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My Son the Communist

"My stepson is 16. He posted on his FB that he is now a communist. He is just doing it because he knows it pisses me off. I acted like I didn't care and posted the following (below). Then I changed his password. He had no idea I knew his password. It is still there for all his friends to see. He is really pissed off. I took the door off his bedroom. He has no privacy now.

I took all his video games and stuff and set them up in the sun room for his 8 year old sister to use. Instead of giving him his weekly allowance, I split it up between him and his sisters. Then I took him down to Lucky's supermarket and made him apply for a job. They hired him the next day. But I told him he has to bring home his paycheck every Thursday so I can split it up amongst everybody. He is not very happy. His mother is backing me up 100%. His work load is almost unbearable for a 16 year old.

com·mu·nism (kmy-nzm) - NOUN: A theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members.

... Garrett, since you into communism-I will support you. To keep things at home in the spirit of things, all of your possessions are now shared with your sisters. You will now have to share in the workload of chores at home. All of them.

Since your mother and I are Capitalists we are exempt. Since you are the only communist at home, you get to do ALL the chores."


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Shocking Idea.

You don't spread the message of freedom with tyranny.

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."

Where do you know that communists live and have to share THEIR

possessions with everyone - but local capitalists don't? Where the capitalists get to share in the benefit of common ownership - while not having to give up their things?

And where do you know of that communists have to do all the chores - working to exhausion - while capitalist sit around and do nothing?

Maybe communism is bad and capitalism is good - but that's not what you are teaching him. You are teaching him "I will twist the rules and use coercion to force you into my set of beliefs, and I will be one mean step-dad until you play the game the way I want you to."

Almost no communist wants to live like a communist

They want to goods that capitalism supplies but don't want to work for them they want to be in charge and just take them for themselves

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Comon.. That ain't right

You're taking it too far man..

I mean, how would you feel if your son forced you to go and kill your muslim neighbour because you suspected he was a terrorist just because you voted for Obama for example.

If there is anything we've learned from Ron Paul or Americans policies for example is that forcing people will only give you blowback.

Which means, if you keep this up, your son might become more of a communist.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, by having this behaviour you yourself are being a communist, instead of a capitalism/libertarian you claim you are.

Or if you decide to continue down this path..

Furthermore, if you want your reasoning to make any sense whatsoever, you also need to do the following;

- Remove all the doors in the house, including his sister and your own
- You split your income with him as well
- All other stuff you imposed on him applies to you too

That's communism, EVERYBODY shares with EVERYBODY. Not an individual sharing with everybody.

If not, I think you've mistakenly used fascism on your son instead of communism.

Good point!

This guy is not showing his kid what communism is about at all - he is simply showing himself to be a fascist.

Maybe its good to know how to behave around fascists for the future. If so his step-son will be prepared.

I think this guy as some anger or competiton issues with his step-son and he is using this as an excuse to be unreasonably unfair and harsh to him.


Will give the guy the benefit of doubt as he is a passionate Ron Paul supporter but sometimes you need to look in the mirror and accept that you have made a mistake.

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."

Good for Dad!

My Priest (Vietnamese) escaped from the Communists right before they were coming to forcibly draft him. Communism is evil- and educating you're children on that should be a priority. If this man's son wants to embrace something that has shown to be antagonistic to good, than he has a perfect right to "spread the burden" by showing an imitation- albeit far inferior- of a Communist system.

"The Yankee is compelled to toil to make the world go around."
-Admiral Raphael Semmes, CSN


a little severe. What happened to freedom of beliefs/ideas even if we don't agree with them?

He is setting an example

Under communism you don't have freedom of beliefs- you belong t the state
He is showing him what it would be like
The step son can't have the benefits of a free society when it suits him and be a red the rest of the time

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the government do this to its citizens to "educate" them? Don't think this was warranted at all....seems more like someone of authority practicing to be a dictator.

Last I checked we didn't live under communism - that's what allows this boy to have his own views....just like you. Freedom of beliefs is part of liberty.

