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Morton Blackwell Goes on the Record: 2012 RNC, Rule Changes, Virginia Delegation Bus, and More

Morton Blackwell, President of the Leadership Institute and senior member of the RNC Rules Committee, author of the minority report (a counter-measure to the controversial rule changes), goes on the record in a conversation with Carolina Liberty PAC about the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Topics of discussion:

  • Controversial rule changes,
  • RNC bus issues (Virginia delegation bus ordeal),
  • John Boehner reading a scripted rules vote,
  • Ben Ginsberg,
  • Mitt Romney,
  • The impact of RNC actions on Mitt Romney’s campaign, alienation of voters,
  • The NC delegation meeting, NC chairman Robin Hayes, and more.

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Major Confusion with Rule 16 what does rule 16 contain? When the changes to “The Rules of the Republican Party” were brought to an aye/nay vote on the Tampa convention floor, did the changes include the ability of national presidential candidates to disapprove and remove properly elected delegates?

After seeing Ben Swann's analysis of rule 16 on August 30th :

And, after seeing Blackwell stating that Ben Ginsburg's original amendment to The Rules of the Republican Party that included "the ability of national presidential candidates to disapprove and remove properly elected delegates" was rejected (at 9:10 and 10:42) in the thread video

And, after hearing the Minnesota delegate's comment in the "RNC Sham 2012" video (at 3:00) :

And, after seeing (what I think are) The Rules of the Republican Party for 2012 (adopted after the RNC in Tampa this year) :

I can’t figure out what amendments were actually made. The text of rule 16 that Ben Swann uses is different from that of the rules in the above pdf…so, I don't think that national presidential candidates alone will be able to unseat their delegates in 2016. I think Swann made a mistake and was actually referring to Ben Ginsburg's original amendment to rule 16, which was shot down in a "compromise" with Texas and Ron Paul delegates. Here are a few online articles that refer to that "compromise":



Since the convention, I had thought that Ginsburg and the party had rammed the original amendment (to grant national candidates delegate veto powers) through anyway and that they had betrayed the compromise they made with the delegates, but the actual text in my link3 pdf above and Blackwell’s statements now make me think otherwise.

Feel free to reuse any resources/ideas that I post on the DailyPaul on other networking sites.

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I would have had my arm around the bus drivers neck.

And I am a very non-violent type.

Completely off topic, but Joe

Completely off topic, but Joe Rogan is looking for Ron Paul's campaign manager for his podcast.

Good interview

provides that back story from a person on the ground.

On the OT about Blackwell

Back in 2004, he gave out a bunch of fake Purple Hearts at Republican National Convention. John Kerry actually criticized him for this as being denigrating to our soldiers. What an irony, and it goes to show you what Washington, DC does to people. You will recall Kerry's Congressional testimony on the Vietnam War... something else. If you ask me, what a better way for Blackwell to have voiced his opposition to the unilateral invasion of Iraq? Usually, when a soldier dies in combat, they get a Purple Heart...

John Kerry seemed more than pleased to testify about the horrors of the Vietnam War, testifying about how his friends had chopped off ears, raped and killed indiscriminately, but I guess, somehow... Iraq was more civilized.

I didn't have to be John Kerry to hear from a friend of mine in 2004 about how he manned a gattling gun and was told to kill anyone that approached a U.S. military checkpoint. He recalled killing, exclusively, civilian targets, for weeks, on 12 hour shifts. He didn't get a Purple Heart, though... he served two years, hired a lawyer, and never went back.

Thats actually pretty funny...

John "purple hearted" Kerry...what a sleazeball..

Anyway, at this point in time we need to make inroads with any and all conservatives/libertarians. I really dont care what happened almost a decade ago if their last name isnt Cheney/Bush/Graham/ or McCain. Conservatives have renounced the Bush family dynasty entirely-except for a few Rush dittoheads. The chatter and momentum is there for a conservative/libertarian coalition party, with possibly the Constitional and Libertarian Parties merging if the ego maniacs in the LP would calm down.

