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How to teach someone who doesn't want to be taught *UPDATED*


Veterans Day today. I was feeling down. How dare anyone fly a flag in honor of our veterans! They fought and risked their lives...all gave some and some gave all. We owe it to them to elect our leaders responsibly. We owe them a constitutionally sound government. We owe it to them to fight for what they fought for.

So I told my friend that I thought she was ignorant for voting for Obama. She said I take politics too seriously and she was not a political person. I told her that perhaps she should not vote if she doesn't take politics seriously. I asked her how she can justify placing an uneducated vote? I told her that she was part of the problem. She said she had to let me go.

If there was one law I wish our government would pass it would be an IQ law for voting. There I said it! Stupid people should not be allowed to vote.


I have a friend. She is very non political. If ever I try to engage in a political conversation with her, she quickly changes subjects to something of an "easy" subject. It really hit me one night about 8 months ago when I was trying to explane to her the message Dr. Paul and tried to engage her in the Liberty movement. On a side note, I'd like to add that she is my age...lower 30 something...my assumption is that the message of liberty is much easier to teach among my generation as we haven't yet had years of influence and bad habits as some of the older folks. Also, the idea of a movement seems exciting and adventitious to us youngens.

Anyway...I sensed frustration in her tone but I kept pressing and asking her questions...not to be pushy but rather to engage her. It all ended when she said in a fit of frustration "I don't believe in the Constitution". Whaaaaat? I've never heard of such an obseb thing! I was shocked and quite frankly disturbed. I didn't know what to say.

It was that moment on I realized this women did not want to be taught.

I hadn't given up on her completely though. For the next 8 months I would sneak in some educational facts bit by bit...hoping I would strike something deep in her heart. Anticipating and patiently waiting but never hitting that note.

I've tried different angles and different tones and different subjects and still I have achieved zilch. I was going nowhere.

But then I got to thinking. My friend was adopted at a very young age and raised by a loving family in a suburb in America. She was adopted right out of North Korea which to my understanding has been under dictatorship for many ages.

Most Americans have a yearning for freedom and Liberty. It is hard wired into us whether you know it or not...it is there. That is why the Liberty movement is growing so fast. It's like an awakening. We just needed to be reminded of where we came from. Our roots stem back from our founding fathers so naturally the word Liberty strikes a chord with us. Liberty is the foundation of America and only Liberty will lead us to a prosperous nation once again.

Being non political...my friend did manage to make it to the voting booth on November 6th. She voted for Mr. Obama.

Could my friends roots be the cause of her apathy? Or am I reading into this too much?

In the aftermath of the election, I found myself motivated more than ever to keep the keep at it. With the GOP in such a vulnerable state, I find myself committed to see it through and help rebuild it. I vow to educate and motivate and grow this movement to a victory in 2016. Education is the key and Liberty is the teacher.

But how do we teach those who refuse to be taught?

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Think of Dr. Paul-

She can never unhear what you told her.

You have planted the seed in her brain, be patient, it takes time to germinate.

Yes! Some day in the near

Yes! Some day in the near future when we are all locked away in our FEMA camps she will realize how very right I was!

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You can't...

Besides, your friend is right in one regard at least. Why should she have to believe in the constitution? She did not author it, she did not agree to it, she did not sign in, or even read it, and in no way would a contract written in that fashion be able to bind her, so why should the constitution bind her in such a way?

It was a document, supported by a small minority, confirmed by even fewer, and written by a tiny number of people, intended to bind all current and future generations into a contractual agreement with a "government".


The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Bring her to see Cloud Atlas,

Bring her to see Cloud Atlas, you will not be disappointed. This film is full of educational opportunites for the enlightened to awaken the unenlightened.

I saw it last night and had so much to say to my fiance when we exited that I found it hard to get it all in. My mind is still spinning with reflections from this masterpiece.

I was thinking of writing her

I was thinking of writing her a letter. Perhaps you all could help.

I was the first poster here...

an just came back to read how it's going.
Perhaps you could take a lesson from another thread here called, "My son the Communist" in which the author exacts the lesson on his kid by practicing the principles of communism on his boy.
On second thought, your friend may not believe in anything! Total, complete apathy...at which point there is no lesson to impose on her.
As stated below, she is a "go-with-the-flow" zombie. I recall a well-thought-out T-shirt that read, "Only dead fish go with the flow".
I know she's your friend but when the appocalypse comes, many (if not most) can't be saved. There's no point in reeling in a dead fish.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

Please read my update on my

Please read my update on my post if you get time and care to. Thanks!

My friend is just an example

My friend is just an example of many. So we just forget about them and leave them behind?



There are also many who are willing to listen. Much better use of your time and you won't feel so much frustration trying to engage those who are not yet ready.

Ever heard the saying, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."

I applaud your efforts and tenacity, but the energy you have expended on reaching out to someone who is not receptive is energy that might have helped educate 2,3,4 or more people who ARE ready.

Best of luck in all you do. Keep fighting the good fight, despite the occasional set-back.

Try this

I wrote a post on this subject, specifically for someone who is "anti-Constitution."

The basic idea is that such a person is not thinking through the implications of what they say.

A person who votes is doing so either out of "civic duty," in which case they don't really care, or doing so because they want someone to pass laws (seems only libertarians want government to repeal laws).

So, they want laws passed. Why? To make people do or not do things. And do we want the people passing laws to also obey the laws? If not, we have North Korea. The leader there doesn't obey anybody's laws and look what the result is.

How does anyone who makes laws or enforces them have any authority to do it? Ultimately, that is the Constitution.

These are just highlights of the argument, but if you work through it with her, either she will start to see the light or she will ignore logic. If she ignores logic, tell her she is doing harm to her fellow man by letting dictators enslave other people. See if her head explodes on that one.

