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Peter Schiff: Fiscal Cliff Isn't The Problem, Debt Is - CNBC 11/07/2012

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Jive Dadson: Debt Isn't the Problem;

Spending Is.

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And printing for a special "gift"

Spending is, yes...

... just as much as the printing money GIVEN to the buddy system of banks who pick up presidents and the same Pepsi vs.Coke-"administration" every four years.

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Love how they keep trying to scoff at Peter

meanwhile he's the only person on the panel who is in the business of money - the rest are professors or some nonsense.

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

Gotta love the way Peter

Gotta love the way Peter Schiff never minces words.

In case anyone needs reminding... Don't keep your savings in dollars!

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Most people, even television

Most people, even television hosts on financial networks, really don't understand what's going on yet.

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boy, are they in for a

boy, are they in for a surprise