Pretty sure if someone did this to me when i was younger i would have revolted even more...and if i couldn't do it openly...sure as hell would be happening internally. All this person is doing is pushing this kid further towards the wrong side.

If he is gonna talk the talk he has to walk the walk.


It's a mankind heart issue...work with it

rather than against it...free market does that best.

The Folly Of Marx: Greed, Lust, And Envy

The Soviet Union and Communist China failed miserably economically under much of his (Karl Marx) teaching. For the greater part of the 20th century, both nations were deceived into thinking that this was the answer for the world’s poverty and injustices. With both having now realized the error and having adopted capitalism as a basis for their economies, it’s evident more than ever that Marx was not right in his larger assertions. Even Vietnam has a booming capitalist economy, after the many years of attempting to demonstrate that forced Marxism was the hope for Southeast Asia.

Those nations that have made the conversion have done as well as could be expected, while others like Cuba and North Korea have maintained their status quo. In their continued contempt for free market enterprise, both are starving their people because of the stubbornness of their leadership. If this wasn’t enough to make you shake your head, we now have Venezuela making a useless attempt to drive the calendar backward one more time, in an attempt to once again demonstrate that the others didn’t do it right.

This flies firmly into the face of modern day progressives who are still telling themselves that Lenin, Mao, Castro, and the rest of the Communist goons, all had the right idea but just went about it wrong. They think that Obama’s model of socialism will do better than those that have failed before him. They are just arrogant enough to think they have more answers than those who spent their lives trying to implement utopia on the earth many years ago, when life was so much simpler and wants were far fewer.

In all of the modern day progressive thought patterns and the variables they dream up to make their way better, they fail to take into account the one constant that cannot be removed. Greed.


The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Regardless of what some of the morons said below

You are doing the right thing. Funny how you can tell the idiot children here by their posts. "Your to harsh", "What would you do if he wanted to be a mercenary?", "Your a bad example."

Bunch of idiot punk kids.

Well Looks to Me

Like the "mature adult" that you think you are is the only one calling people "morons, idiots, children, punks" and can't spell "you're" or "too" correctly.


Maybe another lesson source..

I had sent this post to a few uncles who were in WWII and Korea. This is the response from one of them.

"Great way of getting the point across !!

If this kid really wants to understand Communism , he needs to spend some time talking to people who have suffered thru it - not with Liberal "educators" who have never experienced it !!"

I love my uncles. All of them had spent time in WWII. Out of the seven who served, one died at Iwo Jima.

With Veterans Day tomorrow, I'm thanking them all for their service.

Have a blessed day!

The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
And those who have not heard shall understand.

The kid will be OK, he just

The kid will be OK, he just temporary lost some video games, is not like he lost his family in some drone bombing, waking up in the hospitals without legs.

My mom was 6 years old when the Communist backed up by the Army came at her grandparents door (her parents where dead). She lived in a little village where everybody knew everybody, something like 200-300 homes. The biggest losers, uneducated, drunks and lazy people from the area become overnight the new ruling elite in the area. The went to every house (except their own, their friends and relatives) and took EVERYTHING, food, furniture, money, jewelery, animals, tools, EVERYTHING.
Land , businesses, homes and buildings nationalized overnight, everything become the property of the state.

Every man with a good life style , being educated or opposing the Communist Party was called “bourgeois”, beaten seriously, sent to forced labor camp, imprisoned or killed, any kind of opossition was not tolerated.

My mother grandparents where hard working people and they where middle class, in one day from having a good life they went to having to sweep the floor to gather some flour, they didn't even had a bed left in the house. They also managed to hide some animals in the forest and they had that, in few hours their life changed forever.

Other people where more unlucky, they got killed and if they had beautiful homes they where kicked out so the member of the Communist Party could move in.

So my mom grew up just fine, working hard all her life, so I'm pretty sure this kid is not completely destroyed by losing his Facebook account.


