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Romney and Ryan Can't Believe Their Loss: CBS Article

Romney's staff thought that they were going to win - down to the very end. Ryan cannot believe that they lost. Here is the CBS article link:


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Conservatives weren't excited

Conservatives weren't excited by flip flop Mitt, Ron Paul Republicans were pissed and most went elsewhere, and the Democrats got the vote out.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

If Willard had listened to his own staff...

whose internal polling predicted a landslide Obama win in Ohio, the loss wouldn't have been a shock to him. Willard is SUCH an arrogant clown. He is the quintessential trust-fund brat who was never allowed to fail and was shielded from the real world growing up. It's to be expected that he would be arrogant.

Also, as much as I disagree with him, I feel bad for Paul Ryan. He was convinced, maybe even pressured, to join this sinking ship and likely just watched the end of his young career in politics.

I don't play, I commission the league.


I was surprised when Ryan accepted the VP slot. Why would he tie himself to a rock like Romney? Obviously, Romney has no future in politics. I wonder if Ryan can recover.

Ann cried.

But she didn't give a sh|t about the corrupted tactics used against us, all those who sacrificed their last hard earned nickel, hip dislocated, fingers broke, locked out of buildings and captive on a bus. She was right there and heard boehner ignore pleas of objection.

I always at least try to give the benefit of the doubt. She's a filthy snake and a hypocrite like the rest of them.

I apologize for spouting off like this, but I am fumed.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Cry A River Ann

...I cried ((well almost)) when I read Carol Paul saying "well, she was nicer to me then most" in reference early on at the debates of the two wives backstage talking to each other. Carol said, "we talked mostly about raising children...things like that. Ann did small talk with Carol and I mean "small." I read through Carol Paul's words that she was not taken in by it; however, she is genuinely gracious to everyone.

...I cried ((well almost))) at the article early on about all the candidates wives, their homes, their clothes...their manufactured "I will make a wonderful First Lady." And the article's treatment of Carol...picture of their family home. It was disgusting while this wonderful First Lady of our hearts who had stood by Dr. Paul all those years, her beautiful genuine smile, her nurturing and very real nature was belittled.

...I cried ((well almost)) watching Romney with his oily smile and outstretched hand falling all over himself to rugh over to Ron after the debate to shake his hand. His hypocritical "I'm nice to Dr. Paul" performance acted out just like Rove told him to.

All construed to present them as friends of the Paul family, even invited them to spend the night when the Pauls' missed a plane. Friends? No, just after the envied Ron Paul supporters and dumb enough to think they could snare any of them that couldn't be corralled by the Big L House, now Koch owned in stealth. (And, the tricks will continue...the duplicity...the transparent games...more of the division tactics. Will the new batch of Ron Paul inspired Patriots see through the second wave? If not I WILL cry....and, not almost.

So Ann didn't get to be First Lady. I hope she did boo hoo. Meanwhile Ron Paul set the new standard for a President and Carol became our forever First Lady...the only real lady. I, too, am fumed.


Big girls

don't cry.

I think you're way way off

She had many reasons to cry.

If any of us were going to cry about sacrifices, dislocated hips, broken fingers, locked out of buildings, we would never stop. I didn't cry over it. I was appauled by it, and it fumed me, and I really hoped those delegates would steer clear of Richard Gilbert's law suit and took out a personal injury law suit or sued the committee on the county level. But it was not Ann's business or interest to cry about what the GOP did anymore than it is your interest to cry over HER loss.

Ann didn't dislocate anyone's hips or break fingers or lock anyone out. She stood by her busband which is all was expected of her, and I'm not going to damn her for that.

You are talking about a member of a psychotic family

Mitt Romney has certainly defrauded the taxpayer out of $100's million with his multiple medicare frauds etc. at Bain.

He is also probably a drug money launderer, with his links to Salvadorean Death Squads and Panama.
He was probably laundering for the CIA to fund black ops.

Obama could well have been recruited by the CIA as well, during his stint at Business International as an intern.

It is very difficult to see why they would have chosen a one term Senator with links to extreme left wing groups otherwise.
They could have had known asset Hillary Clinton.

I have nothing positive to say about either family.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

I see

that you still have not bumped this thread:


So much for your fight for Liberty.