Freedom Party 2014/2016 or Rand 2016.

Excellent Video, Romney's own people destroyed his campaign..

Probably with Romney's consent no less.

It just goes to show he had zero qualifications to lead this nation as president.

His own campaign decisions would have been better handled by that of a schizophrenic.


One thing to note was that he

One thing to note was that he acknowledged that new rules have not historically governed the present convention which lends credence to Reason magazine's assertion that rules changes were not the reason that Ron Paul's nomination was ignored as suggested by the New York Times and the Las Vegas Sun. The rules governing the Tampa convention were the 2008/2010 rules which stated that 5 states were needed to nominate a candidate from the floor. We all know Ron Paul had 6 states nominate him on time. I wish the interviewer would have questioned him on that.

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Thank Goodness for Mr. Morton Blackwell! I remember how

encouraged I felt when I received his minority report & notes at the Tampa convention hotel late Monday night (8/27/2012). . . only to find out the following morning that the bus he was on was delayed, probably by design; one of the defining Tampa moments that damaged the goodwill & desire to find common grounds with Romney /RNC camp.

My question is: how soon can we UNDO the power-grab rules (12, 16 etc)? Now that RNC elites are allowed (by those very power-grab rules) to change the rules anytime in any way, is it ever possible to UNDO them?


It's easy to see why he gets elected and re-elected: he has the delegates' interests at heart. He is not in this for one term or a power trip, he wants to make sure that the delegates' wishes are properly respected "from the bottom, up."

Generally, this is the kind of person that is elected to rules and judicial committees, because all factions must have people they trust.

He seems very fair.

What do you think?

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this guy is boring holy moly

this guy is boring holy moly

James Madison

he is not being 100% truthful

I was there as a guest for Idaho. We interviewed people that were on that bus and they really did think that they were deliberately delayed. The RNC obviously got to Morton and told him to play nice so that the party wouldn't be hurt.

The Idaho guests were told that there was a bus shortage on the day of the rules change vote. We were also told that we couldn't take a cab because we wouldn't be able to get thru security. I sensed something was up and was bound and determined to get there. I found the security guy for our delegation and asked him if i could indeed get myself to the convention and he told me that they were lying to us and that we could get ourselves there without any security holdups. At that point i was pissed and 5 of us made our way onto the bus. They were not happy but what could they do. When we got to the convention and witnessed the vote then we knew why they didn't want us there. It was empty in the upper tiers because other state delegations were also not there. Some states took them to the beach and some went to a nice meal. This was a coordinated effort by the RNC to keep us away so that we would not witness the vote. If those upper tiers would have been full you would have had even more angry protestations to that vote. Morton is not being truthful here. There is a lot of peer pressure and it looks like this long-term Republican is more interested in being liked and being part of the club than telling the truth.

Who Votes?

By the rules, only the seated delegates on the floor should have voted. The upper tiers you mention, along with the "R Whip Team" staffers on the floor, alternates, and guests, should not have voted.

After the vote the point of order should have been recognized, and we should have taken the time to divide the credentialed delegates on the floor to get an accurate vote.

From where I was on the floor, the voice vote sounded about even. That doesn't mean much, as it was ridiculously loud on the floor. I had foam ear plugs the final night. [As presumably planned] the setup was not conducive to a fair voice vote with the free-for-all of everyone in the building screaming.

Yes, you could get into the Forum without taking buses and I did that. You had to walk through the outer perimeter of fences and barriers. It was not conducive to the handicapped, but it was OK for those who could walk.
On Tuesday I saw Michele Bachman get dropped off inside the fenced perimeter by car, so I presume seated Congress persons were given the special placard that allowed a car through the fenced perimeter.

Perhaps he doesn't want to

Perhaps he doesn't want to sabbotage himself for future efforts in the party. Maybe he knows what we already know to be the truth.

So, Blackwell supported

So, Blackwell supported Romney?

Call me paranoid, but that sparked the idea of an inside job to water down what happened with the bus and the voice vote. Why didn't Morton talk about all the points of order and calls for division? If he's so interested in the rules, then the railroad convention should have been paramount.