I would hate to see what you would do if the kid had posted that he was gonna be a mercenary soldier for the UN. Maybe you should get more involved with what he is learning at "school". They are heavy into teaching socialism these days. Don't attack the symptom, attack the cause.




Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

I Would Be Careful

Kids are misguided sometimes. But do you want him resenting you for the rest of his life?

He deserves his privacy -- period.

Further, fooling with someone's online password is not a good way to develop a relationship. It's like imposing sanctions and engaging in cyberattacks. Sound familiar?

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

I can't belive this is up voted that much and

on the front page. You are equally a communist, and the fact that the people on the daily paul don't see that shocks me. You did not lead by example and you did not teach the Philosophy of Liberty to him at all. You can't teach freedom by using coercion. So what if some kid or some ignorant adult pissed you off. Your way of making your point is to do to them what you despise? So the way you teach the Philosophy of Liberty is to use fascist tactics? Explain to me how that works? So he is pissed, now what? Now you will beat him until he sees the light? This post is by a troll who doesn't understand the Philosophy of Liberty.

I personally would have handled it differently.

1. I wouldn't care if someone post something on Facebook just to piss me off. Who cares? It is just Facebook and it is stupid!
2. I would have done nothing in response to his post, it has no effect on my life and on anything at all.
3. I would have asked him to watch some videos and give me their objective opinion. Obviously those videos would have Ron Paul in it and explain a Free Society but the videos you choose based on the Philosophy of liberty is up to you.
4. I would not have put any punishment on him including violating his privacy by changing his passwords and leaving post up on his wall he doesn't want. Fine you house your rules I get it, once again lead by example. Don't react; embrace and educate.

You failed. You did to him exactly what you fight against and you used that to try to make your point. Coercion doesn't work.

Lead by example!

The kid is not an adult- he's

The kid is not an adult- he's just a kid. He's still living under his father's roof. If he wants to live his own life he should move out.

"The Yankee is compelled to toil to make the world go around."
-Admiral Raphael Semmes, CSN

What I found most interesting was the response from communists

They did not think that THAT was communism. One pointed out "the distinction between personal and private property". Yeah, I am scratching my head on that one too. Still another pointed out that the personal stuff the boy owned is not subject to communal division. Then another pointed out that the communist ideal needs others to join in, thus the whole family would need to be dividing things 1/5. The parents would need to give 1/5 of their pay checks and the boy would take 1/5 communal ownership in the assets (and liabilities?) of the house. And another pointed out that since the boy did not have a job at the time, forcing a job is wrong.

My libertarian friends, believe it or not, these politically ideological people are your 'cousins'. They are your cousins in this sense. In biology it can be said that man is born with certain 'gifts', or traits, or biases. By the 8th grade, these biases show up strongly. You may see a math bias, a musical bias, and so forth. We may not even be IQ gifted, just "passionately obsessed". That passion and obsession can take you far, in math, in music, in mechanics, and in any endeavor. In our case, we all are "politically obsessed". We read with great interest "1984", "Brave New World", and "WE". We saw the political angle in Star Wars, Battle Star Galactica, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and dozens of games. We read and read. We were concerned with "the big picture" and "the plight of Mankind".

That was 8th grade thru college. And somewhere along that political obsession, you reasoned your way towards the two bright lights you saw far far in the distance. For you and me, that bright light that we reasoned towards was the ideal of Liberty for All. But not for all of us. For the rest of us they reasoned towards the ideal of Equality of All. That is, for all of us select few politically concerned and impassioned people, we took a road and found a fork in that road. For many of us, we did not even SEE that fork in the road, so blinded by the goal of Liberty or Equality that we did not see the other star ahead. So what has happened is our ideological cousins have traveled far far far down the shining path to Equality and have found at the end Communism. Meanwhile, you and I have followed the light to the bright star of Liberty and found libertarianism.

