show them (and everyone for that matter) how liberty is of benefit to any honest person, regardless of race, creed, or even individual abilities.

There is nothing xenophobic about that article.

We have a serious problem in this movement if we can't recognize that we have a lot of work to do and an incredibly steep climb in bringing Hispanics into Constitutional libertarianism. Cubans don't vote Republican and Mexicans Democrat (the majority that is of both) because Republicans are accepting of Cubans but not of Mexicans. The fact is most Cubans are more fiscally conservative than most Mexicans. However, there are a LOT more Mexicans in the U.S. than Cubans. It's not that we don't like Mexicans or vice-versa. It's that most of them don't like our message.