He also said that he only supported Romney when there was "only one candidate left." Well, we all know that only happened *after* the convention was railroaded, so there's another bit of cognitive dissonance to chew on.

As Sun Tzu said in different words: if you control the lead of the opposition, the entire opposition falls apart easily.

Don't trust anyone folks, this is a big game we are playing, and this video seems to be released right after the election to placate the Republican base (or was it released earlier? -- anyone know). Of course, I could be wrong and I don't really know anything, but it did set off a couple of warning bells. I hope Morton really is on our side.

Why would he not question if

Why would he not question if he was stranded on the bus purposely? He was a leader in the fight against the rules change...a rule that ultimately hijack the convention and disenfranchised the entire delegation. That rule decided the fate of our country.

Is there anyway to get rid of this rule? It is my understanding that the grassroots no longer have any say in the republican political process...ruining any chance for another Paul type campaign.

It puts the establishment and us in an odd position.

Right now the RNC is probably just wallowing themselves into a stupor. They figured that the rules change would seal up all dissent and grab us over for Romney in the election for a victory. Now that that's not the case, it seems they're just staring blankly at the wall and trying to find out who they are. The effects of their desperate power grab were entirely pointless to their cause (dear god yes).

Seeing as those specific changes are for the presidential in 4 years, we really need to have either the sympathy or control of the seats of power in the RNC. Those rules must be undone, and the party must be taken over as part of finally returning the party to it's roots in liberty.

The neo-cons can go form their own damn party of moral legislation that will never get any votes.

Rules Committee

Delegates are elected by their delegation or appointed to represent their state on the rules committee. For Colorado, we had both spots on the rules committee. We did that without having a majority of the delegates, so it is possible to do.

Everything fell apart

This helps me understand how everything fell apart so quickly.
It also helps me understand why Romney lost the general election.

What do we do now...continue trying to take over the RNC?

I am so totally shocked by what is happening to my country, that I don't know what to do.
I did give some money to Campaign for Liberty. That's all I could think of.

spread, spread, spread the MESSAGE OF LIBERTY

and keep creating news ways to spread the message of liberty. Its time to turn the volume up more on LIBERTY!

"In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man, Brave, Hated, and Scorned. When his cause succeeds however,the timid join him, For then it costs nothing to be a Patriot.” ~Mark Twain

Thank you


This is excellent for anyone who cares about what happened at



Make sure you watch the entire video. This man pretty well tells why Romney LOST!! Go Liberty movement and it's leader, Ron Paul!

Corrupt Politics=Pro Wrestling

Whatever you think of Jack Hunter nowadays I truly recommend everyone to watch this video that he made of RNC. In this video he compares RNC to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) in a very insightful way. This Hunter-video goes very well together with this Morton Blackwell interview. Hunter, for example, sees this bus-incident in RNC as pure Wrestling maneuver.

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

When I was at the Greenville,

When I was at the Greenville, SC Ron Paul rally I ran across Jack Hunter standing at the back of the room. At the time I didn't know who he was. I mentioned to him that watching the show was like watching pro wresting, all fake and show with no go. I am glad to see he has expanded my idea but I don't think he has gone far enough. He limits it to the RNC. I don't. I see both sides of the spectrum, Republican and Democrat as the two sides that McMahon pits against one another. Pundits even call them a tag team. They pretend to fight one another but it is all fake. I worked in a TV station that taped wrestling back in my youth and watching Ivan Kolof and Silento Rodriges, joking and carrying on before the taping, appear to become hardened enemies during the taping and then leave friends in the same car they drove up in and and it changed my whole perspective. The same is true of the RNC/DNC fake battles. Later Ivan and Silento would go share a few beers and laugh about how they conned the "rubes". I am sure Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden are doing the same thing regularly. Don't you?

Spread this

And Upvote! The GOP already hates Boehner. This only articulates our case and their hatred lends credence to our cause.

Thanks for posting.

Thanks for posting.

Southern Agrarian