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Is it worth being a Republican anymore?

After seeing how bad the GOP lost the last two presidential elections it made me wonder if it's even worth staying as a Republican? Are they going to change their ways and embrace what Ron Paul has done by informing millions of people of the message of liberty and freedom? Does the Republican Party realize they blew their chance to attract young, diverse, and enthusiastic supporters?

The event that immediately popped in my mind as soon I found out the election results was when I was co-captain for my precinct during the Nevada caucuses this past February. In my caucus it consisted of mostly Romney supporters with a handful of outspoken Ron Paul supporters. As we were discussing the merits of each candidate myself and a few other Ron Paul supporters were trying to express how Romney wouldn't be able to defeat Obama in the general election. We tried to explain how Ron Paul is able to attract many people across the political spectrum and has the best shot to beat Obama. Instead all I heard was "Romney has record proof he can get stuff done, look what he did as governor." and "Ron Paul has been in Congress for over twenty years what major legislation has he been part of?" "Ron Paul's foreign policy is crazy!"...they wouldn't even accept the fact that most of his donations came from active military personnel (I wonder what those Romney supporters are thinking now?).

So I'm pondering if being part of the GOP is a lost cause? Yes, I know we have have a lot of liberty minded politicians on different levels of government. But come 2016 who will be the GOP presidential candidates? Marco Rubio? Paul Ryan? Chris Christie? Michelle Bachmann? Jeb Bush? Is the " GOP Establishment" worth beating? Is it better to focus on growing the Libertarian Party? Or become independent? What do you guys think?

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According to Dr. Paul.

It's what we need to do.

Of course it is..

We need to get people in that can change the rules that were changed on us. We need to fill their ranks with our people so when that happens we can get it passed.

Don't run from the RNC.. Run it over.

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Yes lets all jump ship and join the LP

They got an incredible 1% of the vote! We can win this in 4 years mark my words! Even with out the 90 million or access to the debates. I promise. We can do it! Come on and join me over the LP

Anyone? Bueller?

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Yes. But. They won't change unless we are there.

Simply being registered Republican is not enough. To win we have to be engaged and become the Republican Party.

To do this we have to get involved in our county and state GOP. If you're not already, google your state GOP - like this if you're in Florida - http://rpof.org/contact-us/find-your-local-rec/ - and find out when and where your county meetings are held, and then go! It's very easy to become a PCO here in Florida and I'm sure the equivalent in your state is easy to make happen too. When you become a PCO you have voting rights on who your county GOP office holders are, and if you bring enough of your friends to these meetings and they bring enough of their friends, (it doesn't take a lot, it's amazing how few people are involved and how easy this can be) your county will be run by you and your friends when 2014 rolls around, and then we work to make the state leadership ours from there hopefully before 2016, and when we take the state parties, we take the RNC from there. We can do this, it just takes getting involved and going to a meeting once a month or so, sometimes they are even interesting and not punishment! Imagine how much better they will be when we are running the show and setting the agenda and deciding which speakers we want to invite to speak at the monthly meeting! Imagine Tom Woods, Tisha Casida, Josh Tolley, Mary Ruwart, Ben Swann and others on county GOP meeting tours!

The Republican Liberty Caucus http://www.rlc.org/ is a great way to network with people in your area too and help each other run your local county GOP. I had great fun at the RLC events I've been to and look forward to more. I also suggest getting to know people in your local Libertarian Party too, it doesn't hurt to go to their meetings also...let them know you're making inroads in your county GOP and you need their help!

With us running the show a liberty candidate in 2016 will not have the problems Ron Paul had. We can do this! Viva la revolucion Ron Paul RepubliCANS!

I am!

The Republican Party has

The Republican Party has special privileges that it has crafted into law with the cooperation of the other privileged party, the Democrat Party. Other parties are at a profound disadvantage when it comes to competing in most states. So much so, that moving to a third party is tantamount to removing one's self from the political process. This is by design.

One of the unintended consequences of this political engineering is that the two dominant parties are the targets for insurgencies aimed at gaining control over their privileged access to the political means.

I have no ideological ties, nor feel any loyalty to whatever the establishment Republicans claim to be their principles, since I believe them to be disingenuous and indistinguishable from the Democrats. However, I am keenly interested in putting the liberty movement into a vehicle that gives it a better chance for success. Given the disarray and apathy in the current Republican party, it seems to me to be ripe for new leadership and a new direction. Why not us?