Ann did not. Nor did her husband. But they know, or should know exactly what's going on within their campaign. With the articles and videos available, don't even tell me that they are not in the know. There was NO announcement of deep regret or apology. I have a heart, and would have looked at Ann in different light, had they at least acknowledged us. They did not.

"I really hoped those delegates would steer clear of Richard Gilbert's law suit and took out a personal injury law suit or sued the committee on the county level."

That's the first logical thing that you've said in support of us in a while. Good job.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Dennis is NOT my kind of guy

I'm happy he lost, wish he and Elizabeth would return to the UK and never return.

In 08 Dennis though CA needed a poster biy for our Cannabis Health and hemp Inniative, by Jack Herer and Tim White. So Elizabeth gave quadripulegic Clayton Smith from NH a one way ticket to CA. Clayton Smith became a simi-famous YouTube sensation for going to NH Town Hall Meetings where he asked every candidate their stand on medical marijuana.

Clayon came to CA, where he found himself couch surfing and living off the grassroots on the CCHHI. Dr Tim White shared everything he had with Clayton, people began spending more time trying to get money up to help Clayon get real care, his own place, food.. instead of working on the inniative.. Tim White died within weeks. Many of the people who worked hardest on CCHHI were actually very sick, needing more help than the government, medical science and medical marijauna can help.

Dennis? Elizabeth? They never did follow up on Clayton, Jack, Dr White. They went about their life.. CCHHI died and they didn't care.

So I don't care for them or how they operate. There's your bump.

((GRANGER)) I am calling YOU out.

There is an old saying: Choose your battles wisely.

I have not researched and do not know about that incident. Nevertheless, whatever happened, happened, long ago. This much I DO know:

Dennis lost due to redistricting. Though he is out, Dennis is calling obama out on drones, 4th amendement violations and targeted assasinations. I don't care if it's political maneuvering, whether he is sincerely passionate about this (which I believe he is), or otherwise. Ron Paul and Dennis have mutual respect for each other.

So the question is: Where in the hell is your guy ROMNEY, who you voted for, who actually condones ndaa, patriot, drones, wiretapping, etc., on this? Mourning his presidential loss over a brandy with his wife on that yacht of his?

YOU are no friend of Liberty. You NEVER start threads, or bump them, when it comes to issues such as these.

Why are you here? What is your purpose? To brag about your committee seat? To belittle others? To report to your rnc/gop bosses about what we do and think around here?

From me, to you, as I sip my cup of tea: I officially write you off, madame.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I find this interesting

Romney is my guy?

I didn't join the GOP for Romney. I wasn't a district team leader for the Ron Paul camapaign for Romney. I wasn't a national delegate for Romney. I didn't get a committee seat or sign a loyalty oath for Romney. Thank God Rand Paul endorsed Romney because I had no clue about the loyalty oath until he woke me up the GOP was planning on outting us, folks like me (not Democrats like you).. Ron Paul Republicans.

So, like Ron Paul, who looks for good in everyone, I had to find what was good about Romney, and I did.. I saw Romney as the perfect president for us to hold accountable to the constitution. I'm sorry we don't get that chance. But you would not take that chance, or even try. You're here to tell us what the Democratds are doing. YAWN.

I don't have any GOP bosses BTW. I do have a chair and I like him. Matter of fact, I like MY GOP very much. Never thought I would, but I'm glad I do.

I began reporting my experience, since Ron Paul convinced me to join the GOP, what the experience is. I believe in open government. As for what we do here, honestly, they could give a crap.

This is the second time you've written me off, so let's stick with that this time in the name of unity. Take care.

Will you damn her for doping her crippled horse Superhit

up to the eyeballs to try and commit a $125,000 fraud?

The buyer sued.
It was settled out of court.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Ann probably was not aware.

People like her are only allowed to hear good news...unless she slips away and watches something besides FOX News.

She doesn't care about us...

because to Queen Ann, we're just "You People," lower than shit under her shoes.

I don't play, I commission the league.

We should all send something

We should all send something to the Romney / Ryan campaign.

Maybe some Ron Paul shirts, and nifty print outs. I think they would enjoy the gifts from the Paul supporters.

I already did.

