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Major plunge in turnout nationally. Less people voted than in 2004 or 2008.

Preliminary figures suggest fewer people voted this year than four years ago, when voters shattered turnout records as they elected Obama to his first term.

In most states, the numbers were even lower than in 2004, said Curtis Gans, director of American University’s Center for the Study of the American Electorate. Every state but Iowa is showing a smaller turnout than in 2008, Gans said. Still, the full picture may not be known for weeks because much of the counting takes place after Election Day.

“This was a major plunge in turnout nationally,” said Gans, who estimated about 126 million Americans voted, for an overall turnout rate of about 57.5 percent.


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The anarchists tell me all

The anarchists tell me all people have to do is stop voting. I guess that solves everything!

This all for not anyway, we

This all for not anyway, we know they rig the elections, the primary's and dumps millions of secret money into the establishments campaigns.

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this is a good trend! let's

this is a good trend! let's get those numbers down people!

Don't Vote! - It just encourages the Bastards!

Good its heading in the right direction.

Next cycle I am running adds to discourage voting.

Don't let them think they have the will of the people behind them.


THAT is the threat to the system. THAT is why the media obssession and hysteria with voting. The argument is on this thread: Only this many people voted or wanted the winner. Why did so few vote? Because it didn't matter.
THIS is what undermines the system. The recognition of the evil nature of politics and refusal to participate in it. As long as people participate they are consenting to it, have faith in the state. Refusing to participate strips them of any pretense of legitimacy. Their aggression begins to be seen for what it is. Remain participatory and they do whatever they want and claim people want it or approve of it through cooked "polls". People who don't think see and hear those "memes" and think they are powerless.

In 2004, the turnout was

In 2004, the turnout was about 55%.

That means that 55%*55% or 30% voted for the incumbent. Less than one third.

Forty-five Percent didn't vote. They gave no consent.

Free includes debt-free!

I read that story earlier.. Did it say an exact number of how

many less?

Cause I did a comparison and unless I hit a wrong button.. I came up with roughly 3000 less this cycle than last. I wouldn't call that a major plunge when it was over 100 million.

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So it's not even "Majority Rule"

Since roughly half of the people eligible to vote actually voted this time, that means that less than 25% of the population decides what the other 75% get.

Now that's messed up.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

They have decided on their

They have decided on their own to participate or not. If you decide not to participate, you are always at risk of a minority dictating the outcome and forcing you to do something you don't want.

Fallacious reasoning

Refusing to participate in the charade is not doing nothing. It is withdrawing consent from an immoral and unlawful scam to enslave oneself. To particiate is giving implicit sanction to it.
To participate in a game in which when you start to win the rules are changed or your gains are ignored or given to your opposition is not rational. It is self destructive.
Giving in to the cognitive dissonance to the point that you WILL accept and participate, even VOTE for persons known to have varying degrees of immoral qualities/evil or who cheated you, is irrational.

I simply have to agree

It makes no difference if 100% came out to vote for a corrupted and fraudulent system that will only manipulate, switch or not even not register your votes for the Establishment's desired selection. And the only perceived option is between 2 sides of the same coin so what difference does it make in the end? It's actually a good thing that so few choose to participate in this rigged fallacy.

You're right about the people's cognitive dissonance in these matters. It's not an easy nor comfortable reality to come to terms with that your entire form of democracy has been hijacked and turned into a corporatocracy.

Luckily, there are enough awake and aware of these truths and working on ways to affect the system from outside the system and in my opinion that starts within. Within the hearts and minds of the individual. If you can regain your power from the system that has hidden it from you how could you possibly know how to fight back? Explore your consciousness and the methods "they" use to manipulate it. This is the key to our Freedom the world over. Forget "American Revolution 2.0" this is a "Global Revolution". Right now many still see their world as a single room with no perception of the entire building we all live in.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Millions of write in votes for Ron Paul

Not counted and don't appear in the tallies.

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There's really no way of

There's really no way of knowing this.

Well we know why Obama,

Well we know why Obama, Romney there is no reason to support either candidate. 2014 and 2016 I predict will be higher voter turnout, assuming both years will be very strong for the Republicans.

Preliminary figures? I love this. Really advanced stuff.

OK so I called this the night of and the morning after. Turnouts BLATANTLY AND GLARINGLY indicated a continuing trend: each cycle, fewer and fewer people are motivated to participate in the charade.

Now get this: I employed all appropriate science and high tech measures:

1. I googled last years turnout
2. I looked at the live poll numbers

-now here is where I employed my most sophiticated statistical methods

3. I decided which number was higher, this year's or last year's. And I did that without paper or computer. I did that computation right in my head.

4. I published my research for review by the academic community right here.

So far my hypothesis remains unchallenged. Not only that, the preliminary figures, the intermediary figures, the present figures, pretty much all the figures continue to support my hypothesis.


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doesn't surprise me

look at the choices we had. Peeeeeeeeeyewwwww!

I agree.

When given a choice between a punch in the nose or kick in the balls, I'd rather just not choose either.

I ended up voting Johnson as part of my long-term dream of seeing 3rd parties become a viable option.

About 12 million fewer voted

If reports are to be believed. That's a significant loss of support and an even bigger rebuke of Romney, never mind Obama's base. Romney lost to a loser? Wow. LOL.

Seems to be a trend with

Seems to be a trend with Romney. Lost to the loser McCain last election, lost to the loser Obama this election.

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.

in a truly enlightened

in a truly enlightened society, no one would vote--and accordingly, no one would hold power over another. but that is a fantasy.

Not quite

Well, I would imagine that on a seastead there would be votes on who the shareholders want to appoint as manager(s).

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What isnt a fantasy is

What isnt a fantasy is political activists shifting their efforts from pointless voting to education. That is how change happens.