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Atlas Is Forced To Shrug - No Choice Left

You may have heard or read the great philosopher Ayn Rand's expression 'Atlas Shrugged' which she used as her famous book title describing how it is the capable who hold the world up, leaving open the rhetorical question of, "what happens when those capable ones stop holding the world up as if Atlas were to shrug"?

Her book, 'Atlas Shrugged' dealt with the concept that those who were intelligent, capable, resourceful and had the best brains are needed to keep the world going. What would happen if such people decided to leave society and watch mankind drift?

Since this last election there are indications that many people are dumbfounded at the outcome, but the great mistake was to first believe there is any semblance of a fair election process, and, another mistake is to assume that the majority of voters who will cast a ballot care about restoring The Bill of Rights, The Constitution, habeas corpus, and the economy and jobs.

As heads continue to spin from the realization that the U.S. is stuffed to the brim with welfare recipients, food stamp recipients, and other aid recipients including millions of illegal immigrants, the unfortunate reality is many voters simply will not accept any conservative candidate at all, period.

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