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My Son the Communist

"My stepson is 16. He posted on his FB that he is now a communist. He is just doing it because he knows it pisses me off. I acted like I didn't care and posted the following (below). Then I changed his password. He had no idea I knew his password. It is still there for all his friends to see. He is really pissed off. I took the door off his bedroom. He has no privacy now.

I took all his video games and stuff and set them up in the sun room for his 8 year old sister to use. Instead of giving him his weekly allowance, I split it up between him and his sisters. Then I took him down to Lucky's supermarket and made him apply for a job. They hired him the next day. But I told him he has to bring home his paycheck every Thursday so I can split it up amongst everybody. He is not very happy. His mother is backing me up 100%. His work load is almost unbearable for a 16 year old.

com·mu·nism (kmy-nzm) - NOUN: A theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members.

... Garrett, since you into communism-I will support you. To keep things at home in the spirit of things, all of your possessions are now shared with your sisters. You will now have to share in the workload of chores at home. All of them.

Since your mother and I are Capitalists we are exempt. Since you are the only communist at home, you get to do ALL the chores."


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Big bear hugs!

I completely agree. Communism has a horrible record. Besides the kibbutz' I do not know where the silly system has ever worked without a tyrant to enforce it.

We do not really have the whole story. Maybe is it more of a fun experiment. Let's hope so. I would hate for libertarians to get a reputation of 'our way or no way'.

Good point about the family as a small commune. : )

The first time I heard about Kibbutz

was when Michele Bachmann used the term in one of the debates. I remember looking it up then, but didn't study it. I would imagine it is a voluntary program? That would probably make all the difference in the world...don't like the way Kibbutz works...there's the door...instead of nope you are chained to the system...you must stay here and work, work, work, till you die, and then we will replace you...no door knob on the inside of the door :)


Yeah, they're pretty cool.

Little agrarian communities. I visited one. You can enter only if you are younger than 40, leave when you want. You have a little home but everything is communal. If you don't want to work, you don't have to. Ostracism is the pressuring factor. You sign some contract to enter. I do not know how it read. They do have a revolving planning group. Everyone can participate. They had a big dairy, yogurt and milk processing factory, dates, and all sorts of animals. It was in the Negev desert. No government. I am not sure how the State of Israel works with them.


for the first hand info! Very interesting!


You are just reinforcing reality (ie you can't have your cake and eat it too). Bravo and thank you!

Objectivism, the philosophy of liberty.


Good for you

Now give him a a copy of The Bloody Red Streak by Trefor David to read.

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5

Let him explore

That sounds way too harsh for me. He shouldn't be punished for exploring different philosophies. Just because you don't agree doesn't mean he should be punished. He is young, let him rebel a bit and express himself. Otherwise you are stunting his intellectual growth.

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And how does one

"explore" something without actually experiencing it or having some kind of first-hand experience of it? If I sat down and looked through a National Geographic book would it then be honest for me to say that I explored the Amazon, simply because I looked at some pictures of it? If you truly want to explore something, participation in it is the best kind of exploration possible. She did not prevent him from exploring communism, she gave him some firsthand experience of it.

I don't see it as punishment

I see it as a real world example of communism. Brutal authority and privilege for a few and everyone else is rendered "equal". You nip this in the bud quickly before some entitled Marxist college professor gets a hold of him. I was a liberal when I was young until I started working for my stepfather in his rental property business and saw first hand how some, not all, of the poor were gaming the system to live a better life on the government dole than I was working 50 hours a week. Nothing changes your perspective like real world experience.

Thats some good parenting.

Thats some good parenting.

Nice job good way to teach

Nice job good way to teach some truth instead of just kicking his ass... Still his little commie buddies will tell him that is not real communism real communism is called true freedom by these mush heads now days...

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I'll call it neocon

I'll call it neocon parenting, because clearly, authoritarianism isn't what this parent hates about communism.

I think

the authoritarianism part of communism is what this parent is trying to teach her beloved step-son so he will understand what communism means in reality...she was acting like a communist leader to whom her son would have no choice in obeying or being yanked around by all in the name of collectivism for the good...which begs the question...for the good of whom?

Certainly his sisters, the other communist "leaders" got a good deal while worker bee communist, the step-son, did all the work for everyone's good...ah but he has been receiving free room and board his whole life so certainly he is indebted to the "system."

His step-mother was showing him exactly what communism is all about thru a "real-life play in which the family are all actors."

Do you think he gets the idea now about the truth of communism? I think so more than words could have ever taught.

And I think that maybe his FB friends will see the lesson too very effectively!

What a great mom and step-mom this boy has. Some who truly love him and take the effort to actually parent.

Do you think this parent is going to continue being a communist leader, or just until he understands? I think she is showing her step-son that communism is a tool used by some very mean people who do very mean things to very unfortunate innocent people who want communism but once trapped by it cannot get out.


My point was that this parent

My point was that this parent was willing to sacrifice a loving response, devoid of any cravings and/or aversions and intellectual exchange for a sensationalized punishment just to get a good story out of the validation he/she knew he/she would get from the online knee-jerk-community. A "real-life play" sounds good, but isn't what a teenage son needs in order to develop peacefully.

Bad parenting has led to a lot of dictatorships around the world. Blowback happens in our own households when we don't play our cards correctly, whether we'd like to believe it or not. This parent should read Stefan Molyneux's contributions to the subject.

Your comment

was "I'll call it neocon parenting, because clearly, authoritarianism isn't what this parent hates about communism."

What is it that you think this parent hates about communism?

I really think it depends upon what kind of family dialog goes on in the house. There may have been quite abit of discussion and exchange about the new rules showing how each one of those rules represents tyranny in an authoritarian style communist setting.

Consider the fact that the step-son already gets an allowance.