They should have enough comparison sheets to last well into the next election. I packed those pre-paid envelopes tighter than a drum. Plus the ones that I sent on MY dime.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

more proof how out of touch the establishment is



They get into their ivory towers and fail to see reality. Same thing happens to presidents.

I'm so glad that Romney did not get in, as it is clear what kind of strong-arm tactics his staff likes to use. At least Obama will be out in four.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Yes, only four and not

Yes, only four and not eight.
And Obama will own the economy.

The problem is that 2016 they will run Jeb Bush.
In a way I think Romney would have been better.

"Stay out the Bushes"

Jesse Jackson quote, LOL

Let 'em run Jeb...

...and watch them lose. I made the assertion long ago that the GOP 'old guard' demographics weren't in their favor for the long haul. All the talking heads on the radio/tv (sans Jerry Doyle) still don't get it, trying to force that round peg through the square hole- "Jeb Bush" or "Paul Ryan" or "Bobby Jindal(puuullease)" or "Marco Rubio"...these are they who are considered the young bloods, rising stars, great white hopes(well except for Jindal) of the soon to be new and improved GOP..ha! Clueless!...ladies and gentlemen, this is what a dying political party looks like...increasingly small-minded, stubborn, short-sighted and IRRELEVANT. RIP GOP.

2012 Rothschild USA election plan.

2013 Crime bank 100 year scam due for renewal. We foist 2 puppets the GOP puppet will cancel the peoples choice that would end the fed, Ron Paul so Rummy knocks RP out and oblama puppet insures the scam crime bank to continue. Mission acomplished.

PS and by the way we can blame the victim Ron Paul for the GOP defeat.

What a group that standard operational proceedure is to lie cheat steal and worse, then blames the very group that they have attacked.

As they strike you they shout out in pain as if they are being harmed. This not only confuses the victims but also any onlookers are confused.

Same old MO. No still my final answer.


In the Primaries

During the primaries, he was forced to pander to the uneducated backwater evangelicals (Santorum voters). Then, in the General Election, he had to distance himself from them. This contributed to his flip flop problem that already existed.
The conundrum- The GOP needs to attract minority votes but has the problem of potentially scaring away all the crackers that form a big part of current base.
Take a look at the red state map - Mississippi, Arkansas, West Virginia, Louisiana, Georgia etc - Do you think it is just a co-incidence that these are among the least educated states in the country? Santorum got one thing right- "We'll never have the smart people on our side"

But school is a breeding

But school is a breeding ground for liberalism if you don't have defined political views prior to it...look at how brainwashed Californians are.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

Do you really believe this?

Or are you just repeating what Rush told you. Don't you think that school is where you learn and that teachers can be conservatives as well as liberals? Do you think liberals are somehow brainwashed/ stupid because they have more education?

I have never listened to

I have never listened to Limbaugh in my life. I went to a public high school where there was definitely a clear left leaning from many of the staff and a lot of other people feel the same way about their schools. This is very understandable due to their membership of labor unions. I went to an east coast college in a blue state and most people there were liberal.

I understand that someone going to a private high school and college in the mountain west, midwest or the deep south may have had a very different experience.
Liberals are brainwashed because they have the wrong education. They are taught lies about how FDR resolved the depression, how Hoover was laissez-faire, that anthropogenic global warming is 100% proven..these are things taught in most public schools in blue states and in Europe.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

On this note:

Rick Santorum can be tied directly to Jerry Sandusky (Angel in Adoption award, presented by Larry Craig) and evangelical Christians vote for him. Up is down and down is up.

Santorum - Yes

I know that santorum is a personal friend of Sandusky.They both own rental properties in State College Pa and have known each other since Rick's days at Penn State. Also, a guy named Phil English, who eventually became a Romney delegate from Pa, was Santorum's mentor in college. He funded the start up of a club at Penn State called the young Republicans- Santorum ran the club. English was subsequently arrested twice for soliciting young black boys for sex. Santorum is up to his elbows in pedophilia. Thankfully, his political carreer ended yesterday too. God hates fags isn't gonna be the message of the future GOP.

You're right...

Rick Santorum is up to his neck in the Penn State mess, and yet evangelical Christians will still vote for him. He's not finished, look for him to be back in 2016 or be thought of as party spokesman. How anyone could fall for this guy is a true testament to the idea you can tell the people what they want to hear and they will vote for you.