The interesting thing is, neither group likes the other. Like some classical musicians who love Mozart vs some jazz musicians who love John Coltrane, the two seem irreconcilable. So as musicians we play to the UNMUSICAL masses, and piss away valuable time trying to get fans and converts and increase our musical views popularity. But it is a wasted cause. The masses are ignorant of music and have the attention span of a 3 minute song. We on the other hand, can play on for hours, days, weeks even. We are obsessed.

That is how it is between libertarians/anarchist and communists/socialist. We are like those two musical groups. Rarely ever does one "cross over" and "become" the other. Such conversions are "historical" and "legendary". Karl Hess converted over to liberty after diving deep into communist thought. They have their liberty converts too, but we've drawn a line through their name and burnt the paper-yes, we do not have a clue who they are. This just makes us "think" they don't exist, but they do exist.

So, communists are our political-intellectual cousins? Yes. They are FAMILY. Just as Jazz musicians and Classical musicians are Family. They both are musically obsessed. We both are politically obsessed. Yet, we don't talk. And that is highly ironic because THAT IS ALL WE WANT TO DO. We can do it for hours, days, weeks, months even. We are obsessed.

So what do we have to say to our intellectual cousins then? We have this to say.

"If you walk through the door of Liberty first, you will soon find a world of Equality. If you walk through the door of Equality first, you will soon find a world of tyranny." -- (Treg D. Loyden)

What I mean by this, if its not already obvious, is that MASSIVE LIBERTY BEGETS MASSIVE EQUALITY. To achieve a relatively fair and equal world for Mankind, one has to seek liberty for Mankind. If you seek a fair and equal world for Mankind and sacrifice liberty for equality, you'll get nothing but tyranny.

This is what we have to teach our communist cousins. We MUST NOT tell them that the pursuit of human equality is WRONG. It is not wrong at all. We must NOT teach them that massive equality is not fair. It is fair, if fairly attained. And the WAY to attain that fair and equal society is by pursuing a society with massive amounts of Liberty. The more Liberty, the more fair and equal society will become.

Now, this means you and I will have to really know our history. For while we may know our economics, they know their history. It is their understanding of history that leads them to "know" that more Liberty gets LESS fairness & equality. SO, they WANT fairness in society and that fairness to them is all wrapped up in what is EQUAL. You will not change their bright star of Equality. But what you can do is give them what is called, "revisionist history".

Specifically, you must give our politically passionate cousins "libertarian revisionist history". Tom Woods and Tom De Lorenzo are two of our best. But we have others who have written and published important understandings in the Journal of Libertarian Studies, CATO books, Lassie Faire Books, and so on. What libertarian revisionist history does is this. It takes the economic (and soon biological) understanding that we have, and looks back at the facts of history to then re-understand those events. Murray Rothbard's "Great Depression" is just one of many books and essays you'll need to know.

ANd you will need to know this, when talking with your ideological cousins.

So, study libertarianism, and meet your family members. Heck, invite them over for thanks giving once a year and send them a gift on christmas. That is what we do with family members after all.

(Oh, in case you still don't know WHY you should be talking to these errant "political cousins" of ours, it is this. One idealogical convert is equal too one new libertarian. Sounds great right? But do you know your libertarian worth? In people that is? Your worth is equal too the following: (libertarians love graphs so here you go)

1 Daily Paul recently awakened libertarian = 10,000 people
1 LP card carrying 'foaming at the mouth' LIBERTARIAN = 100 people
1 red stained shoe R3VOLution libertarian = 50,000 people
1 Website "small l" libertarian blogger = 70,000 people
1 YouTube video making "small l" libertarian = 100,000 people
1 Published liberty book author = 150,000 people
1 Multiple liberty book author = 500,000 people
1 Major liberty ideologue book author = 14,500,000 people
1 Major liberty ideologue lasting over 10 years = 50,000,000 people
1 Major liberty ideologue lasting over 40 years = A MASS MOVEMENT
(Think Ayn Rand, Ron Paul, Milton Friedman)

