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Simple idea to promote awareness

This is a simple way to spark conversations with people in public.

For the last few months I've been getting all the odd coins I can from banks and spending them as frequently as possible. Cashiers typically stand and ponder what I've just given them. I use these transactions to start conversing about the Federal Reserve and inflation. Most often people in line are fairly interested in what I'm saying and I've even been pulled aside for longer discussions on inflation. Some of my most interesting encounters have been with cashiers who refuse the coins, people behind me have even supported me in those situations.

Keep in mind, I usually don't pay the full amount in coins because I feel like everyone thinks I'm trying to be a pain. I use Fed notes for the majority of the cost and the rest is usually in kennedy halves.

The way I see it, the Mint has provided us with a legitimate tool that can be used to promote awareness of the Federal Reserve. I've also stock piled kennedy halves, figuring they would retain value better than the monopoly money. As an added bonus, keep an eye out for any silver coins! I've gotten a few out of this.

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Nice post, yes I believe in this sort of methods.

Nice post, yes I believe in this sort of methods.

Two relevant comments where I described a similar approach I have :



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If I'm at a bank

and it's not busy at the time - I'll ask the teller if they know where money comes from.

In several years of asking, NOT ONE has known. But asking them makes them realize how much is missing from their knowledge.

Then I suggest that they watch "Money As Debt" - and if they do, they'll know more about money than everyone else in their branch.