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My Son the Communist

"My stepson is 16. He posted on his FB that he is now a communist. He is just doing it because he knows it pisses me off. I acted like I didn't care and posted the following (below). Then I changed his password. He had no idea I knew his password. It is still there for all his friends to see. He is really pissed off. I took the door off his bedroom. He has no privacy now.

I took all his video games and stuff and set them up in the sun room for his 8 year old sister to use. Instead of giving him his weekly allowance, I split it up between him and his sisters. Then I took him down to Lucky's supermarket and made him apply for a job. They hired him the next day. But I told him he has to bring home his paycheck every Thursday so I can split it up amongst everybody. He is not very happy. His mother is backing me up 100%. His work load is almost unbearable for a 16 year old.

com·mu·nism (kmy-nzm) - NOUN: A theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members.

... Garrett, since you into communism-I will support you. To keep things at home in the spirit of things, all of your possessions are now shared with your sisters. You will now have to share in the workload of chores at home. All of them.

Since your mother and I are Capitalists we are exempt. Since you are the only communist at home, you get to do ALL the chores."


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I find this parents overall approach terrible BTW

In case you missed my earlier posts

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You sir, are an absolute

You sir, are an absolute scumbag.

This is an absolutely horrid example of parenting, an embarrassment really.

Maybe you missed Ron Pauls lesson on the Golden Rule eh? You would make a fine dictator!

"Lighthouses are more useful than churches."- Ben Franklin
"Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise."- James Madison

Do you even know what the Golden Rule is?

The rebellious kid said he was a communist. The stepmom was just giving him what he wanted.

The Golden Rule = doing unto others what you would have them do unto you

If I'm a communist, naturally, I would prefer living in a communist society to living in a capitalist society. If I'm living in a capitalist society, I would prefer someone help me get to a communist society. If I'm not a communist but, know someone who is and is trapped in a capitalist society, the Golden Rule states I should help them get there as fast as I can.

Kid said he was a communist. Fine!

Parent complies. The elite always complies with the communist. It's the way of the world if you're stupid enough to volunteer.

Free includes debt-free!

Not setting a very good example.

These parents are not setting a very good example. Saying they're capitalists and then enforcing all these communist restrictions on their son? That's just going to teach the son to hate capitalists. Capitalists allow freedom of choice, as long as that choice does not impinge on the freedom of any other.

The parents never should have used the son's FB profile to post the note, since that is an invasion of privacy. The note should have gone like this:

"Son, I hear you're into communism. Since your mother and I are capitalists, and we own your residence, we ultimately respect your decision to go about your business as long as it does not interfere with the productivity of the household. That is all."

Treating a political ideology as a thought-crime is something communists and fascists do, not capitalists. Way to give the kid the wrong impression.

Most sensable response thus

Most sensable response thus far. +1.

they are respecting his

they are respecting his wishes and giving him the communist utopia he so craves.

He's a kid.

He doesn't know what he "craves."

Short of beating this boy senseless, I don't think this man could have come up with more harsh penalties.

The story is most likely fictitious.

There's no way to verify its validity. Lots of people start urban legends on blogs to make a point. It makes a good point, but, I kind of doubt its validity.

This isn't my son

This is from another site. lol

“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till." -J.R.R. Tolkien

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Goodness say so!!!

I thought this terrible post was from a daily pauler!! Pretty important detail!! Please edit the OP!

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Ha Ha, you have stirred up a

Ha Ha, you have stirred up a good one! I think both Step-father and son need to report here ASAP in the morning LOL :) So we can get the full story of how everyone is feeling about now. Hee Hee

A fine example of communism at work.

Parents= "Party" managers
Son= "Worker" for the collective good producing goods and services to
be "equally" shared by all, especially those of "greater

The door removal is symbolic of equally shared living quarters. Read,'We The Living', by Ayn Rand. Her first novel regarding communism. It's common knowledge that she was born and raised at communist Russia but managed to escape to the U.S., to freedom, a few decades past when the U.S. wasn't the fascist-collectivist State that it is, now.

Hurrah!! Thank G-d

your son has a parent who loves him and cares. Most adults who have children (not the same as a parent) would laugh it off and think it was a faze.

Even after he cries uncle keep up your redistribution of his wealth for at least another 6 months. He has to learn that theft though coercion is wrong but as important he needs to learn that in these societies saying you have had enough doesn't mean squat. The hellish life imposed by the state is still forced upon you.

If a parent doesn't address this attitude an behavior it will almost always turn in to more than a faze.

Advocating force and coercion should be offensive to a intelligent person and open society. (Note-said offensive, not illegal, because a free society will have offensive people)

In America it is okay to have a t-shirt with che or mao on the front yet they are as evil as hitler. Why does hitler shirt offend so many when mao and che do not?
I really do not know the answer to this and it shocks me.


Liberty = Responsibility

Marx was never a Marxist or a Communist

My patience with Libertarianism is wearing thin.
You are sounding just like the Republicans and Democrats which you HATE so much.

First of all, Russia and China are not good examples of Communism, and neither is America a good example of Capitalism.

Marx was never a Marxist or a Communist, he was in fact through both his mother and father a descendant of two of the most radical and fanatical rabbis know to political Judaism.

When I go to parties, I like to be social. I walk around mingle and chat. When I do this, am I practising Socialism?

