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Romney and Ryan Can't Believe Their Loss: CBS Article

Romney's staff thought that they were going to win - down to the very end. Ryan cannot believe that they lost. Here is the CBS article link:


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One Word for CBS, and the rest of MSM


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+1 Bazinga for the refresher !

+1 Bazinga for the refresher !

'Works for Mitt Romney, actually ! It's his name, right ?

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Voting is MANDATORY in

Voting is MANDATORY in communist Vietnam. You don't vote and the police will bring you a ballot card.

No joke

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

Same in Australia...

...Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Singapore, Luxembourg, Ecuador, and Peru.

Democracy's only function is to legitimize the State, it gives the illusion that the State represents the interests on the people. If not enough people vote, the State forces them to, to maintain that facade of legitimacy.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

uhhh huuuu


The elections was stolen in your face style



Keepin' it real.

They Had the Perfect Candidate.

The Republicans were watching FOX news too much and knew they were going to win in a landslide. Now FOX is telling us THE reason for the loss.

"Hurricane Sandy won the election for Barrack Obama, by the way."- Bill O'Reilly

Not surprising. The

Not surprising. The Republican party hasn't cared about reality and facts for the longest time.

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Romney/Ryan - Lesson #1:

Karma is one vicious bitch, especially when you screw around with a presidential candidate named Ron Paul.

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geez...if he didn't see this coming...

i'm glad he didn't get potus!

this was like a train in the middle of the night...you can hear it, feel it, see it coming...

i'd hate to think we had him looking for "terrorists"

these *ucks are so damn lame...everyone of them!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Boo fucking hoo !

Boo fucking hoo !

A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.

And those of us who saw this coming,

for many months in advance, are not surprised in the slightest. Will the GOP wake up and begin to listen or will they simply choose to remain in dissonance? Ron Paul is the solution. Obama's win has less to do with Superstorm Sandy and more to do with the way Romney and campaign, without a shred of respect or any acknowledgement, smashed the life out of us, the liberty-minded, the ones who his success was truly dependent upon. That was his crucial error.

I read this late last night and couldn't help but laugh

At his arrogance. He had to hastily compose a speech because he knew he had to say SOMETHING?? Seriously?

My favorite part of the entire article was this....

"State polls showed Romney winning big among independents. Historically, any candidate polling that well among independents wins. But as it turned out, many of those independents were former Republicans who now self-identify as independents."

The winds of change are refreshing... we now hold the power and they have to acknowledge it or they are done.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

I bet his handlers weren't surprised

The only thing that was surprising was how quick the narrative turned into "minority vote" Just minutes after the announcement that Obama won, all the commentators were discussing minirity population size, minority outreach and now that is the household mantra. But as somebody already pointed out, here, Obama didn't have nearly as much support from the minority demographics as 4 years ago.

I enjoy seeing people pretend Romneycare, flip flopping, lying, and war hawking had nothing to do with it.

I can tell you a thousand reasons why Romney lost. And his handlers know every one of those reasons, also.

I Really Want to Know the Truth!

So I Googled "Why Romney Lost" and found the brightest person from FOX and he says, without any doubt: "Hurricane Sandy won the election for Barrack Obama, by the way."— Bill O'Reilly

Not quite satisfied that Bill got it right I also looked at possible answers from Daily Paul visitors and found this answer: "When given a choice between a punch in the nose or kick in the balls, I'd rather just not choose either." —StephenForFreedom

I tend to agree with Stephen and I'm fairly certain that many other voters did also.

O'Reilly is parroting the excuse Karl Rove concocted

prior to election day to explain away a possible Romney loss.


They cannot bring themselves to admit that the GOP is responsible for its own defeat by being a myopic party of exclusion. Been calling GOP the stupid party for years and nothing much has changed in that regard.

Haven't heard from the D-bag

Haven't heard from the D-bag Dick Moreass lately either

Live Free or Die Trying



I think the gop is finished

not only do they only watch their own shows and live in a bubble but a lot of them seem to think if they'd been more socially conservative they'd have won. If that's the future of the gop then the gop has no future.


One of the comments...I did not know this,

"LiberalHuck replies: You and your wife a real sharp allright. As if the budget isn't an unprecedented disaster already.....duh! BTW have you seen the reports that O didn't win a single state that required photo id? Even the representatives from the useless U.N. can't believe how easy it is to vote....repeatedly in U.S. elections"



What is wrong with these people?? Ughh, as soon as Romney was made the nominee we all certainly knew it was over.

From The Ron Paul REVOLUTION: R.I.P. - G.O.P.

From The Ron Paul REVOLUTION: R.I.P. - G.O.P.

Congratulations to all of you Ron Paul R[3]VOLUTION Warriors!


Wisdom Strategies


was probably relying on the burning in his bosom to inform him of reality. (That's Mormonspeak for their process of discerning if something is true, or if they want something to be true.)

What I find hilarious and ironic is....

They were so pumped when they started getting huge crowds. I think his last week he got Ron Paul sized crowds. They thought for sure they were winning because of the size of the crowds. Maybe because they knew Ron Paul was really winning because of the size of his crowds?
I bet they are thinking Obama pulled a fast one on them and flipped votes just like they did. I love karma.

Yup, at the very end of his

Yup, at the very end of his campaign, after hundreds of millions of dollars had been spent and months of mass media hype created, Romney finally got crowds as big as what Ron Paul got all along, with a modest budget and no help from the media. Whoop de doo, Romney.

Pretty Tough to Lose that Election, but They Did it.

Will they use the same people in the GOP to decide where they went wrong? With the help of the FOX people, of course.

I liked that article so much,

I read it twice!

Me, I'm just as much cheered

Me, I'm just as much cheered by the Romney loss as I am dismayed by the Obama win. Regardless of whether Romney or Obama had won, lovers of liberty, peace, and fiscal sanity lost.