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College Libertarian Money Bomb!

The Michigan State College Libertarians (a philosophical little "l" group) are having a money bomb, we are attempting to raise $500 to fund our daily operations, including providing literature, speakers, t-shirts, etc. to a student body of 45,000+.

Right now we operate with very little funding, while our College Republican and Democrat counterparts have a large sums to work with. The funny thing is, we are on the verge of beating them.

Last year we brought Ron Paul to campus to speak in front of 4000 students, and this year we have brought in Justin Amash, and are going to bring in Tom Woods. Past speakers have also included Gary Johnson, Tom Palmer, and Larry Reed.

We started with a group of 3 students, and now have 30+ attend meetings, while reaching hundreds of students on campus with the message.
We hope to continue this success, but it isn't easy, and every dollar counts.

You can donate here:


You can check out our website for more about the group, including annual reports:


Thank you for your support!

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Looks like a great group. I'll donate.

Neither of you have spent any time here whatsoever

The guy saying he donated has one comment period. I'm betting he's a friend.

I wish you luck.

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Great idea!

Libertarians on college campuses are the future of this country! So glad I had an opportunity to donate to this cause. I hope you reach your goal and can continue to spread the message of liberty. Keep up the good work guys!

Thank you for your donation

We really appreciate your donation! Help spread the message!