With discussion back and forth on this issue, I have seen that both father and son are having peeing match. Wonder what that is all about?

I also can see a big family party this weekend where all the sons facebook friends come over to celebrate the door being put back on his room and the return of his toys and paychecks.

Really, we do not know what kind of family dynamics are in that house without each member reporting to us...and that is clearly missing in a little blog spot.

The other thing I haven't said, is where is the son's gratefullness for having his own room, time on a pc, games and allowance? Did he earn those things, or does he just have them because of a generous family setting? We don't know. Who paid for those things? We don't konw. I'd say there is alot we don't know. I do hope it turns out well for them.

What do you think about this post on Moly: http://www.molyneuxrevealed.com/2010/08/fdr-sting.html

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Well said bear,

as usual :)

Thanks Denise


Maybe the parent's authoritarianism

is just a bonus lesson - since communism can't work unless there is an individual or a soviet to enforce the collectivist ideal.

Pandas can't drive.

Someone needs to talk about

Someone needs to talk about Ron Paul to that kid, also a 2 weeks vacation to North Koreea might help.

Just few things to remember about the old school communism:no freedom of speech, Police abuses, daily indoctrination, no private property, no private businesses, mandatory school, mandatory work, nu clubs, no gambling, food, gas, electricity and liberty of movement restricted, (for example people where not allowed to simply move to another city), forced labor while in school, mandatory reciclyng (yearly you had to meet a small quota of paper, metal, glass reciclyng), state owned EVERYTHING,etc.

Of course, there will always be the 1% which will do whatever they want.


are obviously a real kook..poor kid - 16 and no door, you steal his password and alter his facebook, force him to get a job and steal his paycheck and his possessions for simply expressing his opinion. Did you have your political ideology figured out at that age? You seem to take delight in how miserable you're making him which makes you a fucked up parent. "I got one over on a powerless 16 year old, hooray for me!" Back off before you cause real damage.

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Hmm, perhaps some crimes were committed by this father?

Stealing passwords likely violates some sort of federal law. Of course, so does breathing.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Yeah. Something seems a little off....

Next thing the parent is gonna do is jail kid for being a Christian..lol... This parent is overreacting. But whatever.

It seems harsh...

But today's children need a dose of reality. We are raising the first generation that will have things much worse than their parents. You do no favors by creating protective bubbles. Our oldest, my stepson, also had issues with autonomy and private property. i.e. what is his is his and everyone else should share, he should still receive allowance when he refuses to do homework or chores. He was shocked that when he came home from friends after he was supposed to, there was no dinner for him. When he stopped doing chores, his bank account disappeared. When he was using his phone and computer(for our convenience not his) inappropriately we removed his door. When he refused to contribute or take part in family activities, he found his laundry piled on the floor, unwashed. What this individual did seems harsh, but necessary. Yes children that age form opinions without knowledge. It is our jobs as parents to give them that knowledge.

How do you think Communism

How do you think Communism was implemented? The lucky ones lost everything overnight, some lost also their freedom or/and lives.

Imagine right now some local members of the Democrat Party are comming onto your street, backed up by Army, ask everyone to come out of their homes, they take everyone most valuable possesions (jewlery, money, electronics, furniture, cars and even their homes if some guy from the Army or Dem party likes it). If you dare to say something you will get either areested and later on tortured, or killed on the spot.

Like I said, if you protest you will automaticly become "enemy of the state" and the best friend of the guy who wants your home will be your judge ?

So do Communist leaders.

"You seem to take delight in how miserable you're making him"

The boy is a Communist, and Communist leaders are into that, so he's getting a taste of what's coming to him.

In fact, dad should start handing out gold stars, but only when the boy shows obedience; submitting, and laboring properly. (That will cheer him up.)

for what its worth

When I was in HS, I called myself a communist. What I really was was a rebel, sure that the truth was being hidden. Part of being young is making mistakes, and learning from them.
If I was treated this way, I would have seen it as more force-feeding/ wool over my eyes; making me hold even tighter. Approve his free will, he will find the truth, its always better to find it yourself (or at least think you did). Look on the bright side, at least he is displaying mistrust in whatever system we have - don't also let him lose trust in you.

Marx and Engels

In the case of your son, it might actually be helpful that he is taught about communism, in detail, in college. He should even read the communist manifesto. There was never communism in the Soviet Union. Only despotism and single-party rule. He needs to understand why communism fails every time, and that is the factor which also makes capitalism, socialism, and every other form of government fail. And that variable is none other than GREED itself. Communism is a theory and cannot be fully implemented in any nation. It simply cannot, because the ruling party that administers it always starts demanding more and more. Once the revolution takes place, the revolutionaries solidify their power and become the despots. While capitalism surely isn't the best system we will come up with in the course of humanity, it is currently the most stable system. It provides for personal freedoms that cannot be found when the divisions of labor are eliminated. Once they are eliminated, it is time to worship the state. Even Vladimir Putin would tell your kid about how communism doesn't work, about how he used to secretly listen to The Beatles while they were banned in USSR... the guy is rigging every election in his country, but even he knows it doesn't work. In a bizarre sense, his form of government is more efficient. He's the scumbag running the place, and everybody knows it. In communism, everyone is under a collectivist propaganda that they actually control things, when they have no control over anything. Let your kid learn the hard way. When he makes it to college and has to read about how Stalin starved 20 million of his own people, maybe he will understand.

The secret of the superpower empires is COMMAND ECONOMY, including in the United States. Your son should study some Chomsky!

A little tweaking and this

A little tweaking and this analogy would work for the US: Ask him what he wanted to do for work before making him do it to earn his living. The most productive slaves are the ones who believe they are free.

Revenge and spite are not

Revenge and spite are not very effective parenting techniques.