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The Key To A GOP Victory In 2016

Win over the black vote...no. Win over the Latino vote? No. Win over the Hispanic vote with Marco Rubio? No, no, and no. When is the last time a republican candidate won the minority vote? Never.

The obammunists want conservatives to think that race is all about the 2016 race. It's not. It's just the same old song, but with a different meaning since you've been wronged....my, oh my what a fool was I to think and hope Romney would win.

The only way for the GOP to win in 2016 is by winning over the majority of the vote - or I should say, non-vote...those who chose to stay at home in disgust.

The majority of people who were eligible to vote in 2012 did not vote on November 6. Turnout was low compared to 2008. Who'd of thought that the overall turnout would be lower than the McCain/Palin ticket? That was horrible. !!!

True conservatives stayed home, fed up, sick of the same old song. Romney did not inspire the average (majority) apathetic voter.

Ron Paul did inspire those who would not normally vote, and his message of freedom and liberty transcended race.

If Rand Paul wins in 2016, it will be because of his ability to reach out to the potential voter who does not normally vote because they're so freaking jaded by politics.

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I love your thinking, however...

...if the whole system was honest in the first place, Ron Paul would have gotten the nomination and would be on his way to the presidency right now. They won't allow it and will do ANYTHING to make sure it doesn't happen. However, that never means give up or give in! It was worth every dime put into seeing Paul talk to millions in those debates! You know how many people woke up and will wake up with his words? Priceless I tell you...priceless!

I considered the stay home option

decided against it because we had many options in my state. Yet, I know friends I love and respect who did. I firmly believe that if you are guided by your conscience either way, and you followed it, you did the right thing. So good for you, if you stayed home for conscience sake, and good for those whose conscience said vote, and did.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
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