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My 2012 Post-Election Open Letter To Supporters of Liberty

"May future generations look back on our work and say that these were men and women who, in a moment of great crisis, stood up to their politicians, the opinion-makers, and the establishment, and saved their country." - Dr. Ron Paul

"There is no next Ron Paul. He is one of a kind.” - Congressman Justin Amash

My 2012 Post-Election Open Letter To Supporters of Liberty

November 8, 2012

Dear Friends of Liberty,

With the 2012 election over, I am asking you to consider a new approach to promote, encourage and establish Peace, Liberty and Local Markets in the United States of America.

I am asking you not on behalf of your party or your government, but on behalf of yourselves, your children and your fellow countrymen.

This open letter is not for those who will only work within the Two Fascist Parties or the Minor Parties, whether the Libertarian, Green or Constitution Parties. I appreciate the sincerity and the enthusiasm of those who will only work in those avenues, but I can no longer agree with it nor endorse it.

Many of us who believe in Freedom rallied around Dr. Ron Paul's 2008 & 2012 runs for president.

We watched in dismay as the Republican Party systematically shut down Ron Paul's nomination. We saw Ron Paul's son Senator Rand Paul quickly break with his father and endorse the Republican fascist candidate, while remaining totally silent about how the Republican National Committee fraudulently and criminally disenfranchised the Ron Paul delegates.

Ron Paul supporters were then left with four options:

1. Violating one's conscience and voting for corporate fascist Mitt Romney, as a protest vote against President Obama
2. Voting for a Third Party Registered Candidate like Gary Johnson, knowing full well you were supporting a lost cause of an organization.
3. Holding to principle with a clear conscience and writing-in Ron Paul, whether or not the vote was legally counted.
4. Not voting at all with a clear conscience.

I believe there can be and should be a better way for 2016. And it needs to start now.

I believe that we can make a four year plan to push for Liberty that does not include sucking up to conservatives or liberals, whether Rand Paul, Marc Rubio, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. These are politicians who will lie, steal and prop up their version of Empire so they can gain power and control for themselves.

The answer lies in one simple key: Principle.

Principle is the antidote to politics. Principle is the antidote to apathy. In fact, it was Ron Paul's consistent principles in supporting the Constitution that woke so many up from the right, center and left of American politics.

The common rally sign reading, "Dr. Paul Cured Me Of My Apathy", succinctly spells out the power of Dr. Paul's Principles and Truth.

The power of Principle has no business, no time and no right to participate in the compromise and plays of power politics.

Principle is antithetical to politics. Principle is opposed to compromising with evil in order to achieve some good.

There is a clear and valid difference between making short term goals and long term goals. There is a clear and valid difference between incrementalism toward Liberty and wholesale revolution in politics and society for Liberty. But there is never a legitimate reason to bargain with evil to achieve some good.

Friends, there is no way in the next half century to take over the Republican Party or the Democratic Party without compromising Principle.

Certainly, we can support and encourage current partisan officeholders like Congressmen Dennis Kucinich and Justin Amash. But they are the exception, not the rule. Sadly, Kucinich leans too far left from Liberty and Amash some to the right in the current Left-Right paradigm that unjustifiably divides Americans.

The party machines are entrenched and will stop at nothing at pushing their agendas through for their corporate handlers. I predicted last Spring, to my own chagrin, that the RNC would shut down Ron Paul at the GOP National Convention in Tampa, just like they did in 2008. I turned out to be right. It was not a lucky guess. It is a proper understanding of reality.

I want to encourage you to also grab a proper understanding of reality so that we can make an effective push for Liberty in our nation.

Despite some educational advancements, Campaign for Liberty has not lived up to its expectations following the GOP silencing of Ron Paul in 2008 and the subsequent funding of a million dollar campaign war chest. C4L has been unable to persuade conservatives in the Republican Party to take a stand against the Federal Reserve, U.S. Empire or torture. In some case, C4L has even sent money to Neocon-leaning pro-war candidates (by mistake, it was said).

The Republican Liberty Caucus has similarly been a boondoggle of Republican brown-nosing and networking, as it remains absolutely devoted to conservative ideals in support of U.S. Wars and Empire.

