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Sandy & 9/11 first responder changes his vote after the Third Party Debates

After viewing the first third party debate, many devout Ron Paul supporters changed their mind about how they would fill out their ballots this year, and a guy from the FDNY, a first responder to 9/11, is now convinced voting for president of the United States was better served going with a third party candidate.

How did this happen to a guy who chanted "President Paul"? Chris Noya spent countless hours studying, money supporting, time volunteering, even traveling to meet the Texas representative in Tampa.

Come with me and peek into date-stamped correspondence Chris and I shared this past month, and watch the transformation happen and his reasoning for this nearly unbelievable decision.

Oct 3, 2012

I took the trip down to Tampa to see Ron Paul...and it was great! Luck seems...Read more:

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