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Nullification is the Word

Nullification is real. It was drafted and conceived by John Taylor of Caroline largely, James Madison with an assist and Jefferson with a little bit of an assist, men far wiser than anyone alive today and far closer to the ratification and writing of the Constitution. I would defer to them and not defer to John Roberts and not defer to Darth Vader Ginsberg, not defer to Justice Boatloads of Federal Money, not defer to Harry Reid or anyone else in the federal clownhood. That’s the task at hand. Put pressure on the Boehner Congress. You better remove that dude or you won’t be speaker in 2012. Then go to your state legislatures and demand, don’t take no for an answer. We cannot take no for an answer. We have to lobby, push, organize, but it can be done. That’s how you stop Obamacare.

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