Bottom line: everybody uses logic to get through their daily lives (need it to drive to the store, get up at a certain time, eat food, etc.), but when it comes to politics somehow people want to escape logic. That's because 99% of what governments do is immoral. Most people have a subconscious understanding of this but they do not want to go against their brainwashing -- just like the people in North Korea treat the leader like a god, when in fact he is far closer to the devil.

Anyway, here is a (long) post I wrote about the subject. Maybe it will help:




People like her only know how to go with the flock....

change the direction of the flock and she will change.
Sounds like you are trying to hammer a nail into an anvil.

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche


That is the problem that many people have. Especially if she is comfortable right now living with no problems and perhaps with a decent job. Why should she worry about it. She doesn't perceive the things that are wrong. I don't know her situation but usually when I find apathy is because people don't really see the things in there as being to bad. Or don't understand that things could be much much better.

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    Check out my blog:

    Some background on her. She

    Some background on her.

    She was forced to move in with her parents after reaching debt levels far beyond her means.

    Play on that then.

    Tell her it doesn't have to be that way. That no one should have to go in to such deep debt if the system worked the way that it should be.

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    Check out my blog:

    I have updated my post if you

    I have updated my post if you care to read. Thanks for your input!

    You need to learn to let go sometimes

    and live at peace. You need to understand what I said about apathy. Believe me I know how it is. I live with someone who couldn't care less about politics because she doesn't see how it affects her. She is very happy she makes a good salary in the healthcare proffession and she blames other people for not going to school or studying something useful for their problems of not having enough money. She's a hard mind to change, but I found her weakness and thats how much she gets taxed. Its still a long and arduous process but slowly but surely I chip away and very very very very slowly. I might only talk politics once a month even though I live with her everyday.

    You can't let this consume you life if you want to keep people around. You can bring stuff up on occasion but don't let it define you unless you are doing more than just trying to convince people. If you want this movement to be your life then consider running office or getting involved locally so at least that way when you talk its not just you preaching but it will be about your actual life and what you know. This way people will be more likely to listen.

    I pick my people all the time. If I can get to them I continue if I can't I move on. Learn to move on and if you want a friendship with this person focus on other areas that both of you can share and enjoy obviously discussions of politics between the two of you only brings one person out and that is you. You need to talk about and do things that brings out what she loves and what she has a passion for.

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    Check out my blog:

    So far most of the answers

    So far most of the answers are to move on or give up and don't waiste my time. But she is an sample of a large demographic problem we as a movement must conquer in order to advance our movement. There simply are too many of them to ignore and move on. There has got to be a way to reach out to these people.

    Don't cast your pearls before swine.

    No offense, but how about you just concentrate on open-minded people instead of haranguing someone who doesn't care? Both of you will be a lot less frustrated.

    Go after the low-hanging fruit.

    "Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

    Public Relations Consulting

    Have you tried beating her savagely about the face and neck

    with a blunt instrument?

    Get your preps together! Learn historic food storage and preservation methods and the science that makes them work now, start saving money and the future

    This made me chuckle! Can I

    This made me chuckle! Can I do that?

    You didn't give the answer, but I think you are on to something.

    I think the way to reach some people is to reach them emotionally. This is different for each person. You are right to ask questions of her to get her thinking.

    The problem is that although we all yearn for liberty, the need for liberty competes with security. Security is higher priority than liberty, as it is a basic physical need. Liberty is a higher ideal. It ultimately provides longer-term security, but is often traded away for short-term security.

    Ann in Florida

    I have updated my post.

    I have updated my post. Perhaps you could read where I am at with this. Thanks!

    Lol! You are right! I don't

    Lol! You are right!

    I don't have an answer. I was hoping to colaberate with the smart folks own the DP! If we can figure this out than we can solve all our problems.

    I find that people have no

    I find that people have no clue about history. People have to clue that their favorite politician has said one thing and done another, over and over again. They have no clue about how the free market has worked to solve problems. They have no clue about the Fed. They have no clue that raising taxes on the rich has caused exodus of business owners and their businesses to other countries. They have no clue how the Soviet Union collapsed, or how many other societies collapsed. It's not even a matter of opinion or world view. They are just ignorant and like being so.

    It's a bigger problem than just teaching people. Maybe they have had their minds filled with useless and bogus information all their lives to the point where they have no respect for history.

    I just read on another forum that a rejection of Romney was a rejectio nof conservatism. These people actually think that there is something conservative about Romney, just because it's the "other side".

    Opinions and bellybuttons...

    everybody's got one...here's mine:
    I think you're wasting your time. Time that could be spent educating someone smart enough for critical thinking. I don't think it has anything to do with her being Korean or her "indoctrination" into that culture as a child. I do think it has to do with smart people, and not-so-smart people. Is she a religious person? Does she attend the weekly fashion ritual at church? Of those I have tried to discuss the Liberty or political topic with, those who are "church people" are the most closed-minded and unwilling to even discuss such things.
    Again, I advise moving on...use your time/effort on someone that might be more interested in truth.

    Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

    "The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

    But there are so many others

    But there are so many others like her. If we give up on them then we gain nothing...right?

    She is not religious at all. But I am.

    Just when you think you're onto something...

    If you give up on them

    you gain nothing, but you also lose nothing. These are the type of people that "go with the flow". It's just how they are - focus your energy somewhere else, like people who are into politics , but may have a different viewpoint, and the more of "flow" people you convert , the more "go" people will join.

    100% agree

    There are times when you just have to understand that there are people whose peak thought is what they will have for lunch the next day. There is nothing you can do about this and you would be better off spending this time on someone smart.

    "Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine..."

    HA! You Beat Me To IT!

    "Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine..."

    If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle