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The Fiscal Cliff - an attempt to make the masses see sense

It is VERY easy to cut $1tn+ from Federal spending.


Before anyone gripes that this is not the perfect solution, it is an attempt to make the masses see that there are sensible options to reduce the deficit VERY substantially.

It is an attempt at persuading as many non Ron Paul voters as possible that Ron Paul's message makes sense.

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I tried to explain a military cut to a Fox-bot at the dog park and he argued up and down that the military should be expanded not cut. When I explained the budget vs. the taxes collected he said the pentagon should be audited and wast-full spending cut out of the military and then expand the military..........??? I then told him that when we wen't to Iraq we crushed the worlds 4th largest military over night and explained that if we go to war with either number 2 or 3 on the list the war will likley be nuclear so, why do we need to expand the military again...........???