If you wish to run candidates on any party line for local and State-wide office, then I wish you lots of success with that. But we need more than a handful of local officeholders. We need a national strategy that will coalesce, electrify and energy a populist base of students, homeowners, laborers, small business owners, veterans and concerned parents. That can only be done with a property reality working itself out in a common vision.

And here is that vision: We form a broad alliance of Americans from all backgrounds, faiths, and economic classes who rally around core principles of Peace, Freedom and Local Markets, and refuse to compromise on those core values no matter what.

I formed The Liberty Coalition in late 2009 following Obama's first electoral victory. Back then, we had a lot of hope that Ron Paul's Tea Party would grow into a wide alliance with conservatives.

It is my sincere and proven conviction that the mainstream conservatives unknowingly oppose Liberty, just as true liberals do. These are people who are so pigeon-holed in their obsession with minor, irrelevant issues on the national agenda, (such as abortion, homosexuality, immigrants, science research and food stamps for unemployed Americans) that they refuse to work with their fellow Americans against the dangers of the Federal Reserve, perpetual wars, indefinite detention, government torture and secret prisons.

Although I will welcome conservative-leaning folks as well as liberal-leaning folks, I will never again equate Liberty with conservatism. Liberty existed in the hearts of men and women for millenia before conservative movements even existed. It is not the property of Nixon, or Reagan or Rand Paul. Liberty is the gift of the Creator, endowed in men and women as an unalienable right.

By 2011, the Tea Party was completely co-opted by Neocons. Rand Paul had become a conservative U.S. Senator and was hailed as our new messiah in politics, despite his voting record of silence on U.S. Wars and Empire, his sanctions against Iran, his shilling for Military Giant Boeing Corporation, and his support of AIPAC's policies, including billions in foreign aid to Israel. People blindly believed and still believe that Rand Paul can do no wrong, that he is divinely appointed to be president in 2016, and that he is "experienced" and "knows what he is doing" in achieving Liberty for us.

All this despite Rand Paul's assertions in 2010 that his foreign policy would not be the same as his father's, something he emphatically communicated to AIPAC and PNAC Neocons in the summer before his election in Washington, D.C.

The Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves, with how many Americans blindly trust their political leaders to know and do what is in our best interests, because they are more trustworthy than Principle or even the Constitution!

Here are the Six Main Principles we should hold to as Liberty Supporters:

1. Abolition of U.S. Wars and Return to Peaceful Markets and International Commerce
2. Abolition of Foreign Empire and Redeployment home of all U.S. troops
3. Abolition of Central Banking and Return to local Markets for the People (i.e. End the Fed, not Audit The Fed)
4. Abolition of Police State and Restoration of the Bill of Rights
5. Abolition of GMO Corporate Influence in the FDA and Return to local, organic Agriculture
6. Abolition of Corporate Influence in Washington and Dissolution of any and all corporations found bribing public officials, and its assets deposited into the U.S. Treasury

Here is what The Liberty Coalition and other like-minded groups can do outside The Party System:

1. Run Independent candidates for local and national offices in 2013 and beyond who align with our Principles.
2. Work with other organizations and Third Parties on ballot questions and propositions which support our Principles.
3. Form exploratory committees and fundraisers to encourage well known person to run for office or headline our events.
4. Work outside of "Audit The Fed" and Benghazi Impeachment issues because the Neocons have already co-opted them for their purposes.
5. Work with independent media and talk shows to spread the message and host events.

What can we really do to change things today? Here are some suggestions:

1. Visit "The Liberty Coalition" Facebook Page and click "LIKE". Invite your friends and share the page on your wall.
2. Brainstorm ways that you can reach across the aisle to Americans outside your comfort zone who can agree with you on the core principles of Liberty.
3. Consider running as an Independent or supporting other Independents you know for local and national office outside the Two Party System.
4. Help organize a sister organization in your home State that mirrors these same values and strategy based on Principle not Politics.
5. Start your own version of The Liberty Coalition! You don't need our approval to choose Principle over Politics EVERY time!

Let's show our gratitude for Ron Paul and our commitment to Principle over Politics, by refusing to play the game of Left-Right politics, no matter who the politician might be.

We can build an alliance of Americans across party alliance and outside The Two Party System, one devoted to Principle, no matter what.

Will you join in?

In Liberty,

A.J. Arias

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