“Wasting a vote is sometimes voting for somebody that you don't really believe in."
-Ron Paul

I have always felt that

I have always felt that parties are like religions. I'm a registered republican b/c the primaries, but was registered independent before that. I don't feel less independent being a registered republican. Has it ever been worth being a republican? Or a democrat? Or a libertarian? You are a free individual and do not need to change your views to match a party platform or act based on group mentality. Independence and freedom give you the power to reject and approve based on your principles. For example, if a free marketplace of ideas is promoted, as is the case with the philosophy of liberty, the best views will eventually win out, regardless of party. The philosophy of liberty should allow you to be comfortable libertarian, democrat, republican, or independent because you are free to associate. You do not have to believe the libertarian platform. A party does not define what you should believe. Then you are not free, do not understand liberty philosophically, and most likely are a social libertarian, wanting to force your politics on others.

I think both republican and libertarian parties

should be engaged.If Ron Paul really wanted to win the presidency,which I am not sure of,it would have made more sense for him to seek the republican AND libertarian nominations.He could have easily won the libertarian nomination and been on the ballot in the general election.The obvious example is Gary Johnson started running as a republican but then recognized he had no chance as a republican and easily won the libertarian nomination.So although I prefer Ron as a candidate,Gary's campaign was obviously more effective if the goal was to ACTUALLY WIN THE PRESIDENCY.Gary was on the ballot in the general election and Ron was not.Of course,if the libertarian party really had the desire to win an election and recognized how far they are behind the major two parties in voter support, I think it would be wise of them to nominate a presidential candidate for 2016 now or before 2014 because you would obviously need a head start in campaigning if you really wanted to actually WIN....But in the end,those of us who value the principles of truth,freedom and peace need to win more hearts and minds if we are to elect a president like Ron Paul.I believe we could easily do it if we just united behind a great short video/ad that presented our shared principles in a clear concise way.If we focused our efforts on promoting said video rather than arguing here,I believe we could make it go viral nationwide and worldwide and be a force that could NOT be stopped.I have posted this idea many times on DP but it goes mostly ignored.I will keep trying.Anyone got a better idea?I'm all ears.

The time to act is now.

If the Republican Party is taken over by the R3volution then it makes sense to use the existing system for advantage. The time to act is now. Get involved in the party, push those who are against true liberty out of the leadership.

You are absolutely correct, strike while the iron is hot!

Now is the time to infiltrate the Republican party and bring them back kicking and screaming, if need be, to the founding principals on which they were founded. They are in disarray, divided and confused as to where to go from here, they have been cheated and lied to by the neocons, we need to provide them a new direction. If we come in now, intelligently and respectfully espousing the virtues that the GOP once held in its platform, we win.

"But come 2016 who will be

"But come 2016 who will be the GOP presidential candidates? Marco Rubio? Paul Ryan? Chris Christie? Michelle Bachmann? Jeb Bush?"

No, after this year's disaster, most likely not.

He's getting part of the blame for Romney's loss.

Not exactly establishment, nor a neo-con, but too crazy and intolerant to win.

Most likely not, his brother's prediency was why Obama won his two terms.

Sadly, yes. He's full-on neo-con masquerading as a conservative and when he's been called out for it by Rand Paul for not siding with him, Lee and DeMint, he's accused them of being far-right. However, he's a Latino, he's charismatic, he's from a swing state and he's popular with the base. He is most likely our biggest threat come 2012.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

Scott Walker from Wisconsin will be somewhere on that stage

If you followed what he did here you would know why, KNOW why he would be such a strong contender (hint: that's not a bald spot - it's a solar panel for a megalomaniacal d-bag).

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I've been thinking a lot about why Dr. Paul has encouraged us to

stay in the Republican party versus growing another party or avoiding the party politics system altogether.

I think it's because he knows the power, immense power they wield...

And that if that power can be taken over it will be worth controlling simply because of what it is and could be.

It's like a train. Trains can't be good or evil. Only conductors and engineers can be evil (or good). The cow on the tracks doesn't know who's driving.

Maybe start a 'new repubican' party? Hijack and draw attention to the name 'republican' in this way, and why there would need to be a new one?

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