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Romney and Ryan Can't Believe Their Loss: CBS Article

Romney's staff thought that they were going to win - down to the very end. Ryan cannot believe that they lost. Here is the CBS article link:


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Nate Silver

Nate Silver - finger on the pulse
FauxNews/Rassmussen - finger on the scale

And all he had to do to not have his hopes and dreams dashed....

Was embrace Paul and some of his ideas. Had he not been an ass hole and just publically offer Paul fed chairman or secretary of treasury he would have his dream of being the pres.... Well had he not cheated during primary Paul would be president

Ron Paul 2012

Amazing to me.

"I don't think there was one person who saw this coming."

Obama could not win in states

Obama could not win in states with voter ID laws.
Obama could not fill the stadium for his last speech.
But Obama won?

Seems like Romney gets some of his own medicine.
But this one was stolen I believe.

Obama was laughable in the debates, debt, unemployment, Benghazi, Solyndra, F&F....

He is the puppet of choice and elections don't matter anymore.
The media just tells You who "won".

You assume...

That the average joe even cares about the debt, unemployment, benghazi, f&f.
As long as the food stamps and ssi checks come in at the first of the month...it's all good.
Not saying that Romney would have done anything different. That's just the way it's percieved by the masses.

Three letters to explain your loss



You will NOT con your base, and then waltz into absolute power.

Go back to the Caymans, I'm sure you and your Stanford ponzi money will be completely happy together.

ROFL Ryan! Couldn't even win his home county in his home state!



Voters would prefer phones over subs, if he wanted to win he would have given I-Pad or Labtops.

Perhaps our experience in the

Perhaps our experience in the primaries trying to explain "electability" where the neoconservatives believed that Romney was electable because he was a businessman, compromised with the democrats, was a Mormon, was politically savvy, etc. When we tried to explain that he was not conservative, Romney soon after referred to himself as extremely conservative. He was all things to all people and to partisans this looks like a winning strategy but as it turned out he just inspired the partisan democrats to turn out. A lot of independent, myself included, did not participate in the election because both sides were preaching to their base and counting on turnout. And the democrats have a larger base and are better at get-out-the-vote, with their delusional positivism, whereas the republican party tried to use hate as a motivation, and with the exception of the base, people do not hate Obama as a person, but his policies, and then when you have Romney spouting a 2 Trillion increase in military spending, you successfully convince me that I do not know who is more conservative, Obama or Romney. Bush was supposed to be conservative and he did the most damage to the national debt. Bush 2.0 with Romney, and he had his chance to distinguish himself from Bush in one of the debates, and he did not, was a major turn-off. If we are going to have spending it might as well be on domestic welfare as opposed to militarism. That is the difference. What the money is going to be spent on. And the country decided we should spend the money domestically and not on more warfarism.

Humm I saw their loss last year

How could they not have seen it?

Sure they can't. They were Straw men from the start

Romney's behavior, slip-ups, flip-flops and just general idiocy was a clear sign he was just there to ReSelect the Kenyan King.

Spare us the dramatic performances. We know the truth.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Romney was there to

make Obama look good... the lesser of 2 evils.

Haha were they drugged?

Haha were they drugged?

Southern Agrarian


They had to be not to see. :)

Mitt Romney Style did it.


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