Now the same above is true on our ideological cousins, the communist on the other side of the divide. Each one of them is VERY valuable. Very VERY valuable indeed. Here is another way to look at it. Drop the zeros above and put in cents. Think of what we would lose, should they "convert" a liberty lover into an "equality lover" who "saw the light" and began to champion communism (hey, it happens). Here is what we would lose in terms of money:

1 Daily Paul recently awakened libertarian = 10 cents
1 LP card carrying 'foaming at the mouth' LIBERTARIAN = 1 cent
1 red stained shoe R3VOLution libertarian = 50 cents
1 Website "small l" libertarian blogger = 70 cents
1 YouTube video making "small l" libertarian = 1.00 dollar
1 Published liberty book author = $1.50
1 Multiple liberty book author = $5.00
1 Major liberty ideologue book author = $1,450
1 Major liberty ideologue lasting over 10 years = $5,000
1 Major liberty ideologue lasting over 40 years = Sold for Life
(Think Ayn Rand, Ron Paul, Milton Friedman)

* Notice -- "foaming at the mouth" libertarians or communists are not valuable to the cause. They TURN PEOPLE OFF. So look in the mirror once in a while and be sure there is no white cream at the corners of your lips. A good thing to do is put a mirror next to your computer monitor so that when you are "chatting" and "replying", it is truly just a "chat" and a "reply". Keep it down, stay cool, and recall this is a very long LIFE LONG battle, no victories come "just like that". The "Ah ha" moment does come "just like that", "Oh I see how raising the min wage can increase unemployment"....yet that "ah ha" moment will then be followed by months and years of "but, but, but". That is just how the human mind works. It take TIME to integrate the new info into your total world view. Its tight in there, so it takes TIME. Ron Paul said the same speech for 40 years, keep that in mind.

So, why should you dialog with Communist/Socialist, and all the "equality and fairness" lovers out there and NOT YOUR ADVERAGE JOE?

Because they are valuable. Interms of money it takes....

10,000 Average Joes "getting it" to just 1 Equality Ideological cousin. See graph above.

But to get these ideological cousins, you MUST become familiar with their 10 year and 40 year ideologies. After all, it is they who have sold them, hook, line and sinker.

Knowing THOSE heavy weights through and through is YOUR JOB. Once you have done that work, you will be that rare thing in the libertarian world -- a Libertarian Hunter. A Socialist/Communist Killer. In reality you will be making converts, en mass.

One of the best libertarian writers who was truly a Libertarian Hunter was of course Ayn Rand. She went for the jugular, the Altruist floor on which they all stood. Another Libertarian Hunter was one of the best camouflaged in the history of liberty, Henry Hazlitt. In one amazing book, he took down Lord Keynes. Keynesians cannot read his book on the subject without turning the last page and saying, "I'm an austrian". That is a kill. That is a convert. This book can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Failure-New-Economics-Keynesian/dp...
His other book keeps on killing to this day, ECONOMICS IN ONE LESSON.

But as I said above, economics is not where our communist cousins will do real battle. Their battlefield is on the table of History. For this, YOU WILL HAVE TO PREPARE. Here are some good books to engage them with. http://lfb.org/product-categories/

Sharpen your skills by first engaging "the pawns" and then as you find victory, those pawns will pass you up to "some one you should chat with" and over to "someone you should read". Chat with them, read them, for these are their Castles and Knights. You must be able to get through and defeat these communist castles and knights with your razor sharp knowledge of revisionist history. Just free market economics will not cut it. When they bring up Child Labor in America, you MUST know the subject through and through, detail by amazing detail. You must ENLIGHTEN them on stuff they DID NOT KNOW.

