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How Karl Rove blew 300 million bucks

WASHINGTON -- No one lost as much on election night as Karl Rove.

Although he wasn't running for office, his Crossroads organizations spent more than $300 million on Republican candidates in the 2012 election, with some of the biggest spenders in the conservative movement putting their hopes -- and dollars -- in the care of Rove. Combined, his groups were the largest single outside force of the 2012 election.

The results were bleak. According to the Sunlight Foundation, American Crossroads, Rove's super PAC, saw just a 1 percent return on its investments. Crossroads GPS, the political nonprofit arm, saw a 14 percent return.

Rove remained in denial about GOP misfortunes on election night. Even after the networks had called Ohio for President Barack Obama, Rove continued to insist on Fox News that Republicans could win the state.


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Rove is a gigantic loser.

But not the biggest loser. The biggest LOSER is Bebe Nut-n-yahoo. Bibi came out very strongly for Rmoney. Bibi and his zionist psychopathic blood thirsty associates bet their whole hand on Rmoney and they were counting on Rove to deliver. obummer knows this.

I gurantee obummer is going to stick it to Nut-n-yahoo. And, nut-n-yahoo is in a helluva bad spot, he must now back off on Iran and look weak or do it alone and that is suicide. Nutty-yahoo is the biggest loser.

My prediction: obummer will resolve the Iran situation and not to Israel's favor. And obummer will start favoring the plight of the Palestinian's. It is a new ballgame. Watch and see.

Blowback for Bibi.

Is there any way to look at their finances?

I wonder ... how much of that $300M did not go for "real" campaign purposes? Is there a financial breakdown of the numbers?

For example, and I'm just making these numbers up for sake of illustration, but what if the numbers were something like this:

$300,000,000 Donations
- $100,000,000 Campaign Advertising
- $10,000,000 Karl Rove Consulting, Inc.
- $2,000,000 Jesse Benton Consulting, Inc.
- $2,000,000 Bill O'Reilly Consulting, Inc.
- $2,000,000 Sean Scamity Consulting, Inc.

You get the idea. How much of that $300M went to "general services, adminisration, consulting, etc.?"

I don't know the answer and I don't know if those numbers are public.

Might be interesting to see who benefits other than TV stations (which probably donate, as well).

Well he is the "Architect"

a.k.a Turd Blossom...literally that was Bush's nickname for him. "Turd Blossom" What does that mean? That he can take crap and make it look good? He has said he "control's reality".

"I am Troll fighter, number one"