SOCIAL is a good. Thanks to 'The Powers that SHOULD NOT BE', the word 'Social' has now been tarred.
When i go to the 'Community Center' for a swim am i practising 'communism'?

I like the word Free and the word Trade... however the policy 'FREE TRADE' should be called 'Corporate Rape' instead.

The other day, i heard this from Lew Rockwell on the Alex Jones in regards to price gouging at the gas pump in New York in the wake of Hurricane Sandy ... "People are more than happy to pay higher prices at the gas pump" - WTF!!!!????

Small Government or no government...sounds great! Count me in.
However, we'll just have to re-organize ourselves against the organized predatory forces in our society.... GROW UP!

I'll ask again because not one of you answered this question previously?
Ludwig Von Mises and I think, Friedrich Hayek, were funded through out their careers by the Rockefellers.

and if you VOTE down this comment so much that it can't be seen...rather than give me a response... then YOU ARE NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME!

Things need to change... and it had better be GOOD change rather than some TRAP laid out by the 'The Powers that SHOULD NOT BE'.


my answer would be Fossil fuels.

but I am aware of the source of the Rockefellers wealth.
WHY do you think they supported or at least considered austrian economics?

About Mises and Hayek being funded by Rockefeller:

I have no idea who all funded them, but, I do know that if Rockefeller had "funded" Mises, he wouldn't have been teaching as an unpaid, "visiting professor" teaching in the basement of a tiny, insignificant school that few have ever even heard of.

However, if I were Rockefeller, I would be giving boatloads of funding to free market economists because free market economists are one of the few ideological checks on ambitious, power-hungry, opulist politicians who like to rabble rouse the poor and lower, middle class and capitslize on envy against successful rich people.

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In a time where i would need

In a time where i would need gas in order to heat my house for my family i would pay 10$! a gallon for gas. It's a state of emergency, people who work hard in life should not be forced to go through and suffer like everyone else because of price control.

First of all, Russia and China are not good examples of Communism, and neither is America a good example of Capitalism.

I think there is minor truth in your statement, i mean minor, like 1:100th of truth to this but you must be on some kind of drugs if you think that that statement is supposed to help your argument.

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect" - Mark Twain

My response: Please read.

No American Conservative or libertarian is against being social or communal as long as its voluntary socialization and communion. The keyword here is VOLUNTARY. No coercion by government or other groups or individuals. Socialist countries and socialist programs in this country like Medicare and Social Security are socializations through government coercion. I don't want any part of Social Security, Mediscare, and now Obamacare, but, I don't have any other choice. That's definitely not voluntary socialism, that's forced socialism, something that anyone who believes in freedom should vehemently and uncompromisingly oppose.

As far as price gouging goes...you have the opinion that most Americans, liberal and Conservative have of it. It's this idea that in a time of crises, greedy small business owners will jack the prices of goods up and unfairly take advantage of poor, suffering people. David Brown does a good job of clearing up WHY price gouging is not only a natural facet of liberty, but, actually saves lives. Please read.



Is all of this "for life?"

I think most kids in his age group do not know or are misled on where all of this leads in the end, or how bad things can actually get.

If this be the case, another thing to consider might be to search the web for communist attrocities pics. It always needs to be pointed out that this is typical of all totalitarian collectives.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

Should your son be working at 16 anyway?

I started when I was about 8 watching my mother's store. I always helped with the chores. I had to work and my paycheck had to go to help with food for the family when I was 15-1/2. I don't think there is much of a work ethic with young people anymore. I am not sure this is so much a lesson about Communism as it is about work ethic and sharing the load as well as the rewards of hard work. More of this lesson is needed for ALL of us. however, I do see the point you are trying to make, if he works hard and no one else does, why should the others get his reward. ??

I disagree with a lot of people posting on here that it is causing a divide, etc...

We all need to learn to be a more responsible nation... with freedom comes responsibility! Everyone in ALL families need to learn this, not just one person working hard and everyone else sitting on their butt make a family work, nor a nation.

I think you meant "shouldn't".


Ann in Florida

Yeah, I did.

Silly me!!

Hal the time I type and I swear I hit the keys. I look bac and haf of my lettrs r missing. ;0)

I cant blame him...

Im sitting in class right now getting spoon fed a bunch of bs about the 1%, how unions are great, obama is good, capitalism doesnt work, proletariats fighting the honest fight against the bourgeoise..... and everyone is lapping it up like puppies. He doesnt stand a chance .

WOW, seriously, you need to FIRE that teacher!

Start a protest. AND if your friends are talking this way, plant seeds and then find new friends.

If I was near your area I would help by starting up a petition to get em gone!

the only upswing is....

More and more students are beginning to use logic and questioning why no matter who is in power things are always the same. I think most of them are ready to have a epiphany.

reminds me of video

i saw of a guy on a rant named Felonious Munk... he said "how can i tell my daughter with a straight face that capitalism is better system than communism if we are borrowing all of our money from the biggest communism country on the planet" i thought he made a good point, i would take it easy on the young lad.

The answer to that is that we

The answer to that is that we are in no way a capitalist country.

End The Fed!
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I think there's probably a better way to educate your son about the failure of Communism without straining his relationship with you.

How do you ever expect to win him over to your side by stooping to such a childish level to prove a point?

I don't play, I commission the league.