To be victorious, and claim a knight or castle level communist is one thing, a great and wonderful thing. But still better is assault that we must make against their fortress walls, those built up by 10 and 40 year long Equality and Fairness ideologies that shape their whole movement. These are the pillars that must be toppled, and to do that we must have our top thinkers take them on directly. Many of theirs are dead, and many of ours are dead too. But our scholars and theirs are still alive, and this is what WE MUST DO... drag them out of their comfort zones, out of their offices in high towers, and bring them to a focused convention on.... Liberty & Equality ----- IT WILL BE A BASH -- libertarians vs communist --- pawn vs pawn --- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1SHxFAEjEk&feature=relmfu

But remember what you're really fighting is their lesson from history that teaches them that Freedom leads to InEquality and Tyranny- something we both are against. No, massive freedom leads to massive equality and justice, that is the lesson of history. And to the extent that we don't have massive freedom, is to the extent that an unnatural hierarchy and and unnatural inequality and unnatural injustice will occur. Here is Dr. Milton Friedman teach just this vary thing to Michael Harrington, a gawd among socialists at the time: Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOMI0ORGH44


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

I think this is great.

Sounds like there are a lot of recovering progressives in here, judging by the hate-posts. These are the types that think that the "Family Ties" sitcom teaches an actionable, reality-based parenting model.

Some of it does seem a little over the top but I still think it's great.

Perhaps in future parenting experiments the little Leninist might be given a choice:

1) communism, where his property is "redistributed" and his life "centrally planned"


2) laissez faire, where his property is restored and his individuality respected.

Now, if it were me and I chose communism, I would proceed to contact CPS and snitch out my parents like any good little Orwellian youth brigade would.

Why not make him really explain communism to you?

Reading is good in and of itself and communists write TONS of books. Tell him he can't be a communist unless he's read The Origin of the Family, Private Property and The State and then he's only scratching the surface. Communism is weird because a person can read themselves into and back out of it in a matter of months.
Besides, I hate to break it to you, but as a modern American, you are a communist too. You just don't see it because it's just the way things have always been.

This Is Awesome...

Thanks Anna, I LOL.

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



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Hopefully, this behavior will end quickly.

Film: My Son John (1952)

John Jefferson comes home from a trip overseas a strangely changed man. His already nervous wreck of a mother is distraught by the way he seems to be feigning feelings for her and his father that he no longer has. Plus, his odd refusal to accompany the family to church on Sunday not only disturbs her but their priest as well. He also seems to be making fun of and smirking at his father's jubilant expressions of patriotism. His poor mother cannot imagine what could have caused such a change in her favorite son, who used to be loving and church-going and now seems remote from both. He also gets strange calls and goes off to strange "meetings" with no explanation. He is also being watched by an FBI agent who comes to the home and greatly disturbs John's mother with his odd questions about him. Eventually the horrible truth comes out: John is a Communist spy!

Takes on to know one. :-)

Well, despite the paternal relationship, I was a communist before I became a libertarian. In fact, this was the order: Democrat, socialist, communist, libertarian. Communist theory is valuable in so much as it requires critical thinking relative to the current state of things. Despite the problems with implementing the theory, it questions power relationships. Guess what?Libertarianism also questions power relationships. Communism is the right attitude minus the economic fortitude. Don't beat the kid up by exerting power over. Challenge his ideas with sound economics! Good luck none the less!

ok lol this was a re-post.


A long way between saying one is a communist and being a communist.

Then there is the whole oppressor/oppressed meme. Expect a revolutions.

Free includes debt-free!

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Requiring work is good

Requiring teens to get a job is good, it is valuable information and skills to just to teach the value of a hard days work, self reliance, economic basics, exchanging value, enjoying a paycheck, etc.

It needn't be a lesson in liberty. Although you'd think it would help.

Our corrupt hybrid economy requires these skills. As does proper communism - each to his ability after all. A good Marxist would still be theoretically obliged to work hard and add value (at the point of a gun!!)

It's amazing to me that working isn't enough to convince people of voluntary capitalism.

(disclosure: I worked at a grocery store at 16. It was kind of fun. I'd do cash jobs in hindsight)

Currently consuming: Gatto: "